Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hey Familia,
Man, I should had been a spanish missionary! Ha Ha Just Kidding, I love this English Work! I hope all is going well. I hope you emailed Dolly for me and I hope you all are being blessed and had a Happy Halloween!

ODD DAY, no where to email, We went shopping and their is a WAL-MART in PINEHURST one stop SHOP! YEAH BOY! Kelsi didn't get my letter, man that was tough! We taught Shea and had a really good lesson with him, he asked if his baptism could be moved up to the 6th and we said yes. We had the Deacons President with us and he is a sharp kid and bore a powerful testimony, this ward is so awesome. After that we went to see a referral. His name was Sir William Walters. He was a media referral. At first he thought we were JW"S but we told him and gave him his Bible and asked if we could come back to share a lesson with him, he was very skeptical but accepted it was neat their are miracles everywhere in Pinehurst!

We biked out to go see Mr. William Walters a 63 retired P.E teacher, imagine coach Gleave and this is that MAN! Rough on the outside but has a nice heart! Well in our lesson we touched that heart and it caused a mighty change! This man has been prepared by the Lord he wouldn't have let us in, but because we brought gifts he felt obligated which prepared the way for him to receive the restored gospel. He is from Long Island and had never grown up with religion and his wife has always been active and he joined her church but is still confused and he wants his daughters to sincerely find truth! IT was incredible the preparation that the Lord went into with this man! We had an awesome day, we taught all day long we taught Tim, the miracle man whose girlfriend is a member. Just an awesome day!

Had a good district meeting and we went on an exchange with Laurinburg a small branch where they have had 13 baptisms this year. Saw some miracles their tracting and that night a guy just called and said he was ready to be baptized. I guess that is how it works in branches, I went with Elder Foster he is from Nor Cal and is a convert he is a Seminole Indian. His Comp Elder Weston is from Providence Utah and has a girlfriend that he is going to marry because he is going home in a transfer, Her name is SAVANNAH! It was a good exchange and I got to correct a missionary!

We exchanged back it was good we all learned alot from each other! Elder Christensen was like the other elders are more layed back but, I don't learn as much it was funny! We went on an exchange with Bro. Harris he has made 4000 jumps from airplanes he is the man, he bore such a powerful testimony at our lesson and he was like I will go with you to the next one he is a real good guy had a great lesson with Shea that night!

Rough day!!! We had a Zl/DL counsel which was really neat where they put up every ones numbers and goals and they say what they want to do with them and it is intense and makes you want to work hard. Learned alot of neat stuff, we are having a mission tour and Elder Alan F. Packer is coming so we are pumped about that. We got back and gave a blessing to a young sister in the ward.

Service at the Smith's, this guy in our ward he was at Myrtle Beach and a tide sucked him in, he saved his kids and died he was 36 and had 4 kids one on the way the oldest is 8. So we helped remodel their home it is sad!!! We had a Halloween party and met President Brock, he is the man! The Stake president owns Brock cabinets he is filthy rich!

Church was great!! I was so excited to take the sacrament and then we had 2 investigators at church it was way neat then we went to do some tracting and saw a few good people, there was a childs baptism after church it was neat, we had dinner at the Gather's, an older black couple they are so funny! They cooked a really good southern dish and Elder Christensen loved it, he ate it so fast that he threw up everywhere it was so funny. We had to stay in that night and study because of Halloween. I love you all and I hope you all are having a good week! I love you all so much!!!!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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