Monday, January 31, 2011

Sophie is the only one to email me this week!! It has been a crazy week. Seriously so stressful a whole zone and 3 units, it kicks my butt. Great things have happened this week we taught alot of lessons. We had a baptism and we found some new amazing people. Had some struggles but they just made us stronger!!! I went on an exchange to Rockingham, it was neat. I went with a spanish Elder named Elder Obergon, he is from Chilie by way of Vegas! This church is true. I will see you all in 10 months, crazy huh! Member work is going great. This family the Kings were a member referral but she gave the referral and then left for Texas, well we contacted this family and they were golden like they are amazing like they are the type of family that 50,000 Elders pray for every night and we found them. They have two beautiful little girls and just an amazing family! But here is the catch they have been PCSED which is a military term for they are MOVING!!!!! To Fort Riley in Kansas another miracle is they live one street in front of the ward mission leaders house in Kansas, and the only down side is that it is Sister Missionaries!!!!!!!!!!! But it is still good. Sis King, they were moving Sunday and she still came to church with her little daughter, who she bought a dress for, they all just looked so nice! We have an amazing Zone, our zones numbers improved so much this week, we found 35 new investigators! Amazing HUH!!! 3 baptisms, it was just awesome this is the Lords work and I love it! I love you all, I hope you have a blessed week and enjoy all the pictures only post appropriate ones please!!!!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

January 2011 Baptism in Fayetteville

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HOLA FAMILIA, Life is good in Fayettenam!!!!!!!!!!! It is a war Zone
here, we are under attack but as a Soldier of Christ nothing can bring
me down because my Calling Gives me Authority and Keeping Covenants
gives me POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO emailing it was a holiday, but we got to play ball it was so
much fun, there was so many people there with the Holiday and
everything. We got a good basketball game going on, I am terrible, but I
love the sport!!!! Ben Biddoulph is in the singles branch of which I
cover, we tried to get ahold of him but his number doesn't work. We
went out with Bro Hudson to Taco Bell. He told a funny joke and said,
why is it that when geese fly in formation one side is longer then the
other.......cause there is more geese on that side. We had family home
evening with a family, we are trying to get her to invite her friends,
but it is kinda going so so. We pray for her every night. I know she can
do it.

I think I am called to serve here so I will never join the
military.....I got a nice email from my girl KJ.....We taught an
incredible family the King's they are a member referral and they are
golden like they have totally been prepared by the Lord the spirit was
present working through us, them, and the exchange, and like Bro King
said the closing prayer and bore his testimony in the closing prayer.
The only thing that stinks is that they are changing duty stations
this next Saturday, but a good thing about this gospel is that it is
still true everywhere else. The Elders everywhere else might not be
as good looking but it is still true. Brings comfort to my broken
heart. We met with a member of the Stake Presidency he really liked
what we presented but the problem was that he didn't like the extra
meetings, so we are still trying to come up with a program where active
members of the church are invited to do missionary work. We went out
with Bro. Brack he is on fire, the Lord is giving him so many
opportunities and he is taking advantage of them, he is changing duty
stations to Germany!!! But we went that night and gave a blessing in a
part member family because the father had Post Traumatic Syndrome from
the war, so it was scary but the Priesthood is real!!!!

So because we got in late last night, we really didn't get to plan,
and man did the day show for it!!!!!!! The planning session is such a
sacred spiritual experience. We get to call upon God and have the
Holy Ghost guide us in what we should do the next day!!!!! We got
lost off an on post and it takes forever to get on if you are not
military and it just stinks. I have a testimony of planning and it is
very important. We did have dinner with some members and were able to
invite them to do missionary work but besides that TODAY SUCKED!!!!

Happy B-day ALEXIS !!!!!! We were calling all these
investigators while we were planning, everyone was supposed to be
golden and nobody wanted anyhting to do with us, except some crazy
chic who wanted to give us a book on discipleship!!!!!! That night we
went on splits, Elder J left me hanging and he took all the
investigators, and I got one less active family and then had to find
something to do till 9. The Bro that I went with is the man, he is
huge, we taught this family and then I didn't know where to go, the
brother said, lets go see bro so and so, I was like we already have an
appointment with him, he said, I know but I feel prompted. I was
nervous but we went and the Bro said he was praying for someone to
come. We were able to counsel him and invite him to do better it
was awesome!!!!!!!!!!

We had Zone Conference it was a neat experience we were able to do some
training and it was awesome!!!! We had like Moroni in the flesh, the
Fayetteville Stake President came in and he gave us a talking to, and I
have never been more pumped up in my entire life, like he lit a huge
fire in everyone. Missionary minded leaders are huge!!!! We went on an
exchange with Elder Pierre-Louis, he is the man we are going to room
together at BYU-I maybe we could rent Great Grandmas house??? I
learned a lot about Miracles like we can't force them to happen
but if we are bold and cast out all fear we can allow them to happen.

We are driving in the car, Elder Pierre-Louis was like stop; I am
going to contact this lady so he rolls down the window contacts her
and she had a Book of Mormon on her dresser and read it and is wondering
about it, it was crazy, miracles, because we allow them to happen it is
so cool!!!!! Perfect love casteth out all FEAR!!!!! Elder Piere-Louis
taught us how to be Zone Leaders it was neat, just a good exhcange, I
felt like for the first time we had a real companionship study like we
studied we didn't just talk about we studied
together!!! We taught a lesson at the Mall on post and some freak came
up to us and was like telling the people we were teaching that they
were crazy to listen to us and all this nonsense we don't believe in!
But it worked to our advantage in the end. We had dinner with a family
and the Burris' were there, a senior couple in military relations from
Austin, Texas, and invited them to do missionary work. Hey Family, and who
ever reads this, will you all make a profile!!!!
PLEASE!!!!! We had a great lesson with a single girl named Brittney, she is
ready, just waiting for her boyfriend to get back to baptize her!!!

Alot of people at church!!! I got to pass the sacrament for the
first time on the misson! Dolly wrote me a letter!!!! We just had a
great day we were on fire we taught a sister who is coming back and
committed her to going back to the temple it is so cool. I love this
work!! MIRACLES, BAPTISM!!! We have a baptism this Saturday we are excited

I love y'all, I hope you have a good week and remember to pray for the
SOULS of North Cackalacky!!!!!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taylor with his Old companion (right behind him)
& new Companion Elder Johnson(Far Left)

Taylor with some people....not sure who?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hey Family, sorry I didn't get to email this past week with it being
the holiday and all. I hope you all had a great week, I am excited to
be in my new area! In a Military ward, a Family Ward and another YSA

It was a snow day I'll tell you what, ice and snow everywhere,
this is so weird for North Carolina to get this twice and this early
as well everyone is freaking out. I woke up at like 4 am and there was
no snow, and then I woke up again at 6:30 and there was snow everywhere,
like 3 inches it was wild. Bro Thaxton picked us up and took us out to
his in-laws, we went sledding behind a four-wheeler, it was so much fun and
then I snowboarded behind it. Elder Christensen and I wrecked so much
we were so sore. Then we went and played some ball at the church.
School was canceled so everyone was home. We went out that night and
taught Ms. Fox in a members home, (the Bayless family) it was so neat
and awesome we were able to set a date with her, I pray that her and
her family continue to progress, in the glorious Gospel.

So, it rained all day and there was ice everywhere, like 4 inches
of powder and on top of that was an inch of ice, branchs were falling,
everything was coming down, it was crazy. We were limited to not go out alot,
but they cleaned all the main roads. Transfer meeting was suppose to
be today, but because of all the Ice and such, the Elders from Provo
couldn't fly in. So Elder Christensen and I went to the Olive Garden
and had the salad, soup, and breadsticks, it was so good; then we went to
Tim's wedding, it was funny, we got a shout out at the wedding they
were truly grateful for all we did. We had dinner with the Gilmores
they are an awesome family. We said goodbye, took some pictures, we
went out teaching that night, our appointment had canceled and so we
were stressed, but the Lord knew where we were going to. We went to a less
active member and we have been waiting to teach her son, well he walks
in and Elder Christensen stands up and tells him that he needs to
listen to this, so we teach and we set a date. Elder Christensen
is the man I learned so much from him.

So Crazy, that I am leaving, like I only spent 3 months in Pinehurst
and I am just gone, but I am thankful that I still am in the same zone
and can hear the good news that happens there. While waiting for my
ride what better way to end me and Elder Christensen's companionship
with a food eating contest, he ate a whole cheesecake factory cheese
cake, 12 pieces, it came into be 6000 calories, 400 more then the average
person! So cool! I left with Bro Harris and it was at transfer meeting that
everything went as expected. Elder Johnson freaked out when I got out
of the Burris' car. The Burris' are a senior couple over Military
relations. They are both converts and both are awesome and both are
from Austin Texas, so four Texans serving in all 3 units we cover!!!!!
We taught this less active family with a pretty crazy exchange it was
a good night just so crazy I am here!!!!

It is so weird being in my own district meeting but as a
visitor, we went to district meeting in Rockingham that place is going
to get set on Fire, the Elders are so excited to be there! District
meeting was great it was on finding 2 new investigators a week. We
came back and went out with a powerful man from the Fort Bragg ward
and we taught this family who is coming back, I was so nervous I
didn't know what to say or to do, I was praying for help and I don't
know if I heard it or saw it in my head but it was, "Just tell them I
love them" So I did and the spirit was so strong and they came to
church and hopefully to the Temple!!!

We weekly planned and gave this recent convert Sam a blessing it
was awesome! We had dinner at the Jackson's they are in the Fort Bragg
ward and we had some awesome homemade pizza. We taught a lesson in
their home with a 13 year old girl who has a baptism date. Then we
went to see a referral. Bro Jackson is a pretty jacked dude and
he acts all thug and gangster, he is the man and is a medic and a
superstar on the b-ball court. But on Fort Bragg we aren't aloud to
proselyte.But we went anyways and contacted this referral and Bro J
was freaking out like saying the MP's were going to arrest us because
we don't have appointments, but we're going to knock on their
doors anyway, but it worked and we sent a return appointment.

We taught a few members during the day and it was good, we went
to dinner with our baptismal canidate and then went to teach this girl
in the singles, named Britteny she is set to get baptised just waiting
for her boyfriend to get back from deployment. Kinda sucks for us but
oh well.

I guess they send the bad missionaries to Fayetteville, so they can
take the sacrament 3 times. Three sacrament meetings is tough and on
the 3rd sunday to hear 3 different high council men give the same talk
on priesthood lines!!!! We had dinner with a neat family and invited
them to do misisonary work. We went hometeaching with the brother and
the family is a mom and her 21 year old son who everyone is trying to
get on a mission, well I am sure you all know the first presidency
message, it didn't go over well and we got kicked out of her house.
She got mad at her home teachers, I guess! IT was crazy I LOVE

Hey I Love you all, have a great week!!!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dad were you the Ward Mission leader in Dallas? It has been a good snowy week here in NC. Life is good just living the Dream in the service of our Master Jesus Christ!!! But I am so excited to tell y'all about last week. I will tell you about my week.

We had a great study, my heart is full for Elder Christensen, he is
so pure in heart!!!! I love him so much the Lord is so proud of him, I
just know it. We went running, it has been awesome!!! We went with my
main man Nate this week to go see Sanford, he is going to barber school
and had to get his kit and all signed up for school. He took us to the
Craker Barrel, and Elder Christensen says I have ate out more on my
mission then I have in my whole entire life...HAHAHA!!!! We wrote some
letters, and I taught him how to throw a football, we had a great
dinner with the Chandler family and then we went out with my main man
Bro. Harris and taught a less active family. Overall a pretty good

We had a Leadership trainers meeting in Fayetteville, it was so
good we learned so much, Elder Christensen was so actively engaged it
was so neat to be apart of!!!! I went on an exchange with Elder
Rigamotto after the meeting. He is new, but a great and excited Elder.
We got lost, and on our way home 2 appointments called and
canceled!!!!! We still had our dinner appnt. but he was freaking out he
didn't know what to do and was just way stressed out. I was like just
say a prayer and it will come. So we had no clue what we were going to
do but the Lord did. At our dinner a woman and her son walked in, I
asked her if she was a member of the church she said no and we taught
her there on the spot it was so neat it was so great to be a part of,
she is excited to learn more!!!!! The Lord knew where we were going.

We had a really neat experience with the ward, in our ward
coordination meeting and we had district meeting it was so neat the
gospel is so true, you have no clue.

We exchanged back and had a lesson with Sis. Cameron at the
Gilmores home it was good, she is ready!!

We planned and then we had a dinner that night with the Grosses' he
is a convert, he told of a neat story that as a hometeacher somebody
wrote him a letter and told him thanks for all he had done and she is
going back to church and he was like imagine if I brought somebody
back who knew nothing of the church. So we role played with him about
it and it was just a neat experience and he is all fired up.

Surprise inspection. We biked around in the freezing cold, no body
was home, it was terrible!!!!! We went out with Bro. Young and had an awesome lesson with Sis. Fox, kind of impromptu.

Niki and her kids all came to church it was so neat, we had dinner
at the Bayless family and are having a lesson with them tomorrow night
at their place.

The church is true!!!! I love it so much, I love my call to be a full time
missionary. I am so honored! Sorry this isn't so great this week but
we are busy and the snow really slowed us down and didn't give us alot
of time to email! I have the coolest family. , I will forever love y'all!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Two Baptisms on New Years Day 1-1-11

Sister Cameron & Daughter Get baptised on 1/1/11

WHAT IS UP IN THE BIG TOWN OF IF OR I GUESS I SHOULD SAY IN A-TOWN? A queen bed for me, I won't need it, I'll be up at the BURG!!!!!! How is life treating you all this week, so many amazing things happened and Sis. Cameron was baptised and I can't wait to tell you about my awesome week as a HUMBLE Servant of the Master Jesus Christ!!!!!!

We had to email today because of the bad weather on Monday, we went out finding and nobody was wanting. But this little Chihuahua was chasing after us and this midget was chasing us too, it was really funny to be completely honest. But she was a daughter of God, we contacted her and her mother, they were Hispanic so I was able to use a little bit of my ESPANOL!!!!! They were excited to learn about the restored Gospel and about Jose Smith, they were from Mexico. We had dinner that night at the Gilmore's. GUESS WHAT.......they received a trampoline for Christmas as well! That evening President Hatch, a total Stud from Durham, drove down and interviewed the Cameron's they both passed and were found worthy and recommended for Baptism.

I got a letter from KAMI.......Her family is so cute and cool, she told me the mission will be a Template for the rest of my life!!!!!! good advice, good advice. So we had district meeting it was on the Doctrine of Christ, it was really good, we took a different approach on it applying it to our lives as missionaries!!!! Elder Dealba would always say you can't preach it, if you haven't been living it!!! We went to Pizza Hut afterwards, and when we were checking out this guy tried to make out with the cashier, he was a little slow but it was funny. Well, I went on an exchange with Elder Casper in Pembroke and later that day, we tracted into him!!! It was the craziest thing and he wasn't even interested!!!!! I asked if that girl was his wife or girlfriend he said it was his Fiance. The girl said she had never met the guy before. We taught a lesson that night and then had dinner with the singles in the Pembroke ward! That place is Indian country!!!!! While tracting we were chased like a mile by 2 huge dogs it was so scary!!!

So, we exchanged back that morning, I am praying and trying really hard to Jump Start Pembroke!!!!!!!!! Elder Rigamotto told a neat story from their exchange, they went to a part member family and the wife is the member the husband is not but the wife is an Alcoholic!!!!!! Her husband was walking them out to the car and said we have tried everything and she can't stop drinking, we are going to try y'alls church!!!! We went on an exchange with Hermano Williams to go see the Hispanic family and they weren't their I was devastated then we went to go see some Hispanic members that live in our ward! I love those people the Lamanites they possess such a special spirit!!!!! Bro. Barfuss took us out, we taught a woman named Stephine she swears by the Book of Mormon and has been using it in her church, but won't be able to come to church with us or learn more cause she is sticking with her church, I feel and get so frustrated sometimes, when I feel like I teach things so clearly and they still don't get it! We saw Sister Cameron and practiced the baptism and then got some Frostys on Bro. Barfuss he is my IDAHO MAN go BRONCO"S!!!!

We weekly planned alot of the day, we got a lot of meat from a member, 2 huge steaks and 4 pork chops. I cooked it all and fed it to Elder Christensen he loves to eat, he has no limits; he ate like 4 lbs of beef 3 pounds of pork chops a huge plate of rice and a salad and that cheese danish in the picture then I asked him to top it all off with a big glass of milk and he started crying because his stomach hurt and he threw up EVERYWHERE and I had to clean it up, I guess I lost that Challenge! Then we were wrestling and I squeezed him and he pooped his pants! I love this kid he is like my brother! We had 2 appointments, they all canceled, so then we went to go see Sister Fox, she has triplets but 1 died and they all have disabilities like Autism and she is so prepared to receive the restored Gospel!!!!!!!!! We got magnesium citrate and did that challenge and I lost!

We were on fire finding this morning, we set like 4 appointments and everything was going good it was pouring rain and then we went and set up for the baptism and then went to the Gilmore's for dinner, Sister Cameron was nervous but she is ready we went and had the baptism, it was so incredible such a neat experience to see the ward gather on a holiday to support her and her daughter she is an incredible woman!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW, This was such a spiritual testimony meeting, so we had 3 people confirmed Tim, Carla, and Danielle, and then the Stake Presidents daughter was baptised so they presented 4 people to the ward! During the testimony meeting, I told Sister Cameron I was going up to share my testimony and that she should follow I didn't think she would, but she did! She shared such a powerful testimony that it rocked the ward, everyone was just so shocked the Holy Ghost was already working through her. She thanked all the brother's who left their families to come out with their men in black to testify to her that Jesus is real! She said that is was only by Christ that she was drug out of this awful mess and that the impossible became possible! IT was just electrifying. I pray that I never forget what I felt this day. We went out with Nate afterward and taught 3 lessons, set a date, but we aren't sure how solid it is. Nate is the man, if you know anybody who is looking let me know!!!!! We went to the Doolittle's their daughter Abby got a Chin Chilla for Christmas and we got to play with it! I got a flat tire then we went to a less active, he is such a good guy and could bless the ward so much! I pray he comes back!!!!

I love this gospel, I love my time to Represent the Master Jesus Christ. I pray that I may do so in a manner that is pleasing unto him and my Father. I love y'all I hope you have a TTTTEEEEERRRRRIFFFIC week!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen