Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey Family,
How is it going? It has been a crazy WEEK!! I only have like 15 minutes to email, we gotta take off to a dinner, then we have a few appointments tonight. But it has been crazy! So last Monday we were able to go play basketball! It was neat.
We did some great things this week, I really can't remember, but that is why I write it all in the journal, so if you all are really interested you can read it later!

Sorry I have been a slacker, I didn't get to write you all this week. But I did write Kelsi both weeks and she says she didn't get my letter! Oh well I tried! So we taught this amazing man named Lamar Ron Horn! We set a date, he is dating the singles branch Relief Society President! It is awesome! He accepts the Gospel fully and is prepared!

We taught a lesson to a family and our exchange canceled and then we were able to get another exchange and it was exactly who that family needed to feel the spirit it was so neat. So Saturday we got a call and Elder Johnson is being transferred and we have to prepare the area for the 3rd ward to get full time missionaries, so we have been running around checking out apartments and just crazy stuff. I am so nervous he is leaving, I don't know how to get around here! And on Fort Bragg we aren't aloud to proselyte! I am sure the Lord knows what we are doing.

So on Monday Elder Burris took us golfing, I seriously have not missed my dad so much in my life as I did that day! I wanted nothing more then to be on Sandcreek and be golfing with Billy! I love you man!

Everyone in the mission is getting Dear Johned and President Cotterell gives them a most valuable missionary award! HE asked me when I was next, and I said no!! Our relationship is built upon the gospel, I will never get one! There goes your famous last words Elder Petersen! IT was super cool! So I guess I am justing waiting to eat my words! But golfing was so much fun, I played alright too! Really nice weather this weekend!

So Tuesday, I went on an exchange with the coolest convert ever, Elder Tabil from Hawaii, he is the man! We saw so many miracles in just the short time we were together, it was so neat. This woman saw us and started smiling, she had just moved in and was like I prayed that I would find a church today and we got her all set up. It is a pretty neat ward, they serve in. We went back because his companion was back there, it was Elder Johnson, then I saw my new Companions bike and it looked familiar, and I was exactly right, it was Elder Smart!! It blew my mind, he is a different missionary, I was his District Leader in Durham when Elder Merrill went to be the assistant! And they moved Spanish missionaries as Zone Leaders to be in Wilmington! It is crazy but there is alot of success going on, I am excited! I love the gospel! I love you all!!! I hope the Lord blesses you all this week!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Family,
It has been a good week, I am finally, like as of today starting to feel better and I am so thankful for that, the Lord has answered my prayers and a priesthood blessing really helped!
We had dinner with some members and they invited their daughter and her family. Her husband was there, Bro. Burris, he isn't a member of the church but at the dinner table we were able to talk with him and learn about him. We invited him to learn more and he accepted. I gave him my copy of the Book of Mormon and he said he would read it. He is a good guy, a father of 2 beautiful little girls. I love the fact that the Lord blesses us with opportunities and then we have to act. I feel I sometimes limit the Lord by not acting, or not acting maybe as bold as I should, but I have observed that as I have, that he always brings me out! We were able to teach him later this week we had a great lesson and were able to invite him to be baptised and he committed, for Mar 26th because he is leaving for training, we were so excited but then he wasn't able to make it to Church.

We had a conference call with the Stake leaders, he asked that we as missionaries be more bold with the members in inviting them to help us in all aspects and phases of the work! I thought that is was pretty cool. We are so lucky to serve among such great leaders it will be something that I will be blessed for, for the rest of my life to learn from these great men and women who lead in their units!

The new handbook is incredible, all focused on the Family and bringing them all HOME to Heavenly Father.

Had a neat experience this week, we went to go see a part-member family and we walked to the end of the street, contacting people along the way and just getting rejected and chewed up and spit out. But the miracle always comes after the trial of your faith.........or at least I hoped so. We kept on going and this address wasn't there! It didn't exist! I was so upset we walked a long way. But then we sat and thought why would the Lord want us here, we pondered it in our hearts and looked around and went to this house because it had a cool truck and it ended up being a part member family, they are Tongan, they are so cool and her and her husband are feeding us and we are have a lesson this Sunday. Then while walking back a car pulled up on us and asked if we needed a ride. I know my mom taught me not to accept rides from strangers but for some odd reason we accepted with no hesitation. We got in and he took us to our bikes, we told him who we were, asked why he would pick us up, and he was super religious. We are meeting with him this Wednesday! Crazy huh! We have alot of potential in the Part-Member family section of things! This is the last week of this transfer!

It has been a tough week with Elder Johnson, I love him as a person and like he is one of my best friends I feel like, but we see differently in missionary work, and I am so grateful for that because I have learned so much from him it has been such a humbling experience.

We had a great trainers meeting this Thursday we learned the importance of the Book of Mormon. We have all these trainings on certain topics and missionary's get all fired up about them and kind of put on blinders but the training on the Book of Mormon is vital, like if someone converts and endures it is because of their love for the scriptures, I think that is how Sis Cameron is! She had such an amazing experience with the Book of Mormon! That is how you find the ELECT is if they love the Book of Mormon!

Happy Valentines day, I love you all so much, I love my Savior, I need his help so much! I can't do it alone! I am grateful for my talents but especially my weaknesses, that if I rely on him, that his grace is sufficient for little PETE! I love that fact that his atoning sacrifice can be so personalized and just so direct to one person! I love this Gospel every aspect of it!

Some of the leaders were talking of the training they had to attend and how the church is changing to adapt to the needs of our Fathers children, how there is more Focus on the family, I can't wait in the far future to have my own family to build my own refuge from the world where the Gospel will be taught. Thanks Mom and Dad for all you did. I have had some hard days over the span of a year! But I just think of all the prayers that our offered in my behalf! I have all the help in the world. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

Monday, February 7, 2011

President Cotterell asked that we throw away all our illegal music all burnt CD's, if we didn't pay for it we should destroy it. Which he is right, it is just tough to swallow! So we did and we feel like we have been blessed for it!!!

So this week was good we were coming off a baptism and frantically trying to set a date to replace it. We were able to teach this man, Bro. Mackdaddy, he said he is ready to be baptised, but he has been meeting with Elders for a year now and has never been to church. We set a date but had to drop it cause he didn't come.

There is this crazy but super prepared lady named Sara. We went to a Part-Member home and their lights were on their car, so we thought good reason to stop by and tell them right. Well, they didn't answer. This woman walked by and we aren't supposed to contact on post but I felt super prompted to so I did. She asked who we were and said a woman on post had invited her to come to a trunk or treat at the Mormon church, a woman that she had met on craigslist that she sold prego lady clothes to and said she came home and told her husband she felt something that she only feels at Thanksgiving time, a warm feeling like she was comforted and had ate alot the same as she felt with this woman who was a member and yet she hadn't ate anything. She had us rolling, she said she was feeling it again and that she knew she was suppose to be Mormon she said she hated the feeling that the Catholic church gave her. She is 21 and had 2 kids, just a really nice lady who is prepared. It is so crazy how the Lord works. We were supposed to meet with her this Saturday but she is the leader of a deployed group and one of the women went into labor so we are meeting with her tomorrow, we are so excited!!!!

This week we went to the Sanford District meeting. Elder Torres is the man, I came out with him. He is so good at inspiring his troops! We were all so pumped, I was able to go on an exchange with him and do some spanish work it was way neat, I couldn't understand a single thing they said but I could feel the spirit, it really was neat!!!!

I met this recent convert named Sol, him and his wife Jenny joined the church last month and is on fire. He told me how he didn't think that he needed this but once he felt the spirit he couldn't deny, he realized he couldn't go on without it! I was able to bear my testimony in SPANISH!!!! Elder Lake was in a dance class with my cousin Ashley from bountiful!!!!

FAMILY AND EVERYONE WHO READS THIS......THIS IS A PLEE!!!! PLEASE GET ON MORMON.ORG and make a profile! I would love to reference some of our investigaotrs to check out some of my families testimonies on! I found Greg's wives profile, cousin Karen and showed it to an investigator it just has an extra spirit when it is somebody you know!!!!!

We were able to contact that part-member family and set up an appointment to teach them this week so we are excited! So there is this girl from Michigan, named Rose. She is in the Army and is in AIT school where they teach you your job basically! When we taught her the first time she wouldn't even let us teach her. She was like focusing on how retarded we were for leaving on a mision for two years. But her friends from Richfield, Utah or her battle buddy was able to soften her heart! It was incredible, she was like at our lesson just pleading with us that she wanted to be happy and she would do anything. We read with her in 2 nephi 31 telling her to keep in mind what she could do and she knew she needed to be baptised, but I once again am a Temple Square missionary, and she is leaving next week and is going to go home so we got her info and everything all lined up for the Elders there.

The King family, they are gold and went to church in their new town! I love the ARMY!

I have been really miserably sick this week. Like if I have ever wanted my mom on my mission it has been right now! Crazy I know but I am on the verge of tears, I don't know what is wrong with me and people just give me crazy army drugs that make me pass out!

I think the Fayetteville 3rd ward is getting new missionaries and it will be exciting, maybe I will be one of them! With being a Zoneleader and covering 3 areas I often feel like a chicken with my head cut off but it is fun and time flys!

I love my companion he is so nice to me and wants whats best for me, he is just a good guy. We are able to serve such great leaders in the 3 units we serve. I learn so much from them about leadership and I am so thankful to recognize it! I love being lead by the holy spirit! I love when people say they feel something when we are around, or that we are different people. I just love it all! I want my mission to never end, I feel like I am on a hill going faster then I want to. I just gotta work harder. I am so grateful for an awesome trainer who just taught me to put God first and all will work out, that is an aspect that will bless me for the rest of my life. I love you all, I hope you have a blessed week! MAKE MORMON.ORG profiles!!!!

Love and Respect,

Taylor Blaine Petersen