Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elder McMichael ...not feeling very well

Taylor give love to the sick... Elder McMichael

Monday, May 24, 2010




We had lunch with an older couple from our ward the Jones' family. They made us some good veggies with like some pine needle spice things, I am not sure what they were but they were GOOD!!!!!!! We went and played some mud football with the Clayton Elders it was a blast! I got all MUDDY! Went to dinner with Bishop Gellenthin, talked about the ward. He is just straight up an amazing bishop! We had a lesson with the Williams, Brittney is getting baptised on the 4Th of June, we watched the Testament with Bro. Fidler there home teacher, and then we all, including Bro. Williams bore a strong testimony of how we came to find these things to be true.

I ripped my pants wrestling with Elder Dealba, but with some super GLUE, duck tape, and a needle and thread they were good as new!!! I went on an exchange to the Chicken Coop out in Albertson.......the middle of nowhere, but a Mormon predominant area! Elder McMichael my district leader was sick so I drove that long drive back there. We were able to chat and I was able to ponder alot and think where I am at, and where I need to be, and how I'm going to get there, because alot of time in life we get caught up in things and forget to step back and look what is going on around us, and Elder McMichael helped me do that! We talked about how fragile the spirit is but how forgiving the lord is to his missionaries. He asked me where I was when I was with Elder Croft, where I am now, and what am I going to do to make those two meet! We had a lesson with a less active old lady, she didn't care but Elder McMichael, even sick is a great teacher and we both testified our hearts out to her!

I left the Chicken Coop, sad I know! We went to Goldsboro for district meeting it was great, the spirit was strong our young district talked and discussed and the spirit was there! Headed back to Smithfield and had a lesson with a lady named Toni. She is like a pastor for a meditation spiritual group not really a religion or a church but she said she can't deny the spirit she feels from the Book of Mormon! Such a strong spirit within those pages! Had dinner with the Simpson's and had a strong spiritual lesson with them, helping them prepare for the TEMPLE!!

I feel like my mission is back where it needs to be! It is hard having the desire and excitement in this work for two people, but I can do it! We had dinner with Tyler and Ally Carey they are the bomb. He is the YM President, we had a lesson with Brittney, Larry, and Zachary Williams and Bro. Carey was great getting Zachary involved! We read 3 nephi 11 and 12 and compared it with Matthew 5, and watched the light bulb turn on, it was NEAT!

In my study I kinda learned that as missionaries we have to invite our Heavenly Fathers children to do everything, to pray, to repent, to be baptised, we can't just expect them to know! We did some service and put up a b-ball hoop for Bro. Lint. We got back, and biked, and biked, and biked ,to talk to some people and taught a lesson on the way, but we couldn't find this road. Elder Morrell just gave up and was heading for Gandolfos (thats where we had dinner that night) and I was like, "Elder we have an hour, where are you going" and he was like, "doesn't it take an hour to get back" and I was like, "yeah but we have to find this family on this street", well we turned around biked back and I was like, "lets just tract this neighborhood" and we did, and found the street, talked to the family. They invited us in, and there 13 year older daughter hasn't been baptized and they are having us over for dinner next week! Spirit is there, just gotta listen! That night we taught Mason Travis and had a spiritual, emotional lesson and he seems solid. We will see how it goes! It is so neat when members invite people to read scriptures or come to church! My mission is where it needs to be, I love it all because I got a copy of the Joseph Smith Nashville tribute, that cd changed my mission on the bus ride to the airport when I was scared out of my mind, and is changing it today. I love music and the spirit and power it has.

EPIC DAY, lets just say the Lord loves his missionaries! Biked out to a member in the bishopric, he said Elders have never been to their house on bikes! Well Elder Morrell wasn't to excited when he said that cause he knew I would have to prove him wrong! So we are biking on the deadliest highway in Johnston county and contacted this family preparing for a birthday party for there 2 year old son and they were nice, not interested, but nice, so they had a big yard, and as we got there this dog was freaking out. Well they took it out back, and then we left, well I see this dog barreling across the tree through their yard to get me, I am terrified and biking for my life, the dog is coming after me and then boom, a car smacked that DOG at 60 miles per hour. I was so scared I was going to jail for murder!! I biked my heart out as I looked back and saw that little girl pick up her dead dog! Lets just say the Lord loves the elders of the church! The Perry's daughter had a stroke, she has a hole in her heart and like her rating was at a 19, and 20 is dead and 0 is normal. Well her and her daughter were in Illinois when it happened and they needed a blessing so they called the elders and this little Hispanic boy came and gave her daughter a blessing and like she said in the blessing he was beating around the bush telling her how much her Heavenly Father loved her, and then at the end of it he commanded her to be healed and 2 hours later she raised her leg and the next day walked out of the hospital! After lunch we left with a spiritual thought, I read Moroni 7 but especially in verse 30 when it says we must command the ministering of angels! As Elder Oaks in his priesthood talk on the healing power of the priesthood; we should say what the father would say if he was here himself! We have to listen to the spirit and then invite it to act upon it! We had a neat lesson with some recent converts focusing in on there sons getting the Aaronic priesthood and their mom got all emotional and is so excited for them, and the blessing it will bring in their home!

SIX INVESTIGATORS at church, I had to make up for only having 2 last week. The neat thing is that 3 of them were new people we had found this week! So I love running, I love biking, I am shedding the poundage. I am on like a bikers high! So we made plans to bike to our dinner appointment, the Hayes, a funny FAMILY! They live like 20 miles away; well every time we make plans we haven't seemed to stick to them but like planning I was telling Elder Morrell this should be a spiritual experience, acquiring what the Lord would want us to do that next day and then we are going to follow through with it but we had been slacking, that following through! But I made sure of it today! Elder Morrell started crying saying he was tired and Sunday's are a day of rest and I just said we as a companionship made the plans and we are following through with them! So we did, we biked and contacted a part member family, her husband loves me, and I think if I get him interested she'll be at church every week. We had a lesson with them and set a return appointment! MIRACLE Then we biked to a less active family that has recently been through the temple, they wanted nothing to do with us, we tracked their whole neighborhood and it was so depressing. Like I hate tracting, because rejection brings me down! We tracted this whole street set 1 appointment with this guy Bernard who wasn't really excited but wanted to learn more! THEN THE BIG FAMMY WAMMY MIRACLE came! Elder Morrell was like, it was so pointless biking here, I was like, Bernard man! The worth of souls are great in the EYES OF GOD! So, tracted another street; rejection, rejection!! I was ready to go to dinner but one last house, these 2 ladies on the porch who looked like they were going to reject us turned into the most spiritual and emotional lesson I've had on my mission! They are members of a church and both work with Mormons and her sister asked her about Mormons yesterday when they were grocery shopping and boom we were there answering her questions she thought we were JEHOVAH WITNESSES and had her bible out ready to throw it down about how Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but she said her dad had died and wanted to get baptised but he died to early. I asked where she thinks her father was, she said she hopes in heaven, I said where does your pastor believe your father is and she said he believes he is damned. Then I whipped out Alma 40 and bore a strong testimony to her about temples about where her father is and how merciful and loving the Lord truly is. It was so neat and so amazing and I love this gospel so much! I LOVE YOU ALL AND HOPE ALL IS WELL GOD BE WITH YOU TO WE MEET AGAIN... MY MISSION RULES!!!!! KENZ WRITE ELDER DEALBA PLEASE!!!!!

Love and Respect

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Family!
How are you all doing? How old is BILLY, 44, MAN 4 YEARS OVER THE HILL!!!! STIll trying to be young on that bike huh!

We went over to this Hispanic family, it was so neat and such a humbling experience. They don't have alot but yet they offer us everything that they have. We had some cow stomach stew and watched the Testaments in Spanish! We had dinner with President Hamilton, he is the MAN, we went and had a lesson with Bro. Williams' daughter and she said she talked to her mom and her mom said she would come to her baptism. She shouts for joy and knows its true and then she went off about how she loves the feeling she gets when we come over, and the only thing she can find to replace that is reading the Book of Mormon! PRESIDENT HAMILTON jumped on that one pretty fast, and was like Brittney that is you shouting for joy she is going to be baptised June 5TH by her father and I'm going to confirm her.

Elder Taylor an Elder from Wilson was here on exchanges and looking at my pictures, he said that Elder Astel was in his zone at the MTC! Charlene got a new roommate that is a GIRL, thank goodness, and she is getting baptised her name is YOLANDA!

Elder McMicheal is my zone leader he is a stud and is from Sandy, he used to be a body builder, he is so ripped. I am going on exchanges with him tomorrow, we are both so pumped! Elder Morrell's grandma died, it was sad but she was pretty old I gave him a blessing! We saw the Wilkins, Mike is crazy busy he is working like 16 hrs helping his nephew with his painting company.

Bro. Wilcox, an Idaho Boy, he took us to his favorite restaurant, which he takes us to every month. It is called Robins Nest! Something Billy would love and go to once a week like Hunans! He is a great guy and we had a great lesson with Brittney Williams on the plan of salvation.

We had dinner at Gandolfo's... SCORE! I love that place we went out with Brother Jones it was really good. He served a 3 year mission in Chile and is 75 years old and refuses to retire! We saw the Wilkins again and had a lesson, told him baptism was the source that he could look for remission of his sins he got all emotional it was good.

HAPPY B-DAY BILLY, so the LDS people in the east had there east coast day of service. We did our habitat for humanity like Extreme Makeover home edition, but there was no TY PENNINGTON or a big bus! It was way neat and the family was way appreciative they were of another faith and there pastor was there and we talked with him he was way impressed how knowledgeable we were at just 19. Elder Dealba goes, I'm an idiot it is the spirit Pastor Frank! So funny, then, when we got back, we went to the church to help prepare for the ward luau a Hawaiian party. It was a blast. Both our recent converts were there, it was fun!

So Sunday I love and was able to confer the Aaronic priesthood to Bro Williams I was so nervous, but it was good and he is a priest! Dad I need a priesthood lineage thing I can give to Brother Williams will you hook a brother UP! Charlene fed us and she threw a big southern feast! Collards, okra, sweet potatoes, and potato salad and all the fixins and she invited all her family and friends. Then after dinner she told her family to listen up, that we were men of God and we save peoples lives and are going to tell them how Christ's church is here on the earth. It was so neat and we had a spiritual lesson her granddaughter who goes to church with her (Jasmine) is interested and so are her parents, they moved in next to us but are really busy but they will be baptised!

Well, love you all!! Sweet pictures Billy, making me super trunky! You look good all leathered up. Thanks for the mail mom!! I love it ,and for Kenzie's graduation announcement, and where is a picture with her anncouncement? Well I hope all is well and I pray for you oft!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey family, good to talk to you again,

First day of the transfer starting fresh! Like starting a new semester in school all A's! Today I made my Mother's Day card, it took forever alot of exacto knifing and gluing, but it was all good. I loved it! We had dinner at an inactive family whose daughter is pregnant. We had a great and strong spiritual lesson with them, we then went over to Bro Williams at the hospital and sang songs to him!

My Companion walked passed this guy right after he had told me his transfer goals of not passing anybody up, I turned to him and said, "is he not good enough", and went back and talked to this guy. It was pretty frustrating, but I just keep pushing on praying for him and loving him. But things have gotten alot better! Answer to my prayers; our new zone leader is Elder Gilbert who is from Blackfoot, he trained Elder Morrell so hopefully we can figure it out together how to light his fire. We had a neat spiritual lesson with this couple, the White's, they are older, she said to me that my church has no authority, and I was like, not to be disrespectful but the authority can only be found in Christ's church and this is Christ's church. I was way scared for what she was going to say but she agreed to have us teach her, so hopefully we can find success their! We went over to the Wilkins and chatted with them they are doing good but we need to make a move.


Went running this morning and it was way foggy! We had our baptismal interview with Elder Casper and Bro Williams! I get so mad when leadership in the mission, talk bad on missionaries past transgressions! I got a super awesome AMAZING package from KJ that little Bonita girl is creative! We ate at Gandolfo's twice today and had a spiritual lesson with a part member family. We were able to leave some bold commitments!

NO MORE CAR!!! We went over to Bro Williams house and I gave him a tie! I got four letters today. They must of gotten bunched up somewhere! I got my empty memory card back! Sis Bartley is a saint she made our program for the baptism and dropped it off with some cookies! This ward is AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Hit 100 miles on my bike since I got my odometer and hit the all time low with the Malatestas, but we won't dwell on that!

Zone Conference is amazing! They changed it up totally and now is a little weird but it is good and for the better. We only meet with 20 elders, but it is all changed up for the better. I had a way spiritual experiecne, so they were talking about prayer and they had me role play, but become one of my investigators and they were going to get out my concern of praying. I was Brittney Williams and we got the concern. They had a kneeling prayer at the end, they had me actually pray but for Brittney in front of the whole zone, and Pres and his wife and I broke down. The spirit was so strong and all these elders were saying that was the most spiritual zone conference they have ever been too! We had a great lesson with Bro Howell, he is working on his granddaughter. Then we went over to a less active family and his friend was there and we taught him and were able to apply what we learned at zone conference!

I went on a split with Justin a big black kid from the Clayton ward. We got picked up and went and had breakfast at the Clayton ward bishop's house then worked our area with these priests. It was so awesome we got a lot done! We went and gave 2 blessings and set a date with Brittney, and Justin was the man, it was pretty awesome. Justin will be a great Elder someday! Then we went back over to the church and had the baptism of Bro. Williams I gave a talk on baptism and the ward did an amazing job. He loves the church and is excited to get the Aaronic priesthood and baptize his daughter! His whole family was there it was so neat we read about the tree of life and told him how he desires to share this with his children!

Enjoyed talking with ya'll, hung out with the Bishop's family while we waited for each other. It was super neat, they are so awesome, he said they plan to visit the IDAHO FALLS temple when I get back! I can't wait to see them this week. Mom you should price out and see how much my Preach My Gospel would be to shrink and rebind it! I love you all and I hope all is well it was so good talking to you guys. And KENZ ELDER DEALBA NEEDS A LETTER.

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

Monday, May 3, 2010

Taylor's Goldsboro District

Hey Family,
So the transfer starts today and I am not going anywhere. I am still here in good old Smithfield! I got a letter from Drake and Sophie, but that is it! I haven't gotten a letter from you in forever! I think I'll just call Dad's cell phone. I am not sure what time would work best for you all! I am kinda nervous to call, I really don't want to, to be honest, like it is going to mess with my head, I am afraid! Oh well just continue on! So the plan is, I'll call Dad's cell phone, you guys are still with Verizon right, and I will call at 7 o'clock our time, so 5 o'clock your time! I hope that works for you all! It has been a great week nobody is leaving Smithfield, another transfer with Elder Morrell, Dealba, and Naylor. After this next 6 weeks it'll be 6 months I've been with Elder Dealba. I LOVE THAT KID!

Played some b-ball with Casey and Alex, some members in our ward and Gilbert, Charlene's son in-law was there as well.They are investigating the church right now. It was real neat to see him with members and to finally get him in the church!

Their is this older couple in our ward the Harper's! They work at the temple and he has no teeth and it is so hard to understand him! He and his wife sang in church last Sunday it was so funny, but so neat at the same time! He was wearing a Flaming Gorge hat, he said that they go their every year! He was like I was wearing it hoping one of you would recognize it!

We had a lesson that evening with a single guy named Bill. He is a professor at the local community college! He is a family history buff and knows a lot about the church! He said he is baptist and got so mad when his pastor told the little kids that the God Head is the same in one! I was like they aren't but isn't that what your church teaches! He said yeah but that just isn't right!

Bro Williams is getting baptized the 8Th he was blessed with a large tax refund and had it and then went to his mailbox with his kids in the car and some how lost $4000 he was sick and is in the hospital with heart problems but he came to church and is still getting baptized! I guess just a trail of our faith, it was weird he said he had the money long enough to pay for the needs of his family then when he went to go buy a luxury, it was gone!

I went to Goldsboro with Elder Hafen! That kid is literally the man! Right on Seymore Johnson Air Force Base! Planes flying over all day! We did some service for an investigator and cleaned out some gutters it was neat. Then went and did service for a member. I told him I was from Idaho Falls and he was like, oh buddy I can see the Snake River by the temple now, and give me some of that Reeds Dairy ice cream! His mother was a seamstress and her car broke down and she got a ride from a sewing machine mechanic and he asked her what she knew about the Mormon's and if she'd like to know more! Now 108 have joined because of it and 25 have served missions far and wide! We had a lesson with a 500lb black man in the hospital. and one with their main investigator who dropped them but we were able to bring him back!

Elder Hafen is the man, he is way bold we had district meeting it was great. Then went back to Smithfield and had dinner with my favorite man, Bro Holzhauer. We had a lesson with a less active family the Gonzalez they have been coming to church again and we asked when we could come back the mom was hesitant and her son was like next Friday! My best friend is sleeping over and I want him to hear this! Miracles! We are working with alot of slacking less active and recent converts that don't care we have to drag them by the hand. I didn't know that was missionary work!

Studied Alma 8, I love that chapter! You aren't being guided by the spirit if you aren't being rebuked by it. The Spanish elders got a man who has been investigating the church 5 years. Finally married, a huge step towards baptism! Had a lesson with the Ciampas they are nice recent converts preparing for the temple, then I forgot to call Mike Wilkins to see if we could still come over that is our family of 8, so I still went over and they weren't there I was devastated!

I went to this sister in our ward who isn't a member, and her husband basically got her to bear her testimony to me but she struggles with Joseph Smith she said that is what we focus on more then Jesus Christ! But that is something we can fix. Had a lesson with this great old man Bro Howell, who has horses and has been offended by the church! But I read to him Elder Bednars talk and non shall offend them it opened his eyes, he doesn't understand the concept of tithing and an old bishop told him if you can't afford to pay the Lord you can't afford to enter his house! We gave a book of Mormon to Gilbert Natasha and Jasmine, Charlene's family and sang a song and gave them the Proclamation to the Family it was really neat!

The day we find out who is getting transfered! We went to the ham and yam festival! I got pulled aside and interviewed by Southern Living Magazine! She said it was a pretty big magazine. I hope I represented the Savior well! I saw my first hog race and got invited to go noodling or where you put your arm in a hole and and cat fish suck on your arm and your rip them out like 40lbs catfish I love the red necks these are my people. Elder Dealba got invited to play soccer he called and ask president and president rebuked him and was like Elder Dealba what do you think! The old man in the picture is my friend Bro Gardner, he is from Blackfoot! President changed the whole mission and combined spanish and english together everything is changing this transfer. We saw the Wilkins tonight they are amazing they couldn't make it to church but they are gold!

Testimony meeting was great! Jasmine, Charlene's granddaughter was there. It was really neat. Bro Williams our baptismal canidate! He went into the hospital right after church he is pretty stressed and his heart is beating irregularly! Had dinner at the Cecils and they are such great people and then had a lesson with Brittney Bro Williams daughter. I hope she gets baptized soon! I set a soft date with her for the 29Th. I set some transfer goals for myself! My focus will determine my reality!
Pray for the Wilkins, Malatesta, Gilbert, Natasha, and Jasmine and Bro Williams! Love you all and can't wait for Sunday! Hopefully we aren't to busy that day and still can call! Hope all is well.

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen