Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey family, good to talk to you again,

First day of the transfer starting fresh! Like starting a new semester in school all A's! Today I made my Mother's Day card, it took forever alot of exacto knifing and gluing, but it was all good. I loved it! We had dinner at an inactive family whose daughter is pregnant. We had a great and strong spiritual lesson with them, we then went over to Bro Williams at the hospital and sang songs to him!

My Companion walked passed this guy right after he had told me his transfer goals of not passing anybody up, I turned to him and said, "is he not good enough", and went back and talked to this guy. It was pretty frustrating, but I just keep pushing on praying for him and loving him. But things have gotten alot better! Answer to my prayers; our new zone leader is Elder Gilbert who is from Blackfoot, he trained Elder Morrell so hopefully we can figure it out together how to light his fire. We had a neat spiritual lesson with this couple, the White's, they are older, she said to me that my church has no authority, and I was like, not to be disrespectful but the authority can only be found in Christ's church and this is Christ's church. I was way scared for what she was going to say but she agreed to have us teach her, so hopefully we can find success their! We went over to the Wilkins and chatted with them they are doing good but we need to make a move.


Went running this morning and it was way foggy! We had our baptismal interview with Elder Casper and Bro Williams! I get so mad when leadership in the mission, talk bad on missionaries past transgressions! I got a super awesome AMAZING package from KJ that little Bonita girl is creative! We ate at Gandolfo's twice today and had a spiritual lesson with a part member family. We were able to leave some bold commitments!

NO MORE CAR!!! We went over to Bro Williams house and I gave him a tie! I got four letters today. They must of gotten bunched up somewhere! I got my empty memory card back! Sis Bartley is a saint she made our program for the baptism and dropped it off with some cookies! This ward is AMAZINGLY AWESOME! Hit 100 miles on my bike since I got my odometer and hit the all time low with the Malatestas, but we won't dwell on that!

Zone Conference is amazing! They changed it up totally and now is a little weird but it is good and for the better. We only meet with 20 elders, but it is all changed up for the better. I had a way spiritual experiecne, so they were talking about prayer and they had me role play, but become one of my investigators and they were going to get out my concern of praying. I was Brittney Williams and we got the concern. They had a kneeling prayer at the end, they had me actually pray but for Brittney in front of the whole zone, and Pres and his wife and I broke down. The spirit was so strong and all these elders were saying that was the most spiritual zone conference they have ever been too! We had a great lesson with Bro Howell, he is working on his granddaughter. Then we went over to a less active family and his friend was there and we taught him and were able to apply what we learned at zone conference!

I went on a split with Justin a big black kid from the Clayton ward. We got picked up and went and had breakfast at the Clayton ward bishop's house then worked our area with these priests. It was so awesome we got a lot done! We went and gave 2 blessings and set a date with Brittney, and Justin was the man, it was pretty awesome. Justin will be a great Elder someday! Then we went back over to the church and had the baptism of Bro. Williams I gave a talk on baptism and the ward did an amazing job. He loves the church and is excited to get the Aaronic priesthood and baptize his daughter! His whole family was there it was so neat we read about the tree of life and told him how he desires to share this with his children!

Enjoyed talking with ya'll, hung out with the Bishop's family while we waited for each other. It was super neat, they are so awesome, he said they plan to visit the IDAHO FALLS temple when I get back! I can't wait to see them this week. Mom you should price out and see how much my Preach My Gospel would be to shrink and rebind it! I love you all and I hope all is well it was so good talking to you guys. And KENZ ELDER DEALBA NEEDS A LETTER.

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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