Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taylors Address

Here is Taylor's address:

Elder Taylor Petersen
117 Henley Pl
Smithfield, NC 27577

He loves to get mail!

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25 email

Hey Family how are y'all doing? Things many miles away in the east are going great. We have a Zone Conference this week in Kinston and man is the humidity picking up, but then it changes just like that and is cold again. We have had some very nice days though!

So last Monday we cleaned out our apartment so our carpet could be cleaned! Our apartment is nasty, Elders have been in there for 6 years, it is time for a turn over! But we have cleaned it up quite nice. We went and played some b-ball at the church it was really nice. Elder Bradshaw taught me how to play, when I was baptized, on the piano! We eat at Gandolfos every p-day and everyday we can in between. It is so good. Their son is on his mission in Provo, UT and their daughter is getting ready to leave. They are such a nice family. The westside story is the best SANDWICH there. That night we had dinner with Bro. Lint a man who is remarried to a missionary baptist and wants nothing more than for his wife to come to the church. He has taken us out or to his house one night every day this week. He also hooked me up with a suit! Then we went out with our ward mission leader Bro. Nearing, he is the MAN! We stopped by a less active family and are going to start teaching them the lessons hoping to reactivate.

Tues. We taught Bro. Gardner our ex-member with Bro. Holzhour. Bro. Gardner gets baptized this week, he is way nice he had a stroke so can't speak that well but loves college foot ball and is originally from Blackfoot, he calls me Elder SPUD. We are trying to plan for a ward fireside to invite all the member to go on missions, the bishop made missionary calls for everyone it is really neat. I hope it fires up this ward! We had dinner at the Allens, she is the ward greeter and the funniest and nicest older lady! We had some good southern food with an amazing pecan pie her conversion story is amazing. She read James 1:5 and ask the lord to direct her to a book that following day at the library that would bring her to truth, she found a great and marvelous work! On Tuesday nights we do like a bible study class, like a b.o.m study though, trying to compete with those baptists.

WED. We had a district meeting, another great one by the MAN Elder Croft. We went on exchanges and i stayed here with Elder Richards from Tremonton, UT I got all your letters that day, thank you so much to you and your young woman. Tara and Noel sent me a sweet package with a T-shirt of the Hillcrest Krazies and a really nice letter. The Rices also finally HOOKED me up with a sweet letter sounds like TOMMY is tearing it up in CA! Bro. Moscon also sent me a letter and the right moment and time I needed it! We biked for EVER set a lot of appointments and it was an alright day!

Thurs. I drove to Goldsboro to pick up Elder Croft, we came back and had appointment with Christopher, a black man looking for truth and trying to change his life, he loved 2 Nephi 26:33 says everyone is wanted black white EVERYONE. We had dinner at anonymous house Manacotti! I have never been so sick in my ENTIRE life we ran to a GAS STATION i throw up then bought like 10 packs of gum to get that nasty taste from my mouth! But when getting rung up a the gas station we found this lady who worked there, she was from Puerto Rico and had been baptized. She was making fun of us and was like there is a church is SMITHFIELD? I was like yeah right down the road from here and it has been a solid referral for the Spanish ELDERS. I took a picture of this car shop called JESUS AUTO!!!!

FRI. That morning I had an amazing study on the promised blessing of missionary work, and found a formula on how to baptise people in my patriarchal blessing! I got a letter from the office that approved me to drive a mission vehicle, (Elder Croft hung it on the FRIDGE). We met this couple Mary and Quincy, Mary has a crazy ex. He can't see his kids, her kids are so amazing and they are starting over and we are teaching them this week, but make daily contact with them she said one day, "I thought y'all were like those weird Jehovah witnesses but you aren't, y'all are cool as poop! (but she didn't say poop) Elder croft got a phone call and I was talking to her and she promised me she would come to church this week! I LOVE FAMILIES!!!!!!! FAMILIES STRENGHTEN THE CHURCH!! That night we went out with Bishop Gellenthins brother in-law Justin Motez. He returned form his mission in Nov from Sacramento we ate at a zaxbys, such good CHICKEN (Tell J-BONE I love CHICKEN and KOOL-AID) We taught this girl Shakira who is in a foster home and had a neat experience there, the spirit was so strong and I was directed and taken so far off topic but it all tied together and she said it was exactly what she needed to here!

Sat. We went and worked at EAGLES nest, a church campsite with tons of cabins. Elder Croft and I CAULKED the molding all DAY and dug holes for fun and fixed up this house for an older couple on a service mission! I set up and intense work out program with Kels's calendar, so far so good! Sat night was a kid, Kyle Patrick, in our wards Eagle Court of honor so nobody could go on exchanges with us, Elder Croft is a mortal MAN, he was so upset cause we had 2 solid appointments and we couldn't find anyone to go, they were all at the court of honor! I tried to lift him up from his depression I was scared, never seen that side of him, but we laughed and had 2 amazing appointments with DEE a 20 yr old, whose daughters hasn't grown an inch in the 3 months she was born. HE is really concerned and we had a great lesson. And it ends up he lives with some inactive members in our ward that nobody knew about so we are trying to reactivate them too! Then another appointment with Christopher from Wed. It went really good, his three very respectful daughters were there and we answered lots of questions!

SUN. I LOVE SUNDAYS! Just gets me pumped for the week, to actually see the gospel blessing peoples life's. Bro. Kinnet,this old deaf just guy, brings us grocery bags with fruit in it and treats, he is super deaf and just laughs and nods! HE is always SMILING. We went over to this other guys named Chris also, he defined the difference between a pastor and a prophet amazing last Sunday. We went over to set an appointment and ended up having the whole first lesson, truly was neat teaching to the needs of him and his family. Last night WE HAD DINNER AT THE FUNNIEST, SWEETEST, COOLEST, FAMILY I'VE MET IN THIS WARD. The Hayes!!!! He is like a ripped military guy, so funny! Like dinner there, I laughed forever, if I come back here I am hanging with them! He told this story when he got back from Iraq and like went to his daughters graduation and some guys got in his way he asked him to move and the guy grabbed him and pushed him and he just came unglued. They have the funniest stories!

Well family we are at the Johnston Community College so I had more time to type maybe you will like this better! Billy respond with more then just a SWEET. I am trying to write you guys today I can only write on p-days, we are so busy! I love my mission and I miss my family but try each day to make you all proud! I also miss my best friend billy(Billy is what he calls Blaine) someone to love and joke with and someone to go to for advice, love you bill miss you bunch! I love you all. How are the kids? Kenz senior project and Drake what is he doing, and my b-ball star Sophie is she beating girls up or what! How is my lil long distant lover Kels? Mom I miss your cooking, but thanks so much for the SALSA I'd hug you and pick you up and twirl you around if I was home!

Love, Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taylor finds the SWAMP

Library was closed yesterday for MLK! But here I am on Tuesday emailing.

Thanks so much for the letters this week, but where is my salsa! Ha ha would it be alright with you guys if we wrote once a month I don't know what to say. Ya'll are so demanding, I'll just send you my journal when it is FULL!

Here is a list of Question we asked Taylor in a letter. He responded in his email today:

1. Are you teaching anyone? If so, names so we can pray for them.
2. Tell us about the experience you had with Elder Cahoon tracting/teaching
3. So what happened in Smithfield prior to you and Elder Croft coming in? Were the Spanish missionaries teaching any of your investigators?
4. Is Elder Croft a ZL or DL
5. Have you had any Zone Conferences?
6. How are your District meetings?
7. Who is your District Leader, where is he located?
8. Have you talked in church
9. Any cool experiences you can share with us
10. How is study with your companion and what are you learning
11. Can you send us any pictures from the computer if not send us the memory card with pictures. I hope you are taking pictures!
12. What is it like there….trees, pretty all that kind of stuff

1. We are teaching a few not many, a sweet family the Malltestas. He is just looking for a good organization to affiliate his self with! Their son is having heart surgery so we have to wait to teach them but we had one amazing lesson! Everyone in the Smithfield ward is related and so many part member families so we spend a great deal there!
2. My exchange with Elder Cahoon was sweet, I had to take over the area. Total test of my faith, I was saying things I didn't even know I knew. Thank goodness for the SPIRIT ! We set a few return appointments and taught the first lesson from this ladies door step! No male was home so we were not granted to enter!!
3. the Smithfield area was shut down to disobedient missionaries. That is all I know and that is all they will tell me. Elder Croft knows and so does the ward, but they wont tell me. Some elders got sent home!
4. They created a new district so Elder Croft could be the DL.
5. We have zone conference next week, then the following week a temple trip WOOT WOOT!
6. District meeting is great! Elder croft runs it like a champ he is a spiritual giant! Boy was I blessed
7. Elder Croft and with Pete.
8. Have not talked in church. Bore my testimony, then had some crazy danger girl come up after and said she now trust the elders after what we said.
9. Share after I answer the rest of your questions.
10. Study is so amazing! My eyes are finally open, we are unlocking mysteries!!!!
11. I'll send the memory card sometime I hardly have time to take pictures we are so busy!!!
12. Trees everywhere... nice week this week, really humid I am done for in the summer.
13. info here it comes.......So this week on my bike I jumped it off a side walk into a irrigation ditch. It was a swamp! My bike stuck and I launched! Covered in mud, but Elder Croft, the worker he is , we still went to our appointment. I had to dry clean my coat and suit!

We met the manager at McDonald's. We are teaching a bible study class at the arches for her family and McDonald employees next week! ha ha

I went on an exchange with Elder Richards. He is from Tremonton, in Clint and Trica's ward I think! Really nice kid! DOLL SACK IN Poland! Holy cow that is so sweet how is he doing?

We met a rasta Jamaican weed smoking man who only reads from the blue bible (the book of Mormon) cause it is the only word of god but can't give up weed and won't be taught really nice funny guy with sweet dreads!

We met an atheist, really depressing like doesn't believe in god at all but he listened and said we could come back some other time but get this he makes stain glass for churches but believes in no god WEIRD!

Elder Dealba, right next to me, wants permission to write Kenz so write him and tell him yes. He has a castle is Spain! Well I love you all... miss you so much. Send me SALSA PLEASE ! I eat raw breakfast and lunch every meal only spent 13 bucks at Walmart this week. I love you all, pray for you all the time! I am doing great, missing moms not so greasy food. I get so sick here at these southern dinners! LOVE ELDER PETE

Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11th email

Dear Family,

First things first! Send me some Salsa MIX!!!!!

Mom thanks so much for your letter! Truly was a lift on my week! I barely got it! Sounds like you wrote it New Years Eve! But it really helped me through the week! I sent my new address so send stuff there, it will get here quicker!

Elder Taylor Petersen
117 Henly Place
Smithfield, NC 27557

So to explain myself a little better now that I have time! So the first night in the mission home was a little depressing. I was all alone, everyone had a companion except me. But we had interviews and ate dinner, which was so good to get some normal food! President Cotterell is truly called of GOD! He is the man! a Spiritual Giant, just talking with him brought tears to my eyes! We prayed for you guys, my family and then talked and ended with a prayer and he gave me a hug. Then we all slept in there basement! Woke up had breakfast and he interviewed us. We found out who our companion were and our area. Everyone was hoping to get Elder Croft, the just released AP, some how I banked on HIM!

We were being sent to an area that hadn't had missionaries for 3 months and it had not been to good before that! I am suppose to learn everything I can from Elder Croft. President Cotterell said he is the best Elder in the Field and he goes home in March. I have 3 months to learn everything I can in a area we are both completely new to and in a ward that doesn't trust missionaries! But, he never said it would be easy, only said it would be worth it! And it is worth it!

We are slowly building up ward trust! Getting referrals. Elder Croft is so good with people, so smooth and so well rounded. I am learning so much! He is from San Diego, Surfer and Scuba diver boy! But a Spiritual POWER HOUSE! People in Smithfield are really nice! I've ate some southern food! Like Back FAT so gross, Hush Puppies and CHICKEN and pulled PORK everywhere! A guy in the ward, Brother Gandolf, owns a Gandolfos here so we get hooked up!

It is so cold here, like bitter to the bone cold, can't wrap up enough! But I've been wearing that coat Ms. J bought me under by big coat and it fights off the WIND! It was suppose to snow half an inch one night and the whole town shut down! The town is kinda segregated like the railroads splits the blacks and the whites. It is really sad and people say our church is the white mans church! Everyone here is SAVED! All you do is accept Jesus and you are heaven bound, no effort required! Some lady just told me i was going to Hell probably 5 times and that i didn't have to work my way back to Jesus that all I needed to do was be saved!

The ward is great. We are doing a fireside and great things are going to happen here! Bishop Gellenthin is the man and so many great members. We just need all of them on board and we will convert all of Smithfield! I love you all,write me often! IDK where the truck keys are but if you exercise faith and pray many miracles can happen! Maybe even lost keys found!With SO much LOVE being sent from 2500 miles away!Elder Taylor B. Petersen

We bike everywhere I've dropped a few pounds! Elder Croft doesn't believe in driving and either do I! We did a greenie exchange and me and Elder Cahoon from the MTC were here alone together in the Smithfield area. I was in charge, we drove back from Smithfield to Goldsboro and tracted and contacted and taught a discussion. It was so sweet, greenie exchange!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Dear Family,

I am in Smithfield NC or the Smithfield 1st ward under the direction of the man Bishop Gellenthin. I have been blessed from what President Cotterell said to be with the BEST missionary in this Mission! Which he truly is. So funny you talked to him DAD! He remembered you. He has 3 months left and I will end his mission.

Remember Colby Bradshaw from Tooele he is a Spanish missionary here. I live with him and Elder Dealba from Spain and Lindon, UT as of 4 years ago. We came out together. The blessings the lord has given us is incredible!

We sort of in a way reopened the Smithfield English area because something went down and they weren't here for a few months. We are earning the members trust and miracles will happen in Smithfield. The area book here was last updated a year ago today! So we have a lot of work ahead of us, which has been really great since I have my spiritual GIANT trainer, he is the man from San Diego Cali. I have a lot to learn from him, he gave me a pure green tie cause I am a greenie!

You all should write me letters! Write them to the mission office it will get to me no matter where i am the forward them!

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen
North Carolina Raleigh Mission
6508 falls of neuse suite 100Raleigh, NC 27615

So they told me I will be here for at least 6 months. I am so excited! It is like deathly cold here! My ears kill, but I am buying these things for my ears!

I met this all natural RAW lady! WHat is UP KELSI KARLENE ha ha so funny she said she was impressed with all I knew! I told her about the J"S!

The Bradshaw's live in ELY NV now! So weird, we were in the same ward in Tooele and now live together! Our apartment is nasty, but we are doing an overhaul on it today!

President Cotterell is the man, truly called by God! I had an interview with him and the spirit was so strong. He knew me and my needs before we had even really spoke to each other!

Members feed us a lot, I haven't had dinner at home once. The Ward Mission leader is great! I miss music but Elder Croft has tons of church music, which will suffice! I feel so honored and so blessed by the lord to have a worthy priesthood father a loving mother who has unbreakable faith and for her example, for 3 siblings who I wish I would of spent more time with because I miss them most of all! For friends like the Johnsons and their example. For all the support from my extended family, grandparents, aunts ,uncles and cousins. I feel so honored and so blessed to represent My saviour Jesus Christ and wear his name on my chest! I love you all!

I had my first 2 exchanges, one with Elder Cadet in Smithfield, he is from Brooklyn NY and is from Haiti originally. He has such a strong testimony of the restoration. Then with Elder Spratt from Bountiful. He is different. I stayed the night in Clayton with him! But I learned to love him! We have taught a couple people! We have orders from the Stake President to teach an ex communicated member which is weird! But yeah we are slowly seeking the elect! Love you all

Love yawl's boy ELDER PETERSEN