Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25 email

Hey Family how are y'all doing? Things many miles away in the east are going great. We have a Zone Conference this week in Kinston and man is the humidity picking up, but then it changes just like that and is cold again. We have had some very nice days though!

So last Monday we cleaned out our apartment so our carpet could be cleaned! Our apartment is nasty, Elders have been in there for 6 years, it is time for a turn over! But we have cleaned it up quite nice. We went and played some b-ball at the church it was really nice. Elder Bradshaw taught me how to play, when I was baptized, on the piano! We eat at Gandolfos every p-day and everyday we can in between. It is so good. Their son is on his mission in Provo, UT and their daughter is getting ready to leave. They are such a nice family. The westside story is the best SANDWICH there. That night we had dinner with Bro. Lint a man who is remarried to a missionary baptist and wants nothing more than for his wife to come to the church. He has taken us out or to his house one night every day this week. He also hooked me up with a suit! Then we went out with our ward mission leader Bro. Nearing, he is the MAN! We stopped by a less active family and are going to start teaching them the lessons hoping to reactivate.

Tues. We taught Bro. Gardner our ex-member with Bro. Holzhour. Bro. Gardner gets baptized this week, he is way nice he had a stroke so can't speak that well but loves college foot ball and is originally from Blackfoot, he calls me Elder SPUD. We are trying to plan for a ward fireside to invite all the member to go on missions, the bishop made missionary calls for everyone it is really neat. I hope it fires up this ward! We had dinner at the Allens, she is the ward greeter and the funniest and nicest older lady! We had some good southern food with an amazing pecan pie her conversion story is amazing. She read James 1:5 and ask the lord to direct her to a book that following day at the library that would bring her to truth, she found a great and marvelous work! On Tuesday nights we do like a bible study class, like a b.o.m study though, trying to compete with those baptists.

WED. We had a district meeting, another great one by the MAN Elder Croft. We went on exchanges and i stayed here with Elder Richards from Tremonton, UT I got all your letters that day, thank you so much to you and your young woman. Tara and Noel sent me a sweet package with a T-shirt of the Hillcrest Krazies and a really nice letter. The Rices also finally HOOKED me up with a sweet letter sounds like TOMMY is tearing it up in CA! Bro. Moscon also sent me a letter and the right moment and time I needed it! We biked for EVER set a lot of appointments and it was an alright day!

Thurs. I drove to Goldsboro to pick up Elder Croft, we came back and had appointment with Christopher, a black man looking for truth and trying to change his life, he loved 2 Nephi 26:33 says everyone is wanted black white EVERYONE. We had dinner at anonymous house Manacotti! I have never been so sick in my ENTIRE life we ran to a GAS STATION i throw up then bought like 10 packs of gum to get that nasty taste from my mouth! But when getting rung up a the gas station we found this lady who worked there, she was from Puerto Rico and had been baptized. She was making fun of us and was like there is a church is SMITHFIELD? I was like yeah right down the road from here and it has been a solid referral for the Spanish ELDERS. I took a picture of this car shop called JESUS AUTO!!!!

FRI. That morning I had an amazing study on the promised blessing of missionary work, and found a formula on how to baptise people in my patriarchal blessing! I got a letter from the office that approved me to drive a mission vehicle, (Elder Croft hung it on the FRIDGE). We met this couple Mary and Quincy, Mary has a crazy ex. He can't see his kids, her kids are so amazing and they are starting over and we are teaching them this week, but make daily contact with them she said one day, "I thought y'all were like those weird Jehovah witnesses but you aren't, y'all are cool as poop! (but she didn't say poop) Elder croft got a phone call and I was talking to her and she promised me she would come to church this week! I LOVE FAMILIES!!!!!!! FAMILIES STRENGHTEN THE CHURCH!! That night we went out with Bishop Gellenthins brother in-law Justin Motez. He returned form his mission in Nov from Sacramento we ate at a zaxbys, such good CHICKEN (Tell J-BONE I love CHICKEN and KOOL-AID) We taught this girl Shakira who is in a foster home and had a neat experience there, the spirit was so strong and I was directed and taken so far off topic but it all tied together and she said it was exactly what she needed to here!

Sat. We went and worked at EAGLES nest, a church campsite with tons of cabins. Elder Croft and I CAULKED the molding all DAY and dug holes for fun and fixed up this house for an older couple on a service mission! I set up and intense work out program with Kels's calendar, so far so good! Sat night was a kid, Kyle Patrick, in our wards Eagle Court of honor so nobody could go on exchanges with us, Elder Croft is a mortal MAN, he was so upset cause we had 2 solid appointments and we couldn't find anyone to go, they were all at the court of honor! I tried to lift him up from his depression I was scared, never seen that side of him, but we laughed and had 2 amazing appointments with DEE a 20 yr old, whose daughters hasn't grown an inch in the 3 months she was born. HE is really concerned and we had a great lesson. And it ends up he lives with some inactive members in our ward that nobody knew about so we are trying to reactivate them too! Then another appointment with Christopher from Wed. It went really good, his three very respectful daughters were there and we answered lots of questions!

SUN. I LOVE SUNDAYS! Just gets me pumped for the week, to actually see the gospel blessing peoples life's. Bro. Kinnet,this old deaf just guy, brings us grocery bags with fruit in it and treats, he is super deaf and just laughs and nods! HE is always SMILING. We went over to this other guys named Chris also, he defined the difference between a pastor and a prophet amazing last Sunday. We went over to set an appointment and ended up having the whole first lesson, truly was neat teaching to the needs of him and his family. Last night WE HAD DINNER AT THE FUNNIEST, SWEETEST, COOLEST, FAMILY I'VE MET IN THIS WARD. The Hayes!!!! He is like a ripped military guy, so funny! Like dinner there, I laughed forever, if I come back here I am hanging with them! He told this story when he got back from Iraq and like went to his daughters graduation and some guys got in his way he asked him to move and the guy grabbed him and pushed him and he just came unglued. They have the funniest stories!

Well family we are at the Johnston Community College so I had more time to type maybe you will like this better! Billy respond with more then just a SWEET. I am trying to write you guys today I can only write on p-days, we are so busy! I love my mission and I miss my family but try each day to make you all proud! I also miss my best friend billy(Billy is what he calls Blaine) someone to love and joke with and someone to go to for advice, love you bill miss you bunch! I love you all. How are the kids? Kenz senior project and Drake what is he doing, and my b-ball star Sophie is she beating girls up or what! How is my lil long distant lover Kels? Mom I miss your cooking, but thanks so much for the SALSA I'd hug you and pick you up and twirl you around if I was home!

Love, Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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