Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taylor finds the SWAMP

Library was closed yesterday for MLK! But here I am on Tuesday emailing.

Thanks so much for the letters this week, but where is my salsa! Ha ha would it be alright with you guys if we wrote once a month I don't know what to say. Ya'll are so demanding, I'll just send you my journal when it is FULL!

Here is a list of Question we asked Taylor in a letter. He responded in his email today:

1. Are you teaching anyone? If so, names so we can pray for them.
2. Tell us about the experience you had with Elder Cahoon tracting/teaching
3. So what happened in Smithfield prior to you and Elder Croft coming in? Were the Spanish missionaries teaching any of your investigators?
4. Is Elder Croft a ZL or DL
5. Have you had any Zone Conferences?
6. How are your District meetings?
7. Who is your District Leader, where is he located?
8. Have you talked in church
9. Any cool experiences you can share with us
10. How is study with your companion and what are you learning
11. Can you send us any pictures from the computer if not send us the memory card with pictures. I hope you are taking pictures!
12. What is it like there….trees, pretty all that kind of stuff

1. We are teaching a few not many, a sweet family the Malltestas. He is just looking for a good organization to affiliate his self with! Their son is having heart surgery so we have to wait to teach them but we had one amazing lesson! Everyone in the Smithfield ward is related and so many part member families so we spend a great deal there!
2. My exchange with Elder Cahoon was sweet, I had to take over the area. Total test of my faith, I was saying things I didn't even know I knew. Thank goodness for the SPIRIT ! We set a few return appointments and taught the first lesson from this ladies door step! No male was home so we were not granted to enter!!
3. the Smithfield area was shut down to disobedient missionaries. That is all I know and that is all they will tell me. Elder Croft knows and so does the ward, but they wont tell me. Some elders got sent home!
4. They created a new district so Elder Croft could be the DL.
5. We have zone conference next week, then the following week a temple trip WOOT WOOT!
6. District meeting is great! Elder croft runs it like a champ he is a spiritual giant! Boy was I blessed
7. Elder Croft and with Pete.
8. Have not talked in church. Bore my testimony, then had some crazy danger girl come up after and said she now trust the elders after what we said.
9. Share after I answer the rest of your questions.
10. Study is so amazing! My eyes are finally open, we are unlocking mysteries!!!!
11. I'll send the memory card sometime I hardly have time to take pictures we are so busy!!!
12. Trees everywhere... nice week this week, really humid I am done for in the summer.
13. info here it comes.......So this week on my bike I jumped it off a side walk into a irrigation ditch. It was a swamp! My bike stuck and I launched! Covered in mud, but Elder Croft, the worker he is , we still went to our appointment. I had to dry clean my coat and suit!

We met the manager at McDonald's. We are teaching a bible study class at the arches for her family and McDonald employees next week! ha ha

I went on an exchange with Elder Richards. He is from Tremonton, in Clint and Trica's ward I think! Really nice kid! DOLL SACK IN Poland! Holy cow that is so sweet how is he doing?

We met a rasta Jamaican weed smoking man who only reads from the blue bible (the book of Mormon) cause it is the only word of god but can't give up weed and won't be taught really nice funny guy with sweet dreads!

We met an atheist, really depressing like doesn't believe in god at all but he listened and said we could come back some other time but get this he makes stain glass for churches but believes in no god WEIRD!

Elder Dealba, right next to me, wants permission to write Kenz so write him and tell him yes. He has a castle is Spain! Well I love you all... miss you so much. Send me SALSA PLEASE ! I eat raw breakfast and lunch every meal only spent 13 bucks at Walmart this week. I love you all, pray for you all the time! I am doing great, missing moms not so greasy food. I get so sick here at these southern dinners! LOVE ELDER PETE

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