Monday, October 31, 2011

What is going on? Billy Joel thanks so much for the Letter! How is life going for you all!
Jessica Ream is getting baptised this Saturday! She took out her earrings and has
exercised such incredible Faith! She comes from a broken home! But it is so neat
that with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and know matter what background we come
from, We can become what ever is expedient in the Savior. She is a great girl.
That is her and her boyfriend that dressed up as the joker for Halloween Trunk
or Treat.
Casey Jones had been the Librarian in the Goldsboro 2nd ward for 37 years. he passed away this week.
He was the nicest but funniest prankster I have ever met. Bro Corrbett, (I have a
picture with him and his wife in there home) was his home teacher and the
closest thing to family that he had. He ate dinner pleaded with us to do what we
should do in the church so that we would have the privilege to dress someone in
there temple clothes, it was so neat. I really admire this man and look
up to him a lot. We gave each other a big hug after church on Sunday. He also gave a great talk
on the order of things in the church. He was telling us about how great the
gospel is. There was a daughter of a lady who had a heart attack was just loosing it and
asked them why they weren't crying over Bro Jones. She said he isn't afraid to
die, actually this guy has been waiting to die. He knows right where he is going
and can't wait to reunite with his wife who passed away 15 years ago. I love that
about the Gospel, it is so true we don't have to worry about anything. We just
have faith and trust in God. He will take care of the rest.

The other family in the Picture is the Varneys. Bro Varney has been
exercising incredible faith. His wife works every other Sunday and he has two of
the funniest boys, and he brings them to church and is a great man. I love
that family and I am excited to hear what happens with them.

We had a combined meeting this Sunday and they made the comment, I was going home! Everyone was telling me that the rule is you have to go home, go to school, graduate, get married, and come back!

The Jacksons' have been great, I love them so much!! I will miss them dearly.
We got to go to a tea party with them and had some good Barbecue! Dad would love
the BBQ here, BBQ is pulled pork with a Vinegar based sauce. I am going to send
you the recipe for the worlds best BBQ sauce.

I really don't know what to write, my clothes are falling apart, my bike is
hanging together with duck tape. I just need it all to hold out 6 more weeks! I
am going to go buy a small suit case to carry on.

I really am going to miss Elder Clinger I love him so much.

We did service this week and we didn't get to read the scriptures that day
and I was just falling apart. It is so important to just get in the book of
Mormon everyday. I read a chapter that night before I went to bed. Just peace
and solace and all the answers to questions are in the scriptures.

I can't wait to see where I go! I am excited to see what happens in this next 6 weeks! Going to exercise to great faith and make some Miracles happen. Elder Miller is the new assistant. That is
pretty awesome he is such a great leader and I am glad he made the choice to
come on a mission and that I was able to serve as his companion.

Well, have a great week. I am going to my Elephant Grave Yard!

Love, Elder Petersen

Written on October 24th
Hey Family what is going on?
Dad, are you to busy to just drop me a line on the email. I miss hearing from you. You're my
bestfriend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA VIRGINA!!!!! This week has been such a great
week. I don't have much to say because I emailed you last Wednesday. This Saturday we had an awesome bike ride out to Grantham. It is 18 miles from our apartment and the church was really big out there. We talked to 10 part-member families and we ended up finding one that wasn't on the records. That was a great day. The people are so much friendlier out there and everyone
waves to us! Life is good! I love you all so much, we are having a baptism on Saturday possibly! I'll see you in
6 weeks bye!
Elder Petersen

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Family!
Things are going well in the Mission Field! I had some neat experiences the past few days that I am extremely grateful for and so excited to share with you! We had Stake conference this weekend. We had a General Authority visiting Elder Paul V Johnson. He is the man, a powerful speaker. It was so crazy how he could just unfold the scriptures and talk about them so simple and just go off as guided by the spirit. I was able to talk to him for a little bit after the adult session Saturday night and he visited with our investigator for a little bit, it was so neat. They carry such a special spirit with that calling!
Then on Monday we had a mission tour. Elder Marlin K Jensen toured our mission and presided over our Zone conference. He taught us so wonderfully. He focused on the sacredness of the spirit and how to often we talk lightly on our spiritual promptings but what we don't seem to grasp is that we are communicating with a third member of the God Head the Holy Ghost. His wife was such a sweet woman and you could tell that he loved her with his whole heart. Sis Jensen played a game and picked 6 companionships and played a companionship unity game. Elder Clinger and I proudly took 1st place. During Lunch I was invited along with two other Elders and a Sister to interview with Elder Jensen. It was such a spiritual experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. He is such a tender man and so in tune with the Holy Spirit. He taught me so much in our interview.
One day this week Elder Clinger and I were out seeking out the honest in heart. I rolled up on my bicycle and these squirrels took off running and there was a Squirrel that was paralyzed from the stomach down, it was running around dragging the back half of its body. It was running across the road and we stopped traffic so it could get across then the squirrels started teasing it again and I was telling Elder Clinger we have to put it out of its misery! So as it was running around and there was no traffic Elder Clinger slammed his front tire down on its head and put it out of its misery! It was so funny!!!!! So scary!!! We were tracting yesterday and this guy came out and we had a great gospel discussion with him and then he said he was going to grab something. He shut the door and locked it. After we waited for 5 minutes someone came up to the door and said go away the Devil lives here! It was way scary! We took off running.
Jose is this man that just moved here from Hollywood. He is Latino. He bought a house and co signed with a guy that is trying to take over the house and sell it! It is a crazy situation. We have really incredible lessons with him and he came to all of General Conference. He has a real pure heart and has accepted the invitation to be baptized. He has this dog max that he brings with him everywhere. We are trying to get him a job. Bishop has been a great help.
Jessica Ream is the girlfriend of a member. She is 17 and is a great girl. She was really involved in this church and had plenty of opportunities to get baptized in it. She never did though. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her dad. We have been teaching her in the member’s home and the spirit there is so strong. She is pretty excited to be baptized. She has been coming to church and attending seminary (early morning) and mutual for 6 months!!!
Jacob Mud is a young airman from Oklahoma. I really think the world of him and we have had some incredible lessons with him in the member’s home that invited him. Sunday we had a lesson it was powerful. The family’s parents were visiting from SLC and we taught a powerful lesson and had dinner. We ate this Greek food called Grape leaves that was so good! Jacob came to conference this weekend! I really hope he enjoyed it.
Stake Conference was like a reunion I saw Elder DeKalb and we ran around talking to everyone in the Smithfield ward. It was funny, when I was at Zone Conference Elder Clinger and I sat next to Elder DeKalb. He asked how kenz was and I told him she was engaged. He was so upset; it ruined his day he said. I have had a lot of flat tires this week! It stunk! Maybe Dolly and Kenz will hook up, I would love for her and him to date. He has changed a lot. Sorry my email was late! I hope you’re doing good Billy! Mom I love you and am grateful for your example of compassion. Kenz I love you and will keep you in my prayers! Drake will you be old enough to go on a double date when I get home? Sophie are you getting ready to wakeboard again? I love y'all so much! Keep me in your prayers!
Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

Friday, October 14, 2011

WOW I love this work and I love you all so much. I hope things are going well! Mom I hope you had a fantastic Birthday! You are such a good mother! You are just an incredible person and will always be a beacon in my life! I hope you got my card and it found you well! There is this new CD called,The Work a Nashville Tribute and there is a song that goes bless my Son, bless my precious one, give him the power to ................before she turns out the lights heaven hears bless my son! It is just a neat song and when times get tough I just think of you mom going to the temple every week so I could get sent state side, I think of you just offering sincere prayers for me that I will grow and stay strong and I really have felt them hold me up in tough times. You are a woman of great faith and I am grateful for your example!! So our WARD mission leader BRO B!! Reads my emails you guys post or whatever! It is kind of embarrassing! But I just want to give that BROTHER a shout out! He and his awesome family had this Bro from China who was visiting over in their home and we taught him a lesson! It is tough teaching people without a Christian background, but I am so grateful for the Boren's home that was just a conduit for the spirit of the Lord there to testify to Eric that he is a Son of God and that God loves him. Eric offered a silent prayer it was really neat! The Mclellands are this awesome family just like a picture perfect family with cute kids and super funny. When I said the prayer in sacrament meeting their little girl yelled, Amen!!! We are teaching this guy named Jacob he read in the book of Jacob we are so excited to meet with him. We also had another lesson in some members homes, the Draughons are some great people from New York and we were able to share a message with their neighbors Bozo and Ann Mozingo! We had some homemade pizza that was to die for! We had a great lesson as we brought it back to the basic principles of the Gospe,l the spirit was so quickly there to testify. It was so neat. We are meeting with them again next week! Paul Coble is running for congress and Bro Jackson offered to buy us lunch but then Mr. Coble did so a man who was running for congress bought us lunch he was a super nice guy, we went to the fair and I have to tell you the list of things I ate Funnel Cake, fried Pickles, Fried Oreos, Hot Dog, Lemonade, Hamburger, Fried Philly Cheese Steak! I felt so gross! But we have been running like four miles in the morning so I didn't feel too bad! Me and Elder Clinger were walking around contacting people and Bozo the clown was in the dunking both and had a mic and was just taunting people and when we walked by he yelled EVERYBODY LOOK, THE MORMON RUN!!!! It was funny! This one guy told us he was tired of what we were selling! I told him it was FREE, he didn't think that was too clever! Those Carneys sure are crazy! We had a tough week. We were supposed to have a baptism but we called it off because we didn't feel the family was ready. Bishop Rouse said we did the right thing. The family was supposed to come to church Sunday and meet with the Bishop and they didn't show up. We helped the Brother today with his yard. He said one of their kids were sick. But he just has this fear of meeting with the bishop, or maybe his isn't ready to give up what is keeping him from baptizing his son. I just don't know.Then Bro Bredin wasn't going to come to church and we read with him 3rd Nephi 18 and had such a spiritual experience in his home. At the ending of reading it he looked at us and said there is nothing stopping me from coming to church. We brought it up in Missionary Coordination meeting and they said this isn't a church that buses people around. So we were able to find a sister that would be willing and talked to her on Saturday evening and she said she was good and then she just didn't show up. It was tough, but thankfully the Bredins understood.This Sunday we fasted that Bro Varney would get to talk to the Bishop and that Bro Bredin would receive answers to his questions at church, and they didn't show up we were kind of down, and then on our way out, Jessica this 16 year old girl calls us out and said that she wants to start taking the discussions so we are meeting with her this evening. She has been coming to church since I have been here faithfully and goes to seminary and mutual as well, she has her own quad!!!! It was a miracle, we were so grateful for and it helped us realize that the Lord is in control. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost in this work, it prompts us, guides us, warns us, lifts us, when were down! IT is awesome and I don't think I could have done it without it! Well I love you guys so much and I hope you have a great week! I appreciate your support and prayers and know you are always in mine! Have a great WEEK!!
Elder Taylor Blaine Petersne

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hola Family,

How Blessed we are to hear the Prophets voice!!!!!!!!

Wow time is flying fast. I am so excited to think that I will be sitting with Dad and Drake at priesthood session next time. Wow, was Elder Hollands talk powerful. I am still recovering emotionally from what he said. I love Elder Callisters talk on the Book of Mormon. I am trying to arrange for a Loud Speaker to get attatched to our car so we can go around playing that talk and handing out copies of the Book of Mormon. I also loved Elder Christofferson's talk on repentance, I love how the 70's give talks and it is like, wow that is great I need to apply that asap. The apostles take such a simple and broad topic as repentance and speak so deeply about it and just make you really ponder about the topic and just like ponder about it so much that it keeps you up at night! I love General Conference and I am so excited to apply what I learned and can't wait for next session! Lexi looked beautiful in her pictures! I am so happy for her and Seth. I hope for the best for them. I've come to learn on my mission from this great member Bro. Smith that marriage truly is happiness. That if you aren't happy in your marriage, you won't be happy in life. And you can't reach the fullness of happiness with out marriage, so I am so happy for Lexi and Seth and wish that they will always be happy. I got your letters Mom and your packages! Thank you so much for the Candy Gram it was desperately needed. Elder Clinger and I have cleaned out our apartment of all food that wouldn't fall into the catorgory of raw. We had recently received a juicer and we were eating healthy but we were going crazy and Elder Clinger was mad that I talked him into it! But your candy gram saved him from killing me!

We are scheduled to have a baptism this Saturday. I do not think it is going to happen. About two weeks ago we met with the family and made a plan for Parker to be baptized on the 8th and his Father to perform the baptism. The family struggles to live the word of wisdom, the mother and the father both with Coffee and the Father with Alcohol as well. We invited them to meet with the Bishop and clear things up. We gave the Varneys the number to the Executive Secretary and we followed up and he said it was taken care of. We came over to plan the baptism program and the father said, "Elders I won't be able to perform the baptism." We later found out that he never called the Executive Secretary, therefore he never met with the Bishop. We are pretty confident the mother and father didn't keep the commitment invitation to live the Word of Wisdom. We don't want to set this family up for in-activity or to just fall back into the same slump they have been in the past 8 years. We fasted and feel that we should postpone the baptism.

I went on an exchange with Elder Johnson. He is so happy which I believe led to his seeing a lot of miracles that day as we were out searching out the honest in heart. We met this Lady named Joy from Peurto Rico. Her cousin is on a mission in Maryland and said, Joy, you just need to hear the message, she said she would but didn't think there was anyone that could teach it to her and low and behold we knocked on her door! Elder Johnson is going to make me an awesome satchel out of pants to carry copies of the Book of Mormon in!

We helped the Jacksons alot this weekend! This republican running for Govenor came over to their house and it was catered and they had valet parking and we helped clean up their yard all week for it! They raised $10,000 for the guy! I love the Jacksons they are such kind people and try so hard to share the gospel.

We had dinner last night with a family. He invited his friend from work to dinner! It was awesome he was from Oaklahoma, we asked him if he was a Cowboy or Sooners fan he said he was the only U of O fan in his family and then we turned the rest of the discussion into the gospel! The family we had dinner with are coming back to activity, it is so awesome. We are excited to teach him again in their home! There is so much power from teaching in members home, I love it!

Since I have been here we have been inviting members to invite a non-member friend into there home to hear the missionary lessons. I have been really frustrated because I haven't seen any success come from this invitation. These last 5 days we have had three lessons in members homes with people they invited and are having another tomorrow night. It has been an incredible experience.

Know that I am always keeping you in my prayers! I love you guys so much and you bring so much happiness into my life! I love family and I am grateful for God our father who created this divine and Holy social unit! I love you guys have a great week!

Love, Elder Taylor Petersen