Monday, October 31, 2011

What is going on? Billy Joel thanks so much for the Letter! How is life going for you all!
Jessica Ream is getting baptised this Saturday! She took out her earrings and has
exercised such incredible Faith! She comes from a broken home! But it is so neat
that with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and know matter what background we come
from, We can become what ever is expedient in the Savior. She is a great girl.
That is her and her boyfriend that dressed up as the joker for Halloween Trunk
or Treat.
Casey Jones had been the Librarian in the Goldsboro 2nd ward for 37 years. he passed away this week.
He was the nicest but funniest prankster I have ever met. Bro Corrbett, (I have a
picture with him and his wife in there home) was his home teacher and the
closest thing to family that he had. He ate dinner pleaded with us to do what we
should do in the church so that we would have the privilege to dress someone in
there temple clothes, it was so neat. I really admire this man and look
up to him a lot. We gave each other a big hug after church on Sunday. He also gave a great talk
on the order of things in the church. He was telling us about how great the
gospel is. There was a daughter of a lady who had a heart attack was just loosing it and
asked them why they weren't crying over Bro Jones. She said he isn't afraid to
die, actually this guy has been waiting to die. He knows right where he is going
and can't wait to reunite with his wife who passed away 15 years ago. I love that
about the Gospel, it is so true we don't have to worry about anything. We just
have faith and trust in God. He will take care of the rest.

The other family in the Picture is the Varneys. Bro Varney has been
exercising incredible faith. His wife works every other Sunday and he has two of
the funniest boys, and he brings them to church and is a great man. I love
that family and I am excited to hear what happens with them.

We had a combined meeting this Sunday and they made the comment, I was going home! Everyone was telling me that the rule is you have to go home, go to school, graduate, get married, and come back!

The Jacksons' have been great, I love them so much!! I will miss them dearly.
We got to go to a tea party with them and had some good Barbecue! Dad would love
the BBQ here, BBQ is pulled pork with a Vinegar based sauce. I am going to send
you the recipe for the worlds best BBQ sauce.

I really don't know what to write, my clothes are falling apart, my bike is
hanging together with duck tape. I just need it all to hold out 6 more weeks! I
am going to go buy a small suit case to carry on.

I really am going to miss Elder Clinger I love him so much.

We did service this week and we didn't get to read the scriptures that day
and I was just falling apart. It is so important to just get in the book of
Mormon everyday. I read a chapter that night before I went to bed. Just peace
and solace and all the answers to questions are in the scriptures.

I can't wait to see where I go! I am excited to see what happens in this next 6 weeks! Going to exercise to great faith and make some Miracles happen. Elder Miller is the new assistant. That is
pretty awesome he is such a great leader and I am glad he made the choice to
come on a mission and that I was able to serve as his companion.

Well, have a great week. I am going to my Elephant Grave Yard!

Love, Elder Petersen

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