Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hey Family!
Things are going well in the Mission Field! I had some neat experiences the past few days that I am extremely grateful for and so excited to share with you! We had Stake conference this weekend. We had a General Authority visiting Elder Paul V Johnson. He is the man, a powerful speaker. It was so crazy how he could just unfold the scriptures and talk about them so simple and just go off as guided by the spirit. I was able to talk to him for a little bit after the adult session Saturday night and he visited with our investigator for a little bit, it was so neat. They carry such a special spirit with that calling!
Then on Monday we had a mission tour. Elder Marlin K Jensen toured our mission and presided over our Zone conference. He taught us so wonderfully. He focused on the sacredness of the spirit and how to often we talk lightly on our spiritual promptings but what we don't seem to grasp is that we are communicating with a third member of the God Head the Holy Ghost. His wife was such a sweet woman and you could tell that he loved her with his whole heart. Sis Jensen played a game and picked 6 companionships and played a companionship unity game. Elder Clinger and I proudly took 1st place. During Lunch I was invited along with two other Elders and a Sister to interview with Elder Jensen. It was such a spiritual experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. He is such a tender man and so in tune with the Holy Spirit. He taught me so much in our interview.
One day this week Elder Clinger and I were out seeking out the honest in heart. I rolled up on my bicycle and these squirrels took off running and there was a Squirrel that was paralyzed from the stomach down, it was running around dragging the back half of its body. It was running across the road and we stopped traffic so it could get across then the squirrels started teasing it again and I was telling Elder Clinger we have to put it out of its misery! So as it was running around and there was no traffic Elder Clinger slammed his front tire down on its head and put it out of its misery! It was so funny!!!!! So scary!!! We were tracting yesterday and this guy came out and we had a great gospel discussion with him and then he said he was going to grab something. He shut the door and locked it. After we waited for 5 minutes someone came up to the door and said go away the Devil lives here! It was way scary! We took off running.
Jose is this man that just moved here from Hollywood. He is Latino. He bought a house and co signed with a guy that is trying to take over the house and sell it! It is a crazy situation. We have really incredible lessons with him and he came to all of General Conference. He has a real pure heart and has accepted the invitation to be baptized. He has this dog max that he brings with him everywhere. We are trying to get him a job. Bishop has been a great help.
Jessica Ream is the girlfriend of a member. She is 17 and is a great girl. She was really involved in this church and had plenty of opportunities to get baptized in it. She never did though. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her dad. We have been teaching her in the member’s home and the spirit there is so strong. She is pretty excited to be baptized. She has been coming to church and attending seminary (early morning) and mutual for 6 months!!!
Jacob Mud is a young airman from Oklahoma. I really think the world of him and we have had some incredible lessons with him in the member’s home that invited him. Sunday we had a lesson it was powerful. The family’s parents were visiting from SLC and we taught a powerful lesson and had dinner. We ate this Greek food called Grape leaves that was so good! Jacob came to conference this weekend! I really hope he enjoyed it.
Stake Conference was like a reunion I saw Elder DeKalb and we ran around talking to everyone in the Smithfield ward. It was funny, when I was at Zone Conference Elder Clinger and I sat next to Elder DeKalb. He asked how kenz was and I told him she was engaged. He was so upset; it ruined his day he said. I have had a lot of flat tires this week! It stunk! Maybe Dolly and Kenz will hook up, I would love for her and him to date. He has changed a lot. Sorry my email was late! I hope you’re doing good Billy! Mom I love you and am grateful for your example of compassion. Kenz I love you and will keep you in my prayers! Drake will you be old enough to go on a double date when I get home? Sophie are you getting ready to wakeboard again? I love y'all so much! Keep me in your prayers!
Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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