Monday, March 29, 2010

William SR. Hollister, KENZ, Drake, SOPHIA,

How is beautiful SD! Did you guys see Nit Rid? That is so funny you guys went to Elder Crofts homecoming. He is a spiritual giant, you guys are so funny like that, that is how I am to!

Monday we had a waxing party, for the sole purpose of Elder Crofts sorry BRO. Crofts cruise to Mexico! He is such a funny kid.

I cried myself to sleep, Elder Croft was gone, I finished the Book of Mormon, it was so neat I was seeking for answers with in its pages, in the last chapter of Moroni, and I didn't find what I was looking for! I went and did what Moroni commands us to do. I prayed and I felt the Holy Ghost testify of the truthfulness; but still my question was'nt answered, so I was sitting at my study desk and I just said, if I read this book every three months on my mission, I will have read it 8 times, and I knew that I needed to start reading it again and then there was my answer in first Nephi, I love how the book of Mormon can answer questions of our souls! We had a lesson with the Williams that night, I pressed baptism, he is currently almost divorced and is an assistant scout master in a ward in Dunn. He goes to church there but is not a member and has three kids, so it is so neat we are able to teach him and they should enter the waters of baptism shortly! He is our new main focus now and is a real good guy and can give a lot to the scouting program in the Smithfield ward! Elder Walker from Rexburg, (his family owns targee sports) he and myself and Elder Dealba stayed and worked in Smithfield. Elder Croft called me and told me about the transfers and who was coming where. Elder Morrell and Elder Naylor, he is from SLC and went to Olympus and Elder Morrell is from Kaysville, and me and the Spaniard are still here, scared out of our minds taking over Smithfield, I've never been more scared but never felt the spirit so strong!

District Meeting with Elder Cadet, he is great, the first person I went on exchanges with! We had a lesson with Charlene, watched the testimonies of the special witness of Jesus Christ! She is READY!

Elder Morrell is a great kid I love him to death but he is pretty quiet and not very out going towards people or members I gotta make him LOVABLE! Elder Naylor makes this chicken Mexican tacos, he was white washed out of wilson cause he let some girl fall in love with him. He is the man though and has big LOVE for the people. The 4 of us together equal a 16 month mission, not even a sister mission let alone an Elder mission! Oh well, time to rise up and see what I am made of. Elder Dealba is the man, we support each other so much and both these Elders come from wieners for there last companions, so we are getting them focused. Friday as well we had a inventory with each other, asked them the questions what do they want the most? and that your focus will determine reality!

We went a served all day with Bob Maletesta at a stake camp site. He is the man, should be a member of the true church soon! He loves Mit Romney and Glen Beck and wants to be apart of a lifestyle not a once a week thing. He sets up the service every week, it is neat he is a funny but good guy! Charlene's baptism went great I was able to do it and it was so special, tons of her family was there. It was a packed house, her wig fell off in the font and she let go of me to grab it and fell but oh well, she was dunked it was so neat. We finally taught Elizabeth's Dee's girlfriend who hates us! She was interested and set a return appt! SO NEAT!I got A LETTER and package from mom and KJ today SCORE!

Charlene was confirmed. Church was amazing. Kyle Patrick spoke, a soon to be missionary out of Smithfield! Bro Williams was at church, his kids weren't but they will be! All is well in Smithfield. Bro Holzhauer confirmed her, everything that man touches is baptized. He MAGNIFIES his calling, he is amazing! Things are going great in Smithfield and good things will happen here according to our obedience! I got a drink from the water fountain on Sunday and it ripped off the wall, Lexi sent me a letter and didn't put my name on it so people from the office were calling me giving me crap, oh well. Thanks for the Easter basket, for the shorts and duffel bag and the letter. I love you MOM BILLY MJ DRAKE and GOPHIE, I hope all is well and you still love your ELDER

Monday, March 22, 2010

First of all I got an email from President, saying I will be with an Elder who has been out one more transfer longer than me and I will be the Senior Companion! OH POOP, I am scared!!!!!!
(Taylor's Dad replied to that email with: What is up Senior Comp.??? That is cool, President must think alot of you. Make sure you make him proud.)
(Taylor Replied back) Yeah I know pretty scary. I hope I can do a good job. Elder Croft leaves this week. He has been giving me all these talks on leadership and said, "Don't be an apostate Missionary"!!!

So real quick Familia,

Elder Bradshaw is leaving. Me and Elder Dealba are taking over Smithfield OH NO!!!! Elder Dealba wrote Kenzie forever ago and was freaking out that she hadn't gotten it. The letter came back in the mail a few days ago saying no such address, it went all the way to Idaho and came back! The Spaniard only put Autumn, he forgot the wood! Haha.
I had a pig picking cake. I will send you the recipe, it is so good you have no idea!
We had dinner and Family Night with Mary and Quincy.It was so nice of them to feed us. Then we watched the Testament, but it was weird how hard it was to get focused because it was hard for the spirit to dwell in their home.

We had a lesson with a guy named Bill, he was really attracted to the church's family history things, it is so weird how the Lord attracts people to his Gospel, so this week we are going over the plan of salvation with him and temples and why family history is so important!

When are you all going to Disneyland? YOU BETTER SEND me a post card from there! FROM CALI, i mean it!

We taught Sharlene, her baptism is this Saturday, and should be nice. She finally started asking questions, so I think she is for real; and we will be able to proceed, so it should get the Elder that is coming here all fired up, YA KNOW!

We did some service with an investigator BOB Maletesta, he is the man, a sincere seeker of truth, and we are going to give it to him!He came and helped us rebuild Filipas trailer, a Hispanic member, who his wife cheated on him and took the house and he wants all the kids, but can't have them till he has a home. So we are rebuilding this trailer, so his 2 little girls and son can live with there righteous father!

I was really freaking out because President had called Elder Croft, and they talked for 20 min. Then when we went out finding, he was talking to me about leadership and how to correct missionaries, it was way crazy! I am nervous, but my faith will be tested! 3/4 of the mission will be effected by this transfer I hope these new Elders don't mess up the member trust we have worked so hard on.

We had Stake Conference and it was an area conference so we heard from Elder Packer, Elder Jay E Jensen, Elder Tahiti, and Sister Thompson. All of them gave great talks. I felt like I was sitting at a table with President Packer and he was just telling me stories and relating them to the gospel. We had an Investigator there, he was like, "so this man speaking, is like Peter, James, or John or even Stephen, it was so neat! I loved his talk and I think we will be setting a date there shortly!

Mom, Elder Dealba has this way sweet gospel study journal you should look into. It is from at, it would be greatly appreciative, they are way nice and well organized.

I love you all. The church is true. Be safe on your travels remember your boy Pete aka Elder Petersen. Billy, how is Dolls, Nit, and Matt doing? I love you MAN, I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD. A mission really makes you be thankful for your Mom. I am just glad you taught me to separate my whites and darks. All of Elder Dealba's g's are brown and dingy, and I throw my shirt in the dryer every morning and don't even have to iron it. Well I love you, BILLY, HOLLISTER, KENZIE JANE, D_RAKE, SOPHIA MARIA

With Love and Respect,

Taylor BLAINE Petersen

Monday, March 15, 2010

Billy, Hollister, MJ. D-Rock, Sophia Maria, and to whom it may concern!

Sorry i didn't mean to send that the first time, you know it is weird here on my mission in hog country, Smithfield; I miss you all, I really do, I don't have much time to think about you all, but usually at night I think about what a neat family I have, and I miss you. But, at the same time I feel comfort from you all, from your testimonies and from your spirit of the FULLNESS of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I really feel your prayers, just like wrapped arms around me. I love you all, but to get started about my week, first off I am nervous as POO. Elder Croft is leaving, I am scared. He is the man! The best Elder ever without a doubt in my mind!

Last p-day we went disc golfing with the ZL's in Goldsboro. It was super fun, but I suck. We had a lesson that night with a part member, but divorcing family, the Williams. He isn't a member or his three kids but he helps out with scouts in another ward, so TONS of potential there, it is just whether or not we are going to capitalize off of it! We had dinner at the Hamilton's, he was the old Stake Pres. and a convert he loves to go metal finding with a metal detector. He has A NEPHITE COIN the only one in existence and the spirit testified to him that it was. This man is a spiritual giant, if he says it, I believe it, it has the tree of life on it, it is so cool. We had a lesson with Sharlene our baptismal candidate. Her power was shut off so we met at the church, we went over what she had read, she is so neat and has such an amazing spirit about her, she loves the ward so much! And they love her.

We had an apartmentship inventory, Elder Bradshaw wasn't liking English that much, but we chatted, tied some loose ends, and everyone loves each other again, there are so many leadership opportunities on my mission! I got a sweet letter from KJ with gum and smashed (but still good) cookies! I also got a letter from Grandma DJ, she writes me consistently! We had a coordination meeting. Bishop said his goal is 18 baptisms that is obtainable, but only if they keep 2 sets of elders in the area!

I fasted on Wednesday, because on Sunday I didn't really feel like I had a full fast, because a member took us to lunch right after church. It was neat I fasted for 4 things: 1) to better recognize the spirit, 2) for a miracle, 3) for my scripture case to come, and 4) for dad in his presentation, 1 was fulfilled! We were weekly planning and I just didn't want to be there, I couldn't focus, I felt like we needed to go to Decon Jone's (a car lot) and pick up these car mats Elder and Sister Lewis had called and asked us to pick up for the assistants car, I ignored it and the prompting came again, so I asked Elder Croft if we could go on walk, and we did. We walked outside and one of our neighbors we had talked to stopped us and said "I was baptist, I know it's false, I am a Roman Catholic and I struggle with it, I know I blew you all off, but could you come over and share with me more about your church." We told him no! Just kidding we said heck Yes and boom # 2 fulfilled. #3 When we came back from the car lot, there was my scripture case sitting there! And #4I am confident the Lord guided and directed Dad, in the way that was best for his company, for the company he presented to, and for his job, and the family! I got a neat letter from Tarha and Noel, with a cool Tee inside of it and a 7 day trial at Golds Gym, but there is no Golds Gyms here! But thanks so much!

We woke up at five-thirty and had Zone Conference in Kinston. Elder Croft got us a ride with zone leaders, he is so frugal, like dad, it is so funny, like he saves all our miles, then the last 2 days of the month we have like 500 miles and we go tour our HUGE area and stop by and see people out in the sticks! Our zone conference was on the Book of Mormon, it was so neat! I am telling all these Elders to take Kelsi on a date, Elder Croft already planned a date with Kels, and the assistant Elder Hervey, he is from Oceanside where Kami lives, he is the man and him and Elder Croft were talking and he asked if he could take Kels on a date, or if i would get mad, they are such cool GUYS! Total goofs but spiritual giants! I got a letter from mom that evening, and mom, you referenced me to a scripture D+C______ it was blank, there was no section or verse.

I got a nice letter from Heather Park or Martin, (I think that is her last name!) I love getting mail! So, I had an intense study, reviewing my notes from ZC and as soon as we got there, President had us pray and repent and how much joy we would feel from that; and the spirit was that much more clear, like when ever we are struggling, repent and the joys of the atonement feels our hearts! BTW i walked into zone conference and Sister Lewis and Sister Cotterell were like, "how are you doing Elder Country Man," I'll have to ask Kelsi about that one! The book of Mormon has the most powerful doctrinal explanation then any other book. Sis Cotterell had a quote i like, "What Aire thou art, act well thy part. "Whether we are President, or the garbage man do our best to MAGNIFY our callings as Representatives of Jesus Christ! President Cotterell told a story of sending and elder home, and how they were in an interview, President took his planner as evidence to send him home, he said he was so fired up and ready to ship him home and then the spirit testified to him that the Savior had already forgiven him and if he had, then President Cotterell couldn't be upset. He started crying handed back his planner said the Savior loves his missionaries and is quick to forget, and that he loves him and trusted him! So neat, I think He also made a really bold promise that "If you read the book of Mormon everyday with your children 5 mins to an hour, whatever you can do to make that attempt, not one of your children will be lost!" Like he went on to say that his family was lazy in the summer and didn't read as much and stuff but not one of his are lost, I think of Jaylene she has eight kids and she read the scriptures at 1 in the morning with Kels and Evan she just made sure it happened and all her kids are married in the temple or worthy to be!! Like it is so cool, I think of my loving MOTHER, (Hollister) all my life you made the attempt, I really need to repent for all those mornings you woke me up and I just slept through scripture study, and you had it in the hall with Drake,Sophie and Kenz and so far not one of yours are lost, but with Sophie I'd be worried so keep it UP, just kidding! Think of all the books on the earth millions of volumes. The introduction says that it is the most true book on this earth and man would draw nearer to God if we abide by its precepts. President also said alot of elders will study the bible and that's fine, but never study at the expense of the Book of Mormon! Elder Croft told me a sweet quote " If you aren't being rebuked by the spirit, you aren't being guided by it" Like I am reading my scriptures but am I reading words or am I reading with real intent or to gain spiritual knowledge, or just reading to say I did it. We are not perfect and we can always improve. We had dinner with the Allen's some good southern food they are so nice they surprised Elder Croft, I was in on it too, we had to RM'S that served here, former Elder Jensen and Elder McCardie, they were so cool one was an assistant and was born in Smithfield. They had there families with them. it sure was neat.

I am running out of time.Iit was great, we met with this army man, like the most spiritual giant. He is Top Secret Special Forces from Fayetteville, he talked about joining the army and how it has blessed his life.

Church was great, we had dinner at the Gandolph's and went out with him, he is the man, we talked about life and how when people get married ,do they ask, will this person help me grow spiritually! THE GOSPEL IS THE ONLY WAY. We were able to teach Dee and his girlfriend Elizabeth, who hates us and sat in with us. IT was so neat!

Well family I love you and am thankful for your prayers and support. Mom, I love you so much and man everyday I get the rude awakening of how much you did for us as kids. I am not sure if I will be able to write you a letter this week but I will next week. i promise! I love you so much!

With love and respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Morning Family,
Well it has been a good week. Here i go in giving you a rundown,
We didn't do much for are p-day we had a great lesson that night with Sharlene she has a baptismal date for Mar 27th. She has been to church three times and is very active in the ward and Relief Society. Things have been almost to good with her it is weird but we were really blunt with her and just told her that we are the only true church.
So we had this media referral who wanted a Book of Mormon, but our area is huge, like our area is bigger then the whole apex zone. So in the morning after study we had the SPANIARDS drop us off at Benson, clear out on this road called Devils Race Track. Because we had an early appointment with our referral. So they dropped us off; we were 17 miles from our CASA and she wasn't home so we thought we would bike all the way back home, tract, and contact along the way. Well we started, had a little success, ran into some crazy tobacco farmers. It started hailing then raining and it was so cold and windy, we hid under neath this shed. Then continued on biking, it was raining so hard that we got head ache brain freezes, so we went to knock on this ladies porch. She didn't answer, so we hid on her porch doing push ups and sit ups and everything to stay warm I think I crawled in a ball and started crying. I haven't been that cold since camping with the Johnson's in Yellowstone. We called the Spaniards to come pick us up, but they were in an appointment. We hid under this ladies porch for an hour until the Elders came and got us. They had towels and blankets, so we got naked to stay warm. Oh it was miserable!! Elder Croft said days like that add to your wife points. Then, we get home, Elder Dealba is like, "Elder Pete you got mail from Kelsi," but then really it was to Elder Croft that was pretty depressing, but funny when he read it out loud.
District meeting was good, we talked about the BOOK OF MORMON, and listened to Elder Hollands talk on it, he is the man, and listened to President Kimball's talk on Flood the Earth, it was a really good District meeting, then I went on an exchange with Elder Richards from Tremonton, that was good too.
We drove to Goldsboro with Elder Dealba and Elder Hernandez; he is from Mexico. We dropped off Elder Richards, picked up Elder Croft, and then drove to Albertson; I hope and pray i never serve there. They live in a chicken coop, and yeah, it is gross. It was an hour drive to pick them up, and then we got back and did weekly planning, and then had another great lesson with Sharlene. As we watched the Testament it was so intense when the earth quakes were coming pictures started falling off her wall.
SCRIPTURES came they are so sweet, but i haven't gotten my case yet, I hope it comes! Elder Croft taught me all about leadership; and correcting missionaries. He is throwing it all down on me, only 2 weeks left with him, then i am in TROUBLE! We helped Brother Lint with his deck and then went and saw a lot of less actives that night.
I guess Duke and Carolina played tonight everyone was talking about it. I got a package from Tahra and Noel, I love them they are so good to me. We had dinner at the Pacheco's he made us some Phillapeno food it was so GOOD! We had another lesson with Sharlene and she is doing great, she is telling everyone about what she is learning!
Church I love it! So all the missionaries bore there testimony and I felt like I should, but I ignored the feeling, then with 5 mins left Bro Gandolph wrote a note that said, no pressure Elder Petersen and so i went up and bore my testimony. This sister in our ward, Sister Wells, bore her testimony, it was really neat and powerful, super good for our investigators to hear. I think I have the flu, like I feel like i got hit by a bus. I am sweaty and cold. I think from the bike ride Tuesday. I slept at like 7 o'clock last night. I was so sick my head hurt but I feel a little better today. The Zone Leaders came to hang out with us, I think I might ask for a blessing. But the Spanish Elders left for Clinton to do some crazy stuff with their Zone Leaders.

Well family, I love you. Continue to pray for me, only 2 weeks left with Elder Croft. I am so nervous, but as I rely on my Savior all should be well! I love you all and miss you so much!
Thanks for sending my duffel bag mom, and thanks so much for my scriptures I love them! One of the pages in Genesis is kinda like not printed all the way i was seeing if maybe that can be fixed or replaced. It isn't that big of a deal but maybe you can look into that for me. I love you all so much thanks again for your prayers and your love and support. I love you all so much!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dad's email was so neat I was able to print it off and read it at home. It reminded me of Alma as he bears his testimony to his son Helaman, thanks so much Dad! Today on our p-day we built the coolest FORT in our bedroom it was so high and just so sweet, I wish Drake was there to check it out. It is so funny how like I'll be in a lesson and a song from seminary will pop in my head and it will be a scripture I could use for that lesson! We went to the hospital and saw Bro. Williams, a non member, his ex wife is a member and he is involved in scouting in the Dunn ward, we have been trying to help him out the best that we can.
I worked on the man's DECK once again, (Bro. Lint) he is flying out to SLC to see conference. He is so excited for it ALL. I got that letter from you today mom, thanks so much it meant the world to me. We had dinner at the Allen's tonight, real nice family she is the ward greeter and they are as southern as it gets, but just such a kind and loving older couple. They had a less active family over for dinner with us and we found out there son isn't baptised, so we are going to be working with him now!
District meeting is so cool, it just helps me get so focused for the week and just makes me realize my purpose. I love it, Elder Croft does the meeting pretty good too, we talked about having better and more effective studies!To gain spiritual knowledge! I went on an exchange with Elder Stiborek, he is my Zone Leader. He goes home with Elder Croft, he is from Tracy, California. Such a good, out going, and bold missionary, I feel like a kid in middle school trying to find his path in missionary work; what kind of style do i want to have. We met this guy Larry, that used to meet with missionaries like a year ago, talk about golden, we are meeting with him later this week and he is the man. He said, if Jesus wants him to get baptised he would. So funny, alot of Mormons here, like the less active ones, have crosses everywhere and take the Lords name in vain. It is just how it happens down here i guess.
BACK WITH my boy Elder Croft, we were suppose to do a weekly plan but Elder Croft spent the whole time on the phone with people in the mission office, they are so lost without him and his amazing leadership skills! We have had this media referral forever and final got to it tonight with bro banks he teaches in elders, he is the man, we then went to set an appointment with this really nice guy named Adam. He said, "yeah come back tomorrow night at 7."
That night, we had 3 appointments and we were going on an exchange with Kyle a stud 19 yr old who is preparing for his mission, he is the man, and this recent convert, Mexican kid named Mikey who loves missionaries and can't wait to be one. He is 14, and is always asking if he can go out with us. So tonight Kyle was able to bring Mikey with us. We had our first lesson with Sharlene and set a baptismal date with her for March 20th. Whoot Whoot!!! Mikey taught the creation it sure was neat. Then on to our 2nd appointment with Adam there was a sealed enveloped taped on the door saying he admires us but to never come back again. It blew my mind he was the nicest guy in the world but i guess he was satisfied with not having the fullness of the gospel! Then we went to our 3rd apt. and he wasn't there. So we got to Kareem's house, this guy we met, he said come by anytime, the lights were all dark and nobody looked home we asked Mikey to say a prayer, he said a humble prayer asking if we could get in and teach this man, and sure enough after 8 knocks the lights turned on and we taught him!!! Ahh MAN prayer is amazing!!
i got a letter from the man Uncle Barry. We went over to the Pacheco's a really neat young family, and just asked them about there neighborhood and they had us in for lunch. Then we stayed too long and didn't get to tract in their neighborhood so we felt so lame leaving, but we had to go help this family load a u-haul. So the Simpson's pick us up and they are nice newly weds, recent converts. I thought we were helping them, well they pull something totally apostate, they drive us clear to the Durham zone (we didn't even know) to help her move her dad, but all is well, and hopefully he will listen to missionaries in Vermont, when they stop by his house.
We had an appointment with Dee he was totally tanked for our whole lesson but Elder Croft threw it down on him about the word of wisdom, it was so sad, he said he wouldn't make it to church this week total DEPRESSION.
I love CHURCH our ward is amazing Sharlene was at church 2 for 2. I finished reading the book of Alma in my personal study. I started on the front cover the 1st night in the mission home. There is this man, Bob Maletesta, just a good guy, and his little son has heart problems so they can't ever let us in cause of the sickness going around, but we stopped by last night to drop off a DVD and he was like, "i got a speeding ticket and i don't want it to go on my perfect record could i do community service with you all", so boom a tender mercy and we will get to know him alot better!

WEll family it has been a great week, thanks so much for sending those scriptures i love you all if you ever send me anything else could you send me my hillcrest track duffle bag it would be real nice for exchanges and if you ever wanna get me a present a SCALE would be nice! That is so funny, I left that stuff in that suitcase, go figure some how i have a bleach pen, probably took it from someone in the mtc. I love you MOM and your neat letters of tender mercies, the GOSPEL answers all the answers in our life! All of THEM! So crazy how big religion is out here. I love you all. I hope you all love me and miss me so stinking much. How are things back home, mom you can email me instead of writing me and i can just print them off. but it is up to you! I love you all so much.
With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen