Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Morning Family,
Well it has been a good week. Here i go in giving you a rundown,
We didn't do much for are p-day we had a great lesson that night with Sharlene she has a baptismal date for Mar 27th. She has been to church three times and is very active in the ward and Relief Society. Things have been almost to good with her it is weird but we were really blunt with her and just told her that we are the only true church.
So we had this media referral who wanted a Book of Mormon, but our area is huge, like our area is bigger then the whole apex zone. So in the morning after study we had the SPANIARDS drop us off at Benson, clear out on this road called Devils Race Track. Because we had an early appointment with our referral. So they dropped us off; we were 17 miles from our CASA and she wasn't home so we thought we would bike all the way back home, tract, and contact along the way. Well we started, had a little success, ran into some crazy tobacco farmers. It started hailing then raining and it was so cold and windy, we hid under neath this shed. Then continued on biking, it was raining so hard that we got head ache brain freezes, so we went to knock on this ladies porch. She didn't answer, so we hid on her porch doing push ups and sit ups and everything to stay warm I think I crawled in a ball and started crying. I haven't been that cold since camping with the Johnson's in Yellowstone. We called the Spaniards to come pick us up, but they were in an appointment. We hid under this ladies porch for an hour until the Elders came and got us. They had towels and blankets, so we got naked to stay warm. Oh it was miserable!! Elder Croft said days like that add to your wife points. Then, we get home, Elder Dealba is like, "Elder Pete you got mail from Kelsi," but then really it was to Elder Croft that was pretty depressing, but funny when he read it out loud.
District meeting was good, we talked about the BOOK OF MORMON, and listened to Elder Hollands talk on it, he is the man, and listened to President Kimball's talk on Flood the Earth, it was a really good District meeting, then I went on an exchange with Elder Richards from Tremonton, that was good too.
We drove to Goldsboro with Elder Dealba and Elder Hernandez; he is from Mexico. We dropped off Elder Richards, picked up Elder Croft, and then drove to Albertson; I hope and pray i never serve there. They live in a chicken coop, and yeah, it is gross. It was an hour drive to pick them up, and then we got back and did weekly planning, and then had another great lesson with Sharlene. As we watched the Testament it was so intense when the earth quakes were coming pictures started falling off her wall.
SCRIPTURES came they are so sweet, but i haven't gotten my case yet, I hope it comes! Elder Croft taught me all about leadership; and correcting missionaries. He is throwing it all down on me, only 2 weeks left with him, then i am in TROUBLE! We helped Brother Lint with his deck and then went and saw a lot of less actives that night.
I guess Duke and Carolina played tonight everyone was talking about it. I got a package from Tahra and Noel, I love them they are so good to me. We had dinner at the Pacheco's he made us some Phillapeno food it was so GOOD! We had another lesson with Sharlene and she is doing great, she is telling everyone about what she is learning!
Church I love it! So all the missionaries bore there testimony and I felt like I should, but I ignored the feeling, then with 5 mins left Bro Gandolph wrote a note that said, no pressure Elder Petersen and so i went up and bore my testimony. This sister in our ward, Sister Wells, bore her testimony, it was really neat and powerful, super good for our investigators to hear. I think I have the flu, like I feel like i got hit by a bus. I am sweaty and cold. I think from the bike ride Tuesday. I slept at like 7 o'clock last night. I was so sick my head hurt but I feel a little better today. The Zone Leaders came to hang out with us, I think I might ask for a blessing. But the Spanish Elders left for Clinton to do some crazy stuff with their Zone Leaders.

Well family, I love you. Continue to pray for me, only 2 weeks left with Elder Croft. I am so nervous, but as I rely on my Savior all should be well! I love you all and miss you so much!
Thanks for sending my duffel bag mom, and thanks so much for my scriptures I love them! One of the pages in Genesis is kinda like not printed all the way i was seeing if maybe that can be fixed or replaced. It isn't that big of a deal but maybe you can look into that for me. I love you all so much thanks again for your prayers and your love and support. I love you all so much!!

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