Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dad's email was so neat I was able to print it off and read it at home. It reminded me of Alma as he bears his testimony to his son Helaman, thanks so much Dad! Today on our p-day we built the coolest FORT in our bedroom it was so high and just so sweet, I wish Drake was there to check it out. It is so funny how like I'll be in a lesson and a song from seminary will pop in my head and it will be a scripture I could use for that lesson! We went to the hospital and saw Bro. Williams, a non member, his ex wife is a member and he is involved in scouting in the Dunn ward, we have been trying to help him out the best that we can.
I worked on the man's DECK once again, (Bro. Lint) he is flying out to SLC to see conference. He is so excited for it ALL. I got that letter from you today mom, thanks so much it meant the world to me. We had dinner at the Allen's tonight, real nice family she is the ward greeter and they are as southern as it gets, but just such a kind and loving older couple. They had a less active family over for dinner with us and we found out there son isn't baptised, so we are going to be working with him now!
District meeting is so cool, it just helps me get so focused for the week and just makes me realize my purpose. I love it, Elder Croft does the meeting pretty good too, we talked about having better and more effective studies!To gain spiritual knowledge! I went on an exchange with Elder Stiborek, he is my Zone Leader. He goes home with Elder Croft, he is from Tracy, California. Such a good, out going, and bold missionary, I feel like a kid in middle school trying to find his path in missionary work; what kind of style do i want to have. We met this guy Larry, that used to meet with missionaries like a year ago, talk about golden, we are meeting with him later this week and he is the man. He said, if Jesus wants him to get baptised he would. So funny, alot of Mormons here, like the less active ones, have crosses everywhere and take the Lords name in vain. It is just how it happens down here i guess.
BACK WITH my boy Elder Croft, we were suppose to do a weekly plan but Elder Croft spent the whole time on the phone with people in the mission office, they are so lost without him and his amazing leadership skills! We have had this media referral forever and final got to it tonight with bro banks he teaches in elders, he is the man, we then went to set an appointment with this really nice guy named Adam. He said, "yeah come back tomorrow night at 7."
That night, we had 3 appointments and we were going on an exchange with Kyle a stud 19 yr old who is preparing for his mission, he is the man, and this recent convert, Mexican kid named Mikey who loves missionaries and can't wait to be one. He is 14, and is always asking if he can go out with us. So tonight Kyle was able to bring Mikey with us. We had our first lesson with Sharlene and set a baptismal date with her for March 20th. Whoot Whoot!!! Mikey taught the creation it sure was neat. Then on to our 2nd appointment with Adam there was a sealed enveloped taped on the door saying he admires us but to never come back again. It blew my mind he was the nicest guy in the world but i guess he was satisfied with not having the fullness of the gospel! Then we went to our 3rd apt. and he wasn't there. So we got to Kareem's house, this guy we met, he said come by anytime, the lights were all dark and nobody looked home we asked Mikey to say a prayer, he said a humble prayer asking if we could get in and teach this man, and sure enough after 8 knocks the lights turned on and we taught him!!! Ahh MAN prayer is amazing!!
i got a letter from the man Uncle Barry. We went over to the Pacheco's a really neat young family, and just asked them about there neighborhood and they had us in for lunch. Then we stayed too long and didn't get to tract in their neighborhood so we felt so lame leaving, but we had to go help this family load a u-haul. So the Simpson's pick us up and they are nice newly weds, recent converts. I thought we were helping them, well they pull something totally apostate, they drive us clear to the Durham zone (we didn't even know) to help her move her dad, but all is well, and hopefully he will listen to missionaries in Vermont, when they stop by his house.
We had an appointment with Dee he was totally tanked for our whole lesson but Elder Croft threw it down on him about the word of wisdom, it was so sad, he said he wouldn't make it to church this week total DEPRESSION.
I love CHURCH our ward is amazing Sharlene was at church 2 for 2. I finished reading the book of Alma in my personal study. I started on the front cover the 1st night in the mission home. There is this man, Bob Maletesta, just a good guy, and his little son has heart problems so they can't ever let us in cause of the sickness going around, but we stopped by last night to drop off a DVD and he was like, "i got a speeding ticket and i don't want it to go on my perfect record could i do community service with you all", so boom a tender mercy and we will get to know him alot better!

WEll family it has been a great week, thanks so much for sending those scriptures i love you all if you ever send me anything else could you send me my hillcrest track duffle bag it would be real nice for exchanges and if you ever wanna get me a present a SCALE would be nice! That is so funny, I left that stuff in that suitcase, go figure some how i have a bleach pen, probably took it from someone in the mtc. I love you MOM and your neat letters of tender mercies, the GOSPEL answers all the answers in our life! All of THEM! So crazy how big religion is out here. I love you all. I hope you all love me and miss me so stinking much. How are things back home, mom you can email me instead of writing me and i can just print them off. but it is up to you! I love you all so much.
With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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