Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 22nd email

Hey FAM how is life in the great state of IDAHO, it is raining here today go figure!!!!


We had the most amazing lesson with Mary and Quincy after i got done emailing you. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, but mostly about the Spirit world. He has lost a brother who he really wanted to see again. We explained that he is having his chance right now. He read Alma 40 and he started crying, we all did it was so neat to feel the spirit through that passage of scripture and how much meaning it had to him! That evening we went to Wal-greens and bought magnesium citrate, and tried to see who could hold it in the longest. We had a correlation meaning, I've never felt more sick in my entire life!!!!!!


Elder Walker came on an exchange with Elder Bradshaw he is from Rexburg,ID he is so HUGE! Really nice guy, a gentle giant. We had a really neat lesson with some recent converts, we challenged them to read the Book of Mormon by Jun 15th, 2 chapters a day, they want to go to the temple June 30th (their wedding anniversary). The spirit was really strong, we were with Devon the bishops son he is the man he is 20 and just a real neat kid. He is really good with people and has a great testimony.


We had district meeting in Goldsboro with 2 districts, and interviews with President. Sis Cotterell fixed all my ripped pants. She is an amazing woman though small in stature a giant testimony. We have a Tar heel it comes out every month, like a news letter Elder Croft's letter to the president made it in the Tar Heel about how we got soaking wet, biked out to a members house, and realized we had marked on our ward roster they had moved, but in that process we were seen by a woman in our wards friend, and they talked about the church because of it and it is who she wanted to share the gospel with! No matter what you are doing as long as you are doing, doors will be opened. President Cotterell shared a message about Alma 8 as he enters the city another way and met amulek, how we have to change up our game and our attitude and enter in another state of mind. I went on an exchange with Elder Cahoon to Goldsboro. BTW President Cotterell said one, of mom's friends cleans Presidents Cotterell's moms house!

The Toilet in Goldsboro is broken so we had to go poo and pee in the woods, across the street at 6:30 in the morning, it was SO SWEET, i felt like i was at LAKE Powell made me think of Uncle Steve. When i got back to Smithfield aka ZION we went out to rip apart Bro. Lints deck. He bought some New York style pizza, it was so amazing i was more then happy to help that man out, he is a stud. We had dinner at the Drennans, he is this large man in a scooter that is the kindest best home teacher in the world, I LOVE him as well. This ward is full of so many great people!!


We went to the hospital and saw Bro. Williams, he is not a member but does the scouting program in Dunn, for the church. We are working with him. He is having some heart issues. Hhe said, he has met with missionaries but never connected with them like he has with us.. "BAPTISM." We went and saw Dee, he is coming to church he said, i am so pumped it has been awhile since we have had someone come to church! We had our fireside, it was a huge success. President Cotterell, killed it at the end with the spirit!!!! Oh how powerful that MAN is! It was great, the members loved it, President said that there is danger in procrastination i liked that. It would be good for our family also. They had name tags for everyone, really nice ones. We did role plays, it was so cool, so neat. You have no idea, I was stressing over it, but it went so well, and all the members wear there member missionary tags when they go out with us on exchanges. Sis. Allen the ward greeter shared the first vision in her own words in one of our break out sessions (in role plays) it is so important to explain things how you see them, to make them sincere. They may not hear what you say but they will feel that spirit behind it and know that it is good.


So we planned for 11 at church today and got 2, DEE man, he cleans up nice, in a suit and stuff, he was only going to stay for sacrament and was like "yeah i think i might just stay till 12." Idk why that sacrament meeting was so boring but he must of felt the spirit, cause he stayed for all 3 hrs. Then we had Sharlene, I can't figure out if she is looking for a hand out or for truth, she stayed at church, said she loved it, says yes to everything we teach her, but idk she doesn't have a car and needs a ride to work all the time. But she came and found us and set up an appointment. She said the spirit directed her to us when she was at her weakest moment. We went to the hospital again to see Bro. Williams, and there was like this 12 foot creature there, and it was so huge i couldn't tell if it was a man or woman like it had boobs and like a size 24 shoe it was the largest thing I've ever seen in my entire life. Elder Croft tackled Elder Dealba into the wall and BOOM a huge hole! I was so glad for ONCE in my life that something went wrong and something broke and i had nothing to do with it! I know.... hard to believe, huh!
Well, all is well. I love you all, tell Green to write me a letter and hook me up with Matt's email address. I love you all to death!!! That is so funny about the pig, every class trying to out do the other class. The gospel is so true and i love the blessings it has given us in our lives, and so blessed to be out here sharing it with others and i love the support you all show me! I love you all so much, never forget that!!!!!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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