Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February 8 email

We went to a members house last night and I saw that the colts were up 10 to 0 then we left he turned it back on I saw 3 to 10, still the colts, but that is sweet.
Well over all I love the mission, the gospel is still true, but it has been a slow week and coming off a week with no church is terrible. About the cd, idk what to tell you they both had pictures on them and idk I am sorry what should I do? Tell Whit and BIG J congrats and how much I wish I could of witnessed my first temple sealing with them!

So Rob Ingram, that is so sweet tell him the east coast area is the bomb digity. So when does he enter the MTC? How does he feel about OHIO? I think he wanted to come over this way. P-day was great we watched prophet of the restoration, man how the spirit punches in that movie

Alex HAPPY B-DAY How is big AL doing? We left early in the morning to make this appointment. We biked all through the rain getting soaking wet. We called her the night before to confirm, we get there and she has to go buy milk for her grandma and couldn't meet us today. Man was I depressed but I found this really neat horse barn!!!/House with tons of horses and there dog followed me almost home. I wanted to keep it. I named it Der. This family we are teaching, the mom Mary just came out today and said, Monday I am quiting smoking and coffee and WHAT all by herself we didn't even challenge her to do it. Then for their 1 year wedding anniversary we gave them a Family Proclamation in a nice frame. Pray for them, Mary and Quincy there is so much potential with them.

Temple day? Did you guys go too? I hope you did so we could go through at the same time. We had a neat time, I loved the temple, oh it just recharged me. We filled that little bity temple and President Cotterell, the man, hugged us all as we entered the Celestial room. I love that man. We had a neat lesson with less actives that night and they are inviting there friends this week who aren't members.

New Scriptures it rained and rained and rained. I've never seen so much in my life. My scriptures swelled right up, but I put them in the dryer, then ironed every individual page, but they work... still share the same message. I just look homeless. I wish I could read the Book of Mormon as fast as I ironed it, but now it smells funny! I went on splits with a stud BREThren Bro. Eatmon. We had a neat talk with a single sister. One appointment fell through. We ate at the Deavers. he and she are both the man. She is from a little town by Eureka Utah idk she knows where Tooele is.

Letter from KJ that was so cool. This woman with 3 kids keeps rescheduling on us it is so frustrating and AKDFDAGDSFKJLDKAJF I just want to share this message with her. She knows it is so true. We had dinner at the Wells. Their son that is Sophie's age got real tight with me. He gave me his mission money but I respectively declined. They fed us so good. Ethan brought me cookie after cookie.

I got sweet letters from the best family in the world and a cool package for my teeth from DR. EOJ, he hooked me up. Thanks so much for all your letters they were all so neat. Sounds like craziness in IF from what Kenz said. I truly have the coolest family I look at the pictures of you all on the calendar. We are such goofs but so sweet and I love you all. We had dinner at a less fortunate families home, but they were so willing to give. A real humbling experience for me.

Church was amazing! Bro. Gandolph showed this sweet movie in Sunday school of Noah's ark and such. It was sweet about preparing. Testimony meeting was so neat. Everyone talked on missionary work, it was so cool and so was every other class on missionary work the sabbath was great. We then went to a members home and tried to do the faith to invite with the 5 steps it worked great as I hope it is working for you.

Well I love you all so much. I hope this week we do better, the weather should help but i truly am lucky to be serving in such a blessed area. I love going to church when all week I've been preaching how the gospel blesses families and to see it in full affect. I have the neatest funniest family, especially Drake, Sophie and Kenz. We are all so different and unique and weird, but i love it so much. FAMILY IS THE BEST! Can I live with you guys till I am 40? JK but maybe who knows. I love you all so much. ps I need new scripts I'll explain more in my letter but I need split compacts with a leather case so I can put them in this water proof bag! Don't be cheap hook me up! I heard the message is more clear in those scriptures. Jk but I'll explain more in my letter. I love you all
Elder TAylor BLAINE Petersen
I love you all alot and the gospel is true SHARE WITH EVERYONE

(This is an quick note we got from a member of the ward in Smithfield where Taylor is serving)

This letter is going to seem very random I am sure. I just received my mission call so I was looking up facebook groups of different lds missions to see pictures of sister missionaries (i have no idea what sister missionaries wear). Because I live in the Raleigh NC mission I searched for a group for them and saw that you posted that your son is serving in Smithfield.

Your son is currently serving in my ward. Today a sister in my ward bore her testimony and said... "The missionaries came over for dinner last night. Elder Peterson made me cry." She spoke about a special spirit that he brought into the home and how spiritual he is. I just thought you might like to know. The people here in Smithfield love him. Next week Elder Croft and him are coming over for dinner. If I remember I will take a picture of him and send it to you if you send me your email.


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