Monday, February 8, 2010

February 1st email

Hey fam gotta email quick I am on a timed computer, PS move to Smithfield!!!!

Mon. Just a great p-day dinner a bishops and went and had a good lesson with a family that has been studying with the JW's, they have some false doctrine but all is well.

Tues. We drove out to Clayton area, are area is huge we tracted into some people like 20 doors and rejection, we have been studying and focusing on member work and getting them more involved we stopped by a members home talked about the atonement and how that truly is the greatest gift of all, like Lehi desired to share the fruit we should want to share the joy of that with others, she gave us a referral and boom we talked to this atheist guy for an hour and a half and are going back this week to give him a b.o.m! The lil tender mercies of god are every where!

WED. We went on splits I went with Bro Holzhauer we taught Bro Gardner the last lesson and it was neat then went to this single lady with three kids and I answered all her sons questions in Joseph Smith at first he said he doesn't see how he could be a prophet but after I testified to him he said he gets it. They had baptismal dates one year ago and fell off the records but me and Elder Croft found them and are DOING WORK but I did it all by myself, I know it is the spirit talking through me cause I get so nervous talking to people about the gospel I just plead every morning for my tongue to be loosed.


Thurs. Zone Conference the sweetest but we aren't supposed to use that word but the neatest thing I've been to. I love President and SISTER Cotterell, there is such a spirit about them indescribable when they bear witness it is so strong and powerful I think we should all strive to be mission Presidents and live our life accordingly to have that CALLING. It was in Kinston the Allen's drove us and bought us groceries. She is the nicest lady and hugs everyone that walks into church except us cause we have to give her a missionary hug "a two handed hand shake" she is so nice we have dinner there tonight, they are true southerns and have a neat conversion story.

Fri. Everyone in Smithfield is prophesying about this storm but it was like 75 and clear. This ladies car died so we were pushing her car right in the middle of this intersection, she was pushing to the car also. We got going to fast and she fell, Elder Croft threw her out of the way of the car and sprinted up to the driver seat, slammed on the brakes before it hit a sign, that I came out with that had baptisms. I was so down on myself, but Elder cCroft told me not to worry that they all walked into those and didn't put forth much effort. So then I remembered we had a baptism that night with a man I taught my first Sunday here all the way through and I was going to be helping in the baptism. Me and Elder Croft both were able to get in our whites in the font together to lift him in the font, it was such a spiritual baptism. And then the storm started.

Sat. The town shut down we did nothing, cleaned the apartment, studied, listened to talks. Then we got the crazy idea to go sledding so we did. We got 2 ironing boards and sledded down the road by our house so cool.

Sun. No church, but we taught this lesson I was feeling to spirit so strong. Mary and Quincy, just a real nice couple and yeah so I was feeling it the spirit was there and then boom their friend walked in, a pastors son, the spirit of contention entered and the spirit left. I was so nervous he was talking about Kolob, about polygamy and about Christ already came, about all sorts of anti. But then the spirit prompted me and I said we aren't here to convince people, but to just stir their curiosity and to have them ask God with real intent for themselves and Quincy loved it and told his friend to shut up and quit being hostile. They are a solid family.

I love you all so much and I am running out of time gotta email the Pres!Love Elder Pete.

(2nd Email)

I met that picture lady at ZC she was so nice, super funny, said she was going to hook you all up. She took tons of pictures of me I think. But how are you all didn't hear from anyone this week except my girl DJ! I have 7 more mins. so I thought I'd write again. I am glad though you guys aren't always writing me, like Elder Dealbas mom writes him everyday and kisses his letter and tells him home is where you hang your heart. He is screwed, he cries everyday he doesn't get mail. Y'all are just the perfect parents. He really wants to write Mckenzie but wants her permission. I love you guys, y'all are so blessed to be in a Mormon populated area but in another was it is good to be here cause people truly appreciate the gospel and don't take it for granite especially the youth, like early morning seminary I couldn't but they do everyday and have such strong testimonies all their friends respect the fact they are Mormons and don't tempt them and Mormon or not everyone does drugs or drinks back home. There are so many good families here the Elder Quorum Pres is a High Preist and his wife is the Relief Society Pres, it is funny people have multiple callings. The Bishop went to Provo this week, today actually, to see his son at BYU He is literally the MAN. But you guys are blessed and have provided such a great life for PETE please move to Smithfield and I'll put you guys to work! Members are like the shepards and we are the search and rescue, read the talk bring souls unto me by L Tom Perry you will get what I am saying.

Well love you so much your faithful servant of the LORD ELDER Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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