Monday, March 29, 2010

William SR. Hollister, KENZ, Drake, SOPHIA,

How is beautiful SD! Did you guys see Nit Rid? That is so funny you guys went to Elder Crofts homecoming. He is a spiritual giant, you guys are so funny like that, that is how I am to!

Monday we had a waxing party, for the sole purpose of Elder Crofts sorry BRO. Crofts cruise to Mexico! He is such a funny kid.

I cried myself to sleep, Elder Croft was gone, I finished the Book of Mormon, it was so neat I was seeking for answers with in its pages, in the last chapter of Moroni, and I didn't find what I was looking for! I went and did what Moroni commands us to do. I prayed and I felt the Holy Ghost testify of the truthfulness; but still my question was'nt answered, so I was sitting at my study desk and I just said, if I read this book every three months on my mission, I will have read it 8 times, and I knew that I needed to start reading it again and then there was my answer in first Nephi, I love how the book of Mormon can answer questions of our souls! We had a lesson with the Williams that night, I pressed baptism, he is currently almost divorced and is an assistant scout master in a ward in Dunn. He goes to church there but is not a member and has three kids, so it is so neat we are able to teach him and they should enter the waters of baptism shortly! He is our new main focus now and is a real good guy and can give a lot to the scouting program in the Smithfield ward! Elder Walker from Rexburg, (his family owns targee sports) he and myself and Elder Dealba stayed and worked in Smithfield. Elder Croft called me and told me about the transfers and who was coming where. Elder Morrell and Elder Naylor, he is from SLC and went to Olympus and Elder Morrell is from Kaysville, and me and the Spaniard are still here, scared out of our minds taking over Smithfield, I've never been more scared but never felt the spirit so strong!

District Meeting with Elder Cadet, he is great, the first person I went on exchanges with! We had a lesson with Charlene, watched the testimonies of the special witness of Jesus Christ! She is READY!

Elder Morrell is a great kid I love him to death but he is pretty quiet and not very out going towards people or members I gotta make him LOVABLE! Elder Naylor makes this chicken Mexican tacos, he was white washed out of wilson cause he let some girl fall in love with him. He is the man though and has big LOVE for the people. The 4 of us together equal a 16 month mission, not even a sister mission let alone an Elder mission! Oh well, time to rise up and see what I am made of. Elder Dealba is the man, we support each other so much and both these Elders come from wieners for there last companions, so we are getting them focused. Friday as well we had a inventory with each other, asked them the questions what do they want the most? and that your focus will determine reality!

We went a served all day with Bob Maletesta at a stake camp site. He is the man, should be a member of the true church soon! He loves Mit Romney and Glen Beck and wants to be apart of a lifestyle not a once a week thing. He sets up the service every week, it is neat he is a funny but good guy! Charlene's baptism went great I was able to do it and it was so special, tons of her family was there. It was a packed house, her wig fell off in the font and she let go of me to grab it and fell but oh well, she was dunked it was so neat. We finally taught Elizabeth's Dee's girlfriend who hates us! She was interested and set a return appt! SO NEAT!I got A LETTER and package from mom and KJ today SCORE!

Charlene was confirmed. Church was amazing. Kyle Patrick spoke, a soon to be missionary out of Smithfield! Bro Williams was at church, his kids weren't but they will be! All is well in Smithfield. Bro Holzhauer confirmed her, everything that man touches is baptized. He MAGNIFIES his calling, he is amazing! Things are going great in Smithfield and good things will happen here according to our obedience! I got a drink from the water fountain on Sunday and it ripped off the wall, Lexi sent me a letter and didn't put my name on it so people from the office were calling me giving me crap, oh well. Thanks for the Easter basket, for the shorts and duffel bag and the letter. I love you MOM BILLY MJ DRAKE and GOPHIE, I hope all is well and you still love your ELDER

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