Monday, March 22, 2010

First of all I got an email from President, saying I will be with an Elder who has been out one more transfer longer than me and I will be the Senior Companion! OH POOP, I am scared!!!!!!
(Taylor's Dad replied to that email with: What is up Senior Comp.??? That is cool, President must think alot of you. Make sure you make him proud.)
(Taylor Replied back) Yeah I know pretty scary. I hope I can do a good job. Elder Croft leaves this week. He has been giving me all these talks on leadership and said, "Don't be an apostate Missionary"!!!

So real quick Familia,

Elder Bradshaw is leaving. Me and Elder Dealba are taking over Smithfield OH NO!!!! Elder Dealba wrote Kenzie forever ago and was freaking out that she hadn't gotten it. The letter came back in the mail a few days ago saying no such address, it went all the way to Idaho and came back! The Spaniard only put Autumn, he forgot the wood! Haha.
I had a pig picking cake. I will send you the recipe, it is so good you have no idea!
We had dinner and Family Night with Mary and Quincy.It was so nice of them to feed us. Then we watched the Testament, but it was weird how hard it was to get focused because it was hard for the spirit to dwell in their home.

We had a lesson with a guy named Bill, he was really attracted to the church's family history things, it is so weird how the Lord attracts people to his Gospel, so this week we are going over the plan of salvation with him and temples and why family history is so important!

When are you all going to Disneyland? YOU BETTER SEND me a post card from there! FROM CALI, i mean it!

We taught Sharlene, her baptism is this Saturday, and should be nice. She finally started asking questions, so I think she is for real; and we will be able to proceed, so it should get the Elder that is coming here all fired up, YA KNOW!

We did some service with an investigator BOB Maletesta, he is the man, a sincere seeker of truth, and we are going to give it to him!He came and helped us rebuild Filipas trailer, a Hispanic member, who his wife cheated on him and took the house and he wants all the kids, but can't have them till he has a home. So we are rebuilding this trailer, so his 2 little girls and son can live with there righteous father!

I was really freaking out because President had called Elder Croft, and they talked for 20 min. Then when we went out finding, he was talking to me about leadership and how to correct missionaries, it was way crazy! I am nervous, but my faith will be tested! 3/4 of the mission will be effected by this transfer I hope these new Elders don't mess up the member trust we have worked so hard on.

We had Stake Conference and it was an area conference so we heard from Elder Packer, Elder Jay E Jensen, Elder Tahiti, and Sister Thompson. All of them gave great talks. I felt like I was sitting at a table with President Packer and he was just telling me stories and relating them to the gospel. We had an Investigator there, he was like, "so this man speaking, is like Peter, James, or John or even Stephen, it was so neat! I loved his talk and I think we will be setting a date there shortly!

Mom, Elder Dealba has this way sweet gospel study journal you should look into. It is from at, it would be greatly appreciative, they are way nice and well organized.

I love you all. The church is true. Be safe on your travels remember your boy Pete aka Elder Petersen. Billy, how is Dolls, Nit, and Matt doing? I love you MAN, I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD. A mission really makes you be thankful for your Mom. I am just glad you taught me to separate my whites and darks. All of Elder Dealba's g's are brown and dingy, and I throw my shirt in the dryer every morning and don't even have to iron it. Well I love you, BILLY, HOLLISTER, KENZIE JANE, D_RAKE, SOPHIA MARIA

With Love and Respect,

Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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