Monday, January 4, 2010


Dear Family,

I am in Smithfield NC or the Smithfield 1st ward under the direction of the man Bishop Gellenthin. I have been blessed from what President Cotterell said to be with the BEST missionary in this Mission! Which he truly is. So funny you talked to him DAD! He remembered you. He has 3 months left and I will end his mission.

Remember Colby Bradshaw from Tooele he is a Spanish missionary here. I live with him and Elder Dealba from Spain and Lindon, UT as of 4 years ago. We came out together. The blessings the lord has given us is incredible!

We sort of in a way reopened the Smithfield English area because something went down and they weren't here for a few months. We are earning the members trust and miracles will happen in Smithfield. The area book here was last updated a year ago today! So we have a lot of work ahead of us, which has been really great since I have my spiritual GIANT trainer, he is the man from San Diego Cali. I have a lot to learn from him, he gave me a pure green tie cause I am a greenie!

You all should write me letters! Write them to the mission office it will get to me no matter where i am the forward them!

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen
North Carolina Raleigh Mission
6508 falls of neuse suite 100Raleigh, NC 27615

So they told me I will be here for at least 6 months. I am so excited! It is like deathly cold here! My ears kill, but I am buying these things for my ears!

I met this all natural RAW lady! WHat is UP KELSI KARLENE ha ha so funny she said she was impressed with all I knew! I told her about the J"S!

The Bradshaw's live in ELY NV now! So weird, we were in the same ward in Tooele and now live together! Our apartment is nasty, but we are doing an overhaul on it today!

President Cotterell is the man, truly called by God! I had an interview with him and the spirit was so strong. He knew me and my needs before we had even really spoke to each other!

Members feed us a lot, I haven't had dinner at home once. The Ward Mission leader is great! I miss music but Elder Croft has tons of church music, which will suffice! I feel so honored and so blessed by the lord to have a worthy priesthood father a loving mother who has unbreakable faith and for her example, for 3 siblings who I wish I would of spent more time with because I miss them most of all! For friends like the Johnsons and their example. For all the support from my extended family, grandparents, aunts ,uncles and cousins. I feel so honored and so blessed to represent My saviour Jesus Christ and wear his name on my chest! I love you all!

I had my first 2 exchanges, one with Elder Cadet in Smithfield, he is from Brooklyn NY and is from Haiti originally. He has such a strong testimony of the restoration. Then with Elder Spratt from Bountiful. He is different. I stayed the night in Clayton with him! But I learned to love him! We have taught a couple people! We have orders from the Stake President to teach an ex communicated member which is weird! But yeah we are slowly seeking the elect! Love you all

Love yawl's boy ELDER PETERSEN

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