Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last email from the MTC

Hello only 22 min left... so my flight plans go as follows I leave Monday at 7:55 am flight #1678 to Cinci Ohio arrival time 1:27 then from there to Raleigh depart time 2:13 arrival time 3:44 flight #6583. Elder Brown is going to the West Virgina Charleston mission and leaves on Monday his flight is the same as mine to Ohio! He feels left out from me and dolly and wants a bracelet Kenz his address is Elder Christian James Brown MTC mailbox#168 WV-CHar 1229 2005N. 900E. Provo UT 84604. So, thanks so much for the Christmas box and the gifts to Elder Brown and Allen. Elder Allen is doing so much better. I met this kid in the MTC, it is Derek Ences sisters son from northern Cali. He is going foreign... I play ball with him! So we had 2 devos President Allen head of the missionary department and then Elder Niel l. Anderson an Apostle of the lord! But the bench I was sitting on was folding forward so it was hard to pay attention. A real funny story I'll tell you when I call! They said we could call in the airports and talk as long since we missed Christmas so I'll call you sometime Monday morning. Tell Kels to be there that would be sweet! Monica's gifts are sweet I got a king size candy bar I think uncle Steve sharpied it out and put king of the HILL!!! HAHAHA and barbie band aids, it is so funny and so much fun to look forward to every night! So we had a sub for a teacher. He told us this crazy story. He went to London England and there was this man Malcolm Taylor from Cape town Africa and he was a multi millionaire at 18! He started a tourism company and real estate but he was never truly happy. He had everything money could buy! So one day he bought a one way ticket to London and planned to take his life in London so his family wouldn't have to deal with it! Well while on his 13 hour plan ride he sat next to a MORMON who tried to talk to him but he wouldn't really open up! But this Mormon didn't give up they talked and he found out Malcolm's situation and they talked about scriptures and this Mormon made Malcolm promise he would go to an LDS church in London and took this Mormons business card. Well Malcolm went to church and met the missionaries which was my sub! They talked and Malcolm wanted to be taught everything and he was! 2 weeks later he was baptised Malcolm stayed in London for 6 months and took real good care of the missionaries and went on splits bought them dinner all the time. Well Malcolm was in the mission office he pointed to a picture of Henry B Erying and said I know that man who is he? They said he is an apostle (this was 3 years ago) and he goes that's the man that talked to me on the plane and pulled out the business card and it had his name and the Churches name and logo on it! CRAZY HUH!!!! I can't wait for my own stories like that! This way cool district in our zone left Monday, it has been kinda boring with out them. They went to Charlotte NC and Tampa FL! Tell Kelsi I sent her a Christmas letter Saturday and she should get it before Christmas although mail is slow here. Tell her to send me a clear tooth brush, she'll know what I'm talking about! So I can't wait to hear from you and talk with you. I hope you have the best Christmas ever and that your party goes great!!!!!! There are 14 kids in our travel group going to Raleigh! I hope Kelsi can be there so I can talk to her! I love you all so much and miss you all too, but can't wait to get to NC it will be so sweet! Love Elder Petersen

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