Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1st Email from the MTC from Taylor

Hey everyone, the MTC has been great, the spirit is so strong! So we have had a couple devos and one was by the BYU mens chorus it was a real treat! And one last night with Elder Maynes and his wife Nancy, he is in the quorum of the 70. His wife is a convert she has a real neat story!"I hope you will be the missionary your mom thinks you'll be" Gordon B. Hinckley. He talked about receiving gifts talked about three gifts we've received from our heavenly father!1. was the only begotten son, Jesus Christ! And 2. was the holy ghost and he had a cool quote said that a lot of people keep the spirit or holy ghost personal, and close to them. but that isn't what we should do. He said"being sensitive and worthy to the spirit or holy ghost isn't a personal thing, it is what links us all together!"3. is the greatest gift of all and can't be received without the first 2 it is the gift of eternal life!He was the man gave such a wonderful talk the spirit was so strong, his wife had a great talk but i think he wrote it for her, she read her testimony from the paper! HAHa kinda weird! But it was all so good the spirit here is amazing it blows my mind! ME and elder brown are becoming good friends maybe a little to good.... We were able to be ushers for the devo so we got amazing seats!!! He also talked about three attributes, 1. hard workers 2 is obedient 3 is basic under standing of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which i know and i love but i get scared on the spot of teaching and can't express how i wish too. But the teacher always tells us we do great!We had a lgm large group meeting on dropping dead wood or people who aren't keep commitments. There was a clip from elder Bednars talk he told a story about 2 missionaries that came to his house and had breakfast played b-ball with his young sons and just hung out for 1 hr 20 min. when they left he asked for referrals, Elder Bednar said Elders i love you so i hope you understand when i say that i would never give you any of my referrals he said it blew there mind. So he said don't waste the lords time because that's whose time card we are on! So mom and dad, i was thinking you for the kids could wake up and for scripture study could help the better understand gospel principles with preach my gospel chapter 3 like i didn't know it as well as i thought and i think it will help Drake and Sophie so much if you and dad teach those to them so they understand!I used to study and read at home but it never meant anything, or i never got out of it what i get here the spirit is here and it is STRONG. Sorry i don't mean to preach just think it would help a lot! So I need thicker church socks my feet just sweat right through them and a packaged of black normal socks maybe a watch, tie and hankie thing, alarm clock that plugs in no radio and lights up for night,wallet and a package of zebra pens like the metal little ones they are the best! I am so busy here it is crazy i try to right letters but you barely have time to breathe. Aunt Monica gave me the sweetest gift 12 days a Christmas a gift and a scripture reference with it so far on day 12 i got cinnamon rolls that could contest with yours mom and the 2nd day i got tums and the 10th days i got those sweet walmart sugar cookies! That is something to look forward to every night! Please keep letters and dear elders coming i don't miss home...that much, but love to here whats going on! Dad keep my updated in sports DEAR ELDERS EVERYDAY i have to beat elder Brown in mail. But i love you guys so much, Kelsi too it is weird not having her i talked to her every minute of everyday! And we did so much together everything i see reminds me of her, but in a good way like a lawn mower we used to mow her lawn all the time. I miss you mom giving you hugs picking you up, joking with billy and Kenz and Drake and Sophie! You guys i can't wait to see you wow just realized I've been in a WEEK wow well gotta go love ELDER PED Taylor Blaine Petersen

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  1. Thanks for your comment on Elder Seth Merrill's blog. It's great to know that your son is going to Raleigh North Carolina too. Sounds like he's really doing well at the MTC. It'll be fun to follow his missionary experiences on the blog.

    -Tawna Merrill