Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Family!
How are you all doing? How old is BILLY, 44, MAN 4 YEARS OVER THE HILL!!!! STIll trying to be young on that bike huh!

We went over to this Hispanic family, it was so neat and such a humbling experience. They don't have alot but yet they offer us everything that they have. We had some cow stomach stew and watched the Testaments in Spanish! We had dinner with President Hamilton, he is the MAN, we went and had a lesson with Bro. Williams' daughter and she said she talked to her mom and her mom said she would come to her baptism. She shouts for joy and knows its true and then she went off about how she loves the feeling she gets when we come over, and the only thing she can find to replace that is reading the Book of Mormon! PRESIDENT HAMILTON jumped on that one pretty fast, and was like Brittney that is you shouting for joy she is going to be baptised June 5TH by her father and I'm going to confirm her.

Elder Taylor an Elder from Wilson was here on exchanges and looking at my pictures, he said that Elder Astel was in his zone at the MTC! Charlene got a new roommate that is a GIRL, thank goodness, and she is getting baptised her name is YOLANDA!

Elder McMicheal is my zone leader he is a stud and is from Sandy, he used to be a body builder, he is so ripped. I am going on exchanges with him tomorrow, we are both so pumped! Elder Morrell's grandma died, it was sad but she was pretty old I gave him a blessing! We saw the Wilkins, Mike is crazy busy he is working like 16 hrs helping his nephew with his painting company.

Bro. Wilcox, an Idaho Boy, he took us to his favorite restaurant, which he takes us to every month. It is called Robins Nest! Something Billy would love and go to once a week like Hunans! He is a great guy and we had a great lesson with Brittney Williams on the plan of salvation.

We had dinner at Gandolfo's... SCORE! I love that place we went out with Brother Jones it was really good. He served a 3 year mission in Chile and is 75 years old and refuses to retire! We saw the Wilkins again and had a lesson, told him baptism was the source that he could look for remission of his sins he got all emotional it was good.

HAPPY B-DAY BILLY, so the LDS people in the east had there east coast day of service. We did our habitat for humanity like Extreme Makeover home edition, but there was no TY PENNINGTON or a big bus! It was way neat and the family was way appreciative they were of another faith and there pastor was there and we talked with him he was way impressed how knowledgeable we were at just 19. Elder Dealba goes, I'm an idiot it is the spirit Pastor Frank! So funny, then, when we got back, we went to the church to help prepare for the ward luau a Hawaiian party. It was a blast. Both our recent converts were there, it was fun!

So Sunday I love and was able to confer the Aaronic priesthood to Bro Williams I was so nervous, but it was good and he is a priest! Dad I need a priesthood lineage thing I can give to Brother Williams will you hook a brother UP! Charlene fed us and she threw a big southern feast! Collards, okra, sweet potatoes, and potato salad and all the fixins and she invited all her family and friends. Then after dinner she told her family to listen up, that we were men of God and we save peoples lives and are going to tell them how Christ's church is here on the earth. It was so neat and we had a spiritual lesson her granddaughter who goes to church with her (Jasmine) is interested and so are her parents, they moved in next to us but are really busy but they will be baptised!

Well, love you all!! Sweet pictures Billy, making me super trunky! You look good all leathered up. Thanks for the mail mom!! I love it ,and for Kenzie's graduation announcement, and where is a picture with her anncouncement? Well I hope all is well and I pray for you oft!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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