Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey Family,
How is it going? It has been a crazy WEEK!! I only have like 15 minutes to email, we gotta take off to a dinner, then we have a few appointments tonight. But it has been crazy! So last Monday we were able to go play basketball! It was neat.
We did some great things this week, I really can't remember, but that is why I write it all in the journal, so if you all are really interested you can read it later!

Sorry I have been a slacker, I didn't get to write you all this week. But I did write Kelsi both weeks and she says she didn't get my letter! Oh well I tried! So we taught this amazing man named Lamar Ron Horn! We set a date, he is dating the singles branch Relief Society President! It is awesome! He accepts the Gospel fully and is prepared!

We taught a lesson to a family and our exchange canceled and then we were able to get another exchange and it was exactly who that family needed to feel the spirit it was so neat. So Saturday we got a call and Elder Johnson is being transferred and we have to prepare the area for the 3rd ward to get full time missionaries, so we have been running around checking out apartments and just crazy stuff. I am so nervous he is leaving, I don't know how to get around here! And on Fort Bragg we aren't aloud to proselyte! I am sure the Lord knows what we are doing.

So on Monday Elder Burris took us golfing, I seriously have not missed my dad so much in my life as I did that day! I wanted nothing more then to be on Sandcreek and be golfing with Billy! I love you man!

Everyone in the mission is getting Dear Johned and President Cotterell gives them a most valuable missionary award! HE asked me when I was next, and I said no!! Our relationship is built upon the gospel, I will never get one! There goes your famous last words Elder Petersen! IT was super cool! So I guess I am justing waiting to eat my words! But golfing was so much fun, I played alright too! Really nice weather this weekend!

So Tuesday, I went on an exchange with the coolest convert ever, Elder Tabil from Hawaii, he is the man! We saw so many miracles in just the short time we were together, it was so neat. This woman saw us and started smiling, she had just moved in and was like I prayed that I would find a church today and we got her all set up. It is a pretty neat ward, they serve in. We went back because his companion was back there, it was Elder Johnson, then I saw my new Companions bike and it looked familiar, and I was exactly right, it was Elder Smart!! It blew my mind, he is a different missionary, I was his District Leader in Durham when Elder Merrill went to be the assistant! And they moved Spanish missionaries as Zone Leaders to be in Wilmington! It is crazy but there is alot of success going on, I am excited! I love the gospel! I love you all!!! I hope the Lord blesses you all this week!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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