Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dad were you the Ward Mission leader in Dallas? It has been a good snowy week here in NC. Life is good just living the Dream in the service of our Master Jesus Christ!!! But I am so excited to tell y'all about last week. I will tell you about my week.

We had a great study, my heart is full for Elder Christensen, he is
so pure in heart!!!! I love him so much the Lord is so proud of him, I
just know it. We went running, it has been awesome!!! We went with my
main man Nate this week to go see Sanford, he is going to barber school
and had to get his kit and all signed up for school. He took us to the
Craker Barrel, and Elder Christensen says I have ate out more on my
mission then I have in my whole entire life...HAHAHA!!!! We wrote some
letters, and I taught him how to throw a football, we had a great
dinner with the Chandler family and then we went out with my main man
Bro. Harris and taught a less active family. Overall a pretty good

We had a Leadership trainers meeting in Fayetteville, it was so
good we learned so much, Elder Christensen was so actively engaged it
was so neat to be apart of!!!! I went on an exchange with Elder
Rigamotto after the meeting. He is new, but a great and excited Elder.
We got lost, and on our way home 2 appointments called and
canceled!!!!! We still had our dinner appnt. but he was freaking out he
didn't know what to do and was just way stressed out. I was like just
say a prayer and it will come. So we had no clue what we were going to
do but the Lord did. At our dinner a woman and her son walked in, I
asked her if she was a member of the church she said no and we taught
her there on the spot it was so neat it was so great to be a part of,
she is excited to learn more!!!!! The Lord knew where we were going.

We had a really neat experience with the ward, in our ward
coordination meeting and we had district meeting it was so neat the
gospel is so true, you have no clue.

We exchanged back and had a lesson with Sis. Cameron at the
Gilmores home it was good, she is ready!!

We planned and then we had a dinner that night with the Grosses' he
is a convert, he told of a neat story that as a hometeacher somebody
wrote him a letter and told him thanks for all he had done and she is
going back to church and he was like imagine if I brought somebody
back who knew nothing of the church. So we role played with him about
it and it was just a neat experience and he is all fired up.

Surprise inspection. We biked around in the freezing cold, no body
was home, it was terrible!!!!! We went out with Bro. Young and had an awesome lesson with Sis. Fox, kind of impromptu.

Niki and her kids all came to church it was so neat, we had dinner
at the Bayless family and are having a lesson with them tomorrow night
at their place.

The church is true!!!! I love it so much, I love my call to be a full time
missionary. I am so honored! Sorry this isn't so great this week but
we are busy and the snow really slowed us down and didn't give us alot
of time to email! I have the coolest family. , I will forever love y'all!!!

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