Monday, January 3, 2011

Two Baptisms on New Years Day 1-1-11

Sister Cameron & Daughter Get baptised on 1/1/11

WHAT IS UP IN THE BIG TOWN OF IF OR I GUESS I SHOULD SAY IN A-TOWN? A queen bed for me, I won't need it, I'll be up at the BURG!!!!!! How is life treating you all this week, so many amazing things happened and Sis. Cameron was baptised and I can't wait to tell you about my awesome week as a HUMBLE Servant of the Master Jesus Christ!!!!!!

We had to email today because of the bad weather on Monday, we went out finding and nobody was wanting. But this little Chihuahua was chasing after us and this midget was chasing us too, it was really funny to be completely honest. But she was a daughter of God, we contacted her and her mother, they were Hispanic so I was able to use a little bit of my ESPANOL!!!!! They were excited to learn about the restored Gospel and about Jose Smith, they were from Mexico. We had dinner that night at the Gilmore's. GUESS WHAT.......they received a trampoline for Christmas as well! That evening President Hatch, a total Stud from Durham, drove down and interviewed the Cameron's they both passed and were found worthy and recommended for Baptism.

I got a letter from KAMI.......Her family is so cute and cool, she told me the mission will be a Template for the rest of my life!!!!!! good advice, good advice. So we had district meeting it was on the Doctrine of Christ, it was really good, we took a different approach on it applying it to our lives as missionaries!!!! Elder Dealba would always say you can't preach it, if you haven't been living it!!! We went to Pizza Hut afterwards, and when we were checking out this guy tried to make out with the cashier, he was a little slow but it was funny. Well, I went on an exchange with Elder Casper in Pembroke and later that day, we tracted into him!!! It was the craziest thing and he wasn't even interested!!!!! I asked if that girl was his wife or girlfriend he said it was his Fiance. The girl said she had never met the guy before. We taught a lesson that night and then had dinner with the singles in the Pembroke ward! That place is Indian country!!!!! While tracting we were chased like a mile by 2 huge dogs it was so scary!!!

So, we exchanged back that morning, I am praying and trying really hard to Jump Start Pembroke!!!!!!!!! Elder Rigamotto told a neat story from their exchange, they went to a part member family and the wife is the member the husband is not but the wife is an Alcoholic!!!!!! Her husband was walking them out to the car and said we have tried everything and she can't stop drinking, we are going to try y'alls church!!!! We went on an exchange with Hermano Williams to go see the Hispanic family and they weren't their I was devastated then we went to go see some Hispanic members that live in our ward! I love those people the Lamanites they possess such a special spirit!!!!! Bro. Barfuss took us out, we taught a woman named Stephine she swears by the Book of Mormon and has been using it in her church, but won't be able to come to church with us or learn more cause she is sticking with her church, I feel and get so frustrated sometimes, when I feel like I teach things so clearly and they still don't get it! We saw Sister Cameron and practiced the baptism and then got some Frostys on Bro. Barfuss he is my IDAHO MAN go BRONCO"S!!!!

We weekly planned alot of the day, we got a lot of meat from a member, 2 huge steaks and 4 pork chops. I cooked it all and fed it to Elder Christensen he loves to eat, he has no limits; he ate like 4 lbs of beef 3 pounds of pork chops a huge plate of rice and a salad and that cheese danish in the picture then I asked him to top it all off with a big glass of milk and he started crying because his stomach hurt and he threw up EVERYWHERE and I had to clean it up, I guess I lost that Challenge! Then we were wrestling and I squeezed him and he pooped his pants! I love this kid he is like my brother! We had 2 appointments, they all canceled, so then we went to go see Sister Fox, she has triplets but 1 died and they all have disabilities like Autism and she is so prepared to receive the restored Gospel!!!!!!!!! We got magnesium citrate and did that challenge and I lost!

We were on fire finding this morning, we set like 4 appointments and everything was going good it was pouring rain and then we went and set up for the baptism and then went to the Gilmore's for dinner, Sister Cameron was nervous but she is ready we went and had the baptism, it was so incredible such a neat experience to see the ward gather on a holiday to support her and her daughter she is an incredible woman!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW, This was such a spiritual testimony meeting, so we had 3 people confirmed Tim, Carla, and Danielle, and then the Stake Presidents daughter was baptised so they presented 4 people to the ward! During the testimony meeting, I told Sister Cameron I was going up to share my testimony and that she should follow I didn't think she would, but she did! She shared such a powerful testimony that it rocked the ward, everyone was just so shocked the Holy Ghost was already working through her. She thanked all the brother's who left their families to come out with their men in black to testify to her that Jesus is real! She said that is was only by Christ that she was drug out of this awful mess and that the impossible became possible! IT was just electrifying. I pray that I never forget what I felt this day. We went out with Nate afterward and taught 3 lessons, set a date, but we aren't sure how solid it is. Nate is the man, if you know anybody who is looking let me know!!!!! We went to the Doolittle's their daughter Abby got a Chin Chilla for Christmas and we got to play with it! I got a flat tire then we went to a less active, he is such a good guy and could bless the ward so much! I pray he comes back!!!!

I love this gospel, I love my time to Represent the Master Jesus Christ. I pray that I may do so in a manner that is pleasing unto him and my Father. I love y'all I hope you have a TTTTEEEEERRRRRIFFFIC week!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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