Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hey Family,

So I am in Pinehurst, I swear I get sent to clean up areas. I have been here and there was nothing going on, literally no investigators no nothing. But we have done some amazing things this week with Elder Christensen's Greene fire! I can't wait to tell you about them.

So, we went and picked up a DVD from Tara, it was really hard to say goodbye, she is the bomb the Lord has big plans for her and she is going to do some amazing things in the church and for the Lord. We played football at the intramural fields. We taught a lesson to a girl named Christina, it was was cool we were all on fire and there were inspired questions. Everyone was on fire, Zach was with us and he was on fire! We went to have a cookout with our ward mission leader, I have some cool pictures to show you but at this library they won't let us load our pictures! We taught Lauren that night and she believes in the Book of Mormon, she bore such a powerful testimony of it. When we got back, a member called me and was said, Elder Petersen, I gotta give you props their was nothing at all going on in this ward and their hasn't been anything going on for awhile, but you got the ward fired up Elder Petersen on missionary work and you did alot of good things and I just wanted to thank you! It was really neat it came from the person I would have least expected it to come from.

W.O.E... Week of Ending, man leaving Chapel Hill was tough. D-Rock the EQP picked us up, we said our goodbyes and took some pictures. I was sad but super excited. So I don't know if you all remember the big monster on the Goonies! But that is what my new comp looks like and he sounds just like that monster. He is from Perry a really nice kid, really quiet. It was a sad day at transfer meeting 4 missionary's 4 really great missionary's left our mission and headed for the Charlotte mission it was sad. There was alot of great missionary's going home this transfer too. It was a rough transfer meeting. Bro. Bayless gave us a ride to Pinehurst. That is where my new area is, I guessed right!. President Bayless is the EQP he took us to his home and we shared a thought it was neat, the spirit that a family brings is incredible. We had dinner with a really LOADED family, gated community's everywhere but the Scribner's, he is a pharmaceutical consultant! Loaded and living on the course! Not the life for me!

We had district meeting it was on Revelation through church attendance. This district is incredible! I love every Elder! Elder Foster a convert from Nor CAL and a Seminole Indian! And Elder Lopez my main man from Nor CAL he has missionary trader cards! He is probably my favorite he has such a love for the gospel and is so positive and is so fun to be around! We toured and biked the area all day it was a crazy nice area, met a lot of people set up some appointments, just following the spirit! I love how I get sent to fire up area's I've never gone to an area where work was moving along. I've never gone to an area where their was even one investigator not even one! But the gospel is true, the spirit guides. We are in the middle of nowhere, around no missionary's.

I got a letter from Elder Dealba man, I love that kid, I got this amazing package from my family with some apples, THANKS GRANDPA!!! Some Amazon TIES they are beautiful, dad you have good taste. And full of other tasty things but most importantly a good LETTER. I got a funny letter from Alyssa Ball and an RM from this mission! It thought they were getting married when I first got it! But mom one thing I am missing, is your sugar cookies! OH boy probably good I am not around those! I would do some damage! So we had dinner with this young man named Shea, his mom is a member but his mom wasn't at dinner, but we had an exchange Bro. Phillip who his wife introduced him to the church, but she never joined; but he is loaded as well, drives a sweet JAG but we had a powerful lesson it was the first time he had met with missionaries and we were able to extend the baptismal invitation! He committed for Nov 13th! Elder Christensen asked some incredible inspired questions.

We were completely lost and looking for our bishops house, we went like 7 miles the wrong direction and we pulled into this neighborhood to look at a map and this guy pulls up and is like are you alright, and we said we are lost, and he was like oh well where are you going and what organization are you with, that you have to ride a bike in that! We told him who we were and his girlfriend was a member and he is looking and always asked her about the Church but she doesn't say much and invited us to come teach him more! We met an awesome FAMILY yeah back in the business of finding families but they are the Burns and they are excited for us to come back this week so it will be neat. I will keep you posted! We found the bishops and had a good talk with him, he is from Soda Springs. We also made some fish and is was bad and we both got super sick!

We went to Sanford and stole some other elders car! Our district is huge so we got a car President said. We ate at Golden Corral a member owns it, in Sanford and had some missionary moments it is neat! We came back and Elder Christensen asked if I would help him not be so quiet. So that is the plan! There is so much money in this town I don't like the money it is intimidating!

We had 4 investigators at church, Shea ran up and said I read what you told me to and it was awesome! A family came that were looking for a church! The ward is awesome alot of good people. We had dinner with the Doolittle family! It is because of families like that to why this gospel is so real! We biked all the way out to the Stake Presidents home and it was forever away and we couldn't get in because it was a gated community and the guard MR SINCLAIR, wouldn't let me in but I didn't leave empty handed, well I did actually, but I didn't leave him empty handed, I left him with a Book of Mormon in his hands! THE CHURCH is TRUE.

I love you guys, I hope you all have a good week! Pray for me!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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