Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey Familia,
It has been an awesome week here in the Durham 3rd ward! I love every bit of this place! It was rough at first but it really helped me appreciate the good times! I am so excited to tell you about this week it has been good, filled with Spiritual experiences and trial and faith. It is put on the line moments and miracles and a BAPTISM! I love you all, I hope everyone is doing great! And that you are having a good week and life is good in IDAHO, that is a good place to be! Not as good as North Carolina, seriously, my main goal besides my really main goal to BAPTIZE, is to develop a "SOUTHERN ACCENT" I love "YA'LL"!

We played football with a bunch of Elders on the intramural fields, it was so much fun! You can fly on that turf! We played this game that I have never played before called Mafia. It is so much fun, like it is so lame from the outside looking in but it is so much fun! Zach took us to dinner and it was LATINO night at the Dining Hall, so we were apart of the FIESTA! They had a nacho cheese fountain! But don't worry I stayed healthy and stuck to the beans and rice. Lauren came to FHE they carved pumpkins, she is trying to find some good friends that won't make fun of her for going to church events. This ward is awesome and they invite them to all their little parties and lunches and game nights and stuff! I have come to realize that the singles ward is like its own little Frat or sorority it is neat! They all have such powerful testimonies!

Today was UNC's 217th birthday, we got free cake. A member in our ward is part of this dance crew called KAMAKAZI!. We were just on fire, like when we as missionaries strive to understand our purpose that fires us up! Like their is a difference when you are just contacting because you know you should and when you are contacting because you understand your purpose to baptize, and I felt that, that day we understood our purpose and like were on fire! We were setting return appointments left and right it was so awesome! It just changes missionary work completely, it is so awesome! We went to Duke to see a member and help him with his missionary work. This girl was talking about awful things and she did it just because we walked up, it was sad. But we rode the bus back and we left our cell phone on the bus. But at this moment we didn't know it yet so we went to go get dinner with a member at the Dining hall and then went to our appointment with Zaire and she wasn't their and we went to go call her and NO PHONE!!!! Elder Miller got sick to his stomach because he knew he lost it on the bus! But that is why you write all the numbers down in your planner, we called her from a members phone. So we went to the bus stop waited for the bus and their was our phone! We were lucky! Then we bounced over to R.U.F this girl on campus that we are trying to share the restored gospel with invited us to! It was like a praise jam session and a pastor got up and said a few words! It was good, he talked how because of the fall we are all imperfect, but he just left it at that. So thankful for the knowledge of the atonement and that I know what I need to do to return to live with GOD.

Last District meeting it was good, hard saying goodbye to everyone and all that jazz, but I had a real spiritual experience. I was role playing with an Elder and something was wrong. So I felt prompted to stop and talk about his situation. We did and he started crying explaining to me the struggles in his area, and his companion and it was neat we said a prayer the spirit was really strong and we worked everything out it was neat the promptings of the holy spirit! We went to Bojangles afterwards they have this thing that was created in HEAVEN called a Bo berry biscuit it is incredible covered in icing and contains about 800 calories in every bite! We did some service at the community garden that was great, I love that place we talked about the gospel alot with students that would volunteer! One girl said I think the only reasons Mormons want to get married so young is just because they want to have sex and that is for all the wrong reasons! It was funny! Those are the kind of questions we deal with on the COLLEGE CAMPUS, I love it! We were on exchanges today and I went with Elder Pirere-Louis from Rupert Idaho. We went on a split with Tyler Ellison, Kenz's orthos son! He is going to UNC to be a dentist he is the man he was like I remember hanging out with Shane, Kelsi's brother and he was like how cool is that tree house they have, I was like it is way cool! Then he started screaming, "REPENT ELDER" I am sorry, I brought it up, now I know you are thinking about cuddling with Kelsi in that tree house I am a bad member, I am sorry I brought it up!!! REPENT. It was so funny he is a good guy! Elder Pierre-Louis taught me alot! That as leaders we are more effective when we praise missionaries for what they do that is right! Then they respect you when you correct them!

We taught this young woman we found on our own efforts named Anna and the spirit was strong. First it was just to learn more about Mormons now it is to find out for her self! She just said she wants to know more then ever that their is a God and she feels like we could let her know if their was! That hit me hard man...we are changing these peoples lifes it is crazy but she is such an awesome girl. She supports us and is funny. I hope she gets answers about God and the Book of Mormon! Actually I know she will cause she is sincerely looking! Elder Pierre-Louis is so funny he is a trip! We taught Zaire and last time she said she wasn't looking to get converted but now she said she needs truth more then ever! It is weird how the Lord works through rough experiences! The humble accept though! We went to a members home and talked about the restoration like it is incredible. We don't talk about that in our home and what a powerful moment in the history of time that was! Makes them want to share with their friends!

I saw Elder Beechum on Campus he served in Dolly's mission but came home for medical purposes! He was with Dolls like 2 months ago I gave him a huge HUG! We saw this crazy guy named Gary Birdsong look him up he is the Pit Preacher and he hates Mormons we went and listened to him and he just tells everyone they are going to Hell! But he was talking about homo's and he liked us I think because of President Packer's talk! HAHA We went to Friday forum it was awesome they talked about God is no respecter of persons. She talked about her mission and she said all your pep peevs about people can be wrapped up into one person called your companion. She is an African American and is a convert and was muslim and it is crazy her husband is from Herriman! Natalie! Did Erica get married that is weird! We went to the mall to get Tara a baptismal suit from a member! He hooked us up with Chick fil a. I love that place their shakes are amazing! Then we taught Lauren! It was an incredible lesson she came to stake conference and to Tara's baptism and had such a special experience. These college kids are smart! They know if they tell us they haven't got an answer that we can't really move on. So they pretend that they haven't gotten an answer, but we got it out of her. She is super scared to tell her parents! WE had dinner with Tara she is super pumped and excited this gospel is so TRUE

Pres called and I am being transfered to the Charlotte mission: HAHA ( Tara's baptism was aweseome, (see the pictures) as you can tell it was incredible it was a blast! She is a solid member, she is calling us about missionary work! The Lord has big plans for her she is going to build up his kingdom! Her mom came the spirit pricked her heart I know it did, it was awesome! We went to the dairy to celebrate! I talked to this guy about grandpas pershon horses forever it was cool! The elder who was struggling at distrit meeting got called to be a zone leader! d+c 1:24 "when we are at our weakest the Lord calls us to do the greatest work!

Boundary changes, lost 4 elders, I am one of them! President grilled Lauren at Stake conference, our Bishop the white guy out of the 2 old guys in the picture he was called and put in the Stake Presidency, and the one guy they released was called in the Mission Presidency, he is the man, him and his wife ran up to me and Elder Miller and were like we are so excited to be in this work and we will help you with whatever you need it was cool! He was talking about being released at Stake Conference and then talked about his new calling, and put on his Tag like he just signed with the Dallas Cowboys; it was neat! This mission is CRAZY!!!! I love President he is bold!
With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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