Monday, October 18, 2010

(This is a email written on Oct. 12, Yeah we are finally caught up)

Hey Family is has been an awesome humbling week! I have learned that humility truly is not thinking less of your self but thinking less about yourself!

HAPPY BDAY MOM I hope you had a great day. It was an awkward day, I got a haircut and the lady was asking for counsel about her relationship! Then at FHE one of the girls in the ward started asking me about it! I mean DL stands for District Leader not Doctor Love. I wasn't set apart to do that! We had an Octoberfest with some other missionaries and cooked some BRATS, it was awesome! A good day!

We had a leaderhip training meeting. I had a really spiritual experience role playing with another missionary. We taught this girl Zaire, it was really good, this guy she lives with is gay and he watched conference and the only talk he watched was Elder Packer's kinda funny!

We went running, wake up at six then you hit the snooze button till 6:30, and you get like a half hour of guilt free sleep it feels like. District meeting was really good. We talked about the role of the holy ghost in missionary work! We did serve at the community garden We found this less active and taught a good lesson to her and gave her a blessing!

Went to Durham and got stoodup we biked back, and taught Kole we had to drop him he isn't looking for an answer, we dropped him the Lords way we still invite him to church and it was cool. We taught Tara and showed her the font she is so excited THIS SATURDAY!!!

This guy named Vincent on campus called us out and he is a phd in religious studies with a focus on religious video games and he said mormons are the most like Nephi's quest! I asked him what they thought about the church, he said our claim to a living prophet is huge and if people could understand that. I asked him if he would want to understand it and he said no! But it was cool. Friday forum, God is the same yesterday today and forever and that he doesn't change but he grows with us. We taught this girl named Anna it was cool she did all this research, big things might happen with her!

We went to Duke, but they were on fall break wrong move.

Church was amazing, breaking the fast was awesome, we found some people, it was good day.

Sorry this is short, but I don't have much time I will write you a good letter!

Elder Petersen!

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