Monday, November 15, 2010

Family, how are you doing? Pinehurst is awesome!! I love it, I love you guys! What have you all been up to, how is life, and Sadie and Murphy? There is a guy in our ward named Pedar! Believe it or not. I can't wait to tell you all about my week.

So we went fishing, it was so much fun we didn't catch a single thing but it was beautiful to be apart of nature. We had dinner with Andrew and Courtney, no joke! It was cool, I felt like I was home, I started thinking of the funny memories of Andrew when him and Courtney were in the bathroom at the same time, in my bathroom and he tackled me on my bed and my shelf fell off the wall and broke the heads on my trophys! When we were in the celestial room in the Idaho Falls temple and he told me how proud he was that I was the first in 4 generations on moms side to go on a mission! He is the man!!! I love our family we are all so weird, and we have all our problems and some how we still survive; might I add only because of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST!

11 months to the this is such a long time on a mission, but I love it so much! We were biking this morning and on the way, I saw the craziest thing that I have ever seen, it was a CD, but as I drove past I saw the title it was "Taylor Swift Speak Now". Ya'll have no idea how bad I want to listen to it! I mean I picked it up because I always pick up litter but man I don't know if that was a tender mercy of the Lord and he was like listen to it, or if it was a lets see how faithful you are Elder Pete. So I didn't listen to it and will just send it to Kelsi! But we knocked on this man who was a referral from his daughter. He answered the door and was like I would love to hear more and his mom was so scared to give us the referral and I don't know people just need to be bold and realize that everyone needs this message! We taught Tim it was a good lesson, we had 4 appointments in the evening so we had to go on splits! I LOVE IT

Me and my comp had an argument but it was good it lit that flame under his bum bum like Willy used to always say! WE saw sister Betty Thompson she is 80 years old! Referrals are running like water here, man the ward members are awesome! WE had our 7o'clock appointment cancel and we still headed over, this girl called us out and we biked over their and with her was her friend who wasn't a member and she was totally interested and all you have to do is invite, that is all you can control! We then had correlation meeting it was great!

I went on an exchange with the Pembroke elders, crazy place man, Indians everywhere and it is just a crazy place we went and raked leaves for this Indian family and we lit them all on fire and all the kids have like Jedi rat tails and it is sweet they taught me a tribal dance called me CHIEF PETE. We had 2 appointments and 30 min before, our exchange cancelled. After a heartfelt prayer we called someone who was able to come, it was a miracle! A less active member who is coming back to church so that he can bring a friend! SO COOL! Elder Lopez is the man.

We had a great zone conference! The whole time I was trying to talk Elder Young into going to BYU-I, he is the man, so funny, I love him! We have 2 senior couples and one from Idaho! Elder Foster and Elder Weston picked us up! President Cotterell taught us how to work with members, he is the man then we taught with Bro Leach a great lesson to Sis Cameron a miracle we found from someone giving us her address and then Tim his baptism has been post poned to the 4th! A Good night of teaching.

We did service for a family that their father passed away, it is a sad deal and then we did weekly planning and did some finding kinda of a slow day.

We rode with Tim to church it was awesome and stake conference was great, we were able to do some great things and Tim loved it and met President Cotterell, we then came back and studied and had dinner at the Bayless family they are the bomb seriously had a great time in their home. We set them up to invite their neighbors to take the missionary lessons it was awesome then we had a lesson with Sis Cameron she is a single mom with 2 disabled children and believes we were sent from God to make her life and house in order, she just works on Sundays so we have to figure something out but the spirit of the Lord was so strong in her house!

I love you all, and I love my calling!! I know this is the greatest work I have ever been apart of even greater then the 08 state champs!
With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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