Monday, November 8, 2010

Shea gets Baptised!

Elder Christensen, Shea, his mom and Elder Petersen

FAMILIA, Wow-- is the SPIRIT OF THE LORD present in Pinehurst, so many great and incredible things happened this week and I can't wait to tell you all about them! I hope all is going well for you, I am going to give you a number mom, that you can call, her name is Sis. Lucy Allen, she is as southern as they get she is in Smithfield and ask her for her pecan pie recipe it is the best , and you can give it to Grandma. I can't give my Address Bill (Dad) their is just to much on the line here, I have to be exactly obedient! We have a family with seven kids! And they are normal! And yeah I just have to be exactly obedient, I am sorry but I LOVE YOU! Christmas/Birthday ideas-GPS(very helpful), Square Toed Lace Up Shoes 12 Ecco or Rockport (they last), Under Armour leggings! (It is freezing cold I am dying), 10th Avenue North (Christian CD at Walmart), Nixon watch with Metal band. SOME SUGAR COOKIES PLEASE! OR AT LEAST THE RECIPE.

Mon- So our Cashier at Walmart was super interested in the church, we got her information and she told us to stop by in the evening it was awesome! We taught Shea it was really good he is set to Jet (get baptised) and Elder Dealba called me with a Referral he said her name was Holly May Taylor and as soon as I heard her name he knew I had to go see her, it was so good talking to that kid I love him and miss him so much! We literally like made each other be the best we could be, we knew how to push each other! I also called with a Referral to Elder Miller. He is doing great training my grandson and all! He said the area is stressful, everyone is falling off the face of the earth! But he said Tara is doing Great! Her conversion was the neatest thing I have ever been apart of!

Tues- Elder Christensen and I had our first argument, I am not even sure what it was about but I am sure it was dumb! He can be kind of prideful sometimes but I love him. We went to go see Holly May Taylor. I was so excited and she told me to go somewhere ELSE! We had dinner that evening with Tim and we were able to set a baptismal date for Nov 20th WHOOT WHOOT EH EH! It was awesome! The spirit was so strong in his house! Then we went and taught Shea again with Bro Berg, this filthy rich retired executive for GE who has been on like 5 missions and is the man!

Wed-Drove all the way to Laurinburg. I think they should give missionaries the ability to Jump like on Jumpers, we could be so much more effective! District meeting was great, the spirit was really strong it was on Teaching People, Not Lessons. A great reminder which truly prepared us for the week to come! I went on an exchange to Fayetteville, military town, I don't think the military is for me unless I want to be a doctor, everyone is depressed and it is just a sad environment, strip clubs everywhere! It is just not for me! I was with Elder Hughes my nephew and he is a good Elder, kinda goofy, but a really good guy from Hurricane!

Thurs-So we got this Referral, Bro Newman. We were able to teach a lesson and it was powerful. He is a big wig for IBM. He just went through a divorce and has 2 kids and we invited him to be baptised. He said let me take a rain check and we will meet on Saturday at 6 for dinner. I will have the whole Book of Mormon read and we will talk about my answer! His kids are young he is the bomb. We are pumped and on fire! That night I pleaded with my Father in Heaven to find a family that we could teach that would go to the temple, because as missionaries we can go with them when they go through. We taught Tim that night and invited him to live the Law of Chasity and the Word of Wisdom. It was a lot for him, I think he can do it!

Fri-We had a lesson with Mr Walters. We worked on his shop and had lunch with him and had a lesson. He is the coach Gleave of NC. I love him but at the same time hate him! We met a member who gave us 20 bones(dollars) for dinner! So we went to Chili's, chips and salsa BILLY What IS UP! We taught this man named Tommy Burns I had never felt the spirit so strong I knew exactly what he was thinking and I still couldn't get through to him! It was breaking my heart!

Sat-BAPTISM Shea was baptised! It was awesome! We did some finding earlier in the day but the HIGHLIGHT was the baptism! Everyone was so happy and proud of him! We biked to see this guy Rasheed. He gave us a fake address but the woman who did live their, Danielle, she was prepared! We went out with a member to teach Bro. Newman, we go their and he shows a seminary graduate certificate! He lived in Utah his senior year and was on the USA ski team and we found out he was baptised while he was there. But he knows this is where he needs to be so hopefully he starts coming back! We got a call from the wife of the brother we were out with, and she was like my friend with Seven Children the Guevara family are coming to church and a checker at Walmart, said she would come when you guys go to her house! It was the same checker we talked to, so we ran over their and invited her to church. It was awesome.

Sun-Guevara family came to church. He is an orthopedic surgeon. They have seven kids 6 of the seven are adopted and all have another their same age! She does home school and had a bad experience at a church last Sunday; they called their family up and started praying over them in tongues! We are meeting with them next Thursday my prayer was answered a FAMILY. Sister Campbell the checker came to church and we taught her later that evening! Shea was confirmed we got the ward all fired up on missionary work and I am going to apply Billy's program now!

I love you guys. Pray for the Guevara and Tim and that we can find more FAMILIES! I love this church and I am so thankful for my membership in it! I know Jesus Christ lives and that Thomas S. Monson communes with Jehovah!


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