Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taylor's District - left to right (Elders Casper,
Weston, Christensen, Lopez, Petersen, Foster)

Hey Familia!

I received 3 of the coolest letters today! One from Alan Taylor Croft of San Diego California, what I would do to have him as my companion again! Probably give up my first born! Kelsi wrote me, that is always a treat. The mission office always makes fun of Kelsi's stamps, I just tell them they don't know what it is like to be in love! And then I got a card from my FAMILY, oh I love them. It has been a good week full of challenges and trials and faith building experiences! But it is all worth it from a quote of a good girl I once knew, "If you aren't uncomfortable, you aren't learning."

Dev and J-town are getiing married.,.......say WHAT? We go running every morning it is awesome. I think Elder Christensen hates it but he is starting to loose weight and looks good! A lady at wal-mart boought us a gallon of milk and 2 snickers but she payed for them seperatly and only gave us the receipt for the milk! We got accused for trying to steal snickers! We had dinner at a neat family, an older couple who adopted a son when all their kids left home, it kinda reminded me of Blindside, he is an athlete. WE had family home evening with a funny family but it was a good day!

"Ah ah ah ah You have a Tie Dye shirt............thats neat" A classic line from my boy Elder Christensen, We went out finding today and didn't find very much, you know when you are in a suit and on a bike and it is pouring rain and you still keep riding and most people are going in for cover but you keep going out, you think people would want to hear what you have to share....not exactly but it is so worth it and the Savior went through it too! We had our young mens pres. as the exchange he is the man, he is from Boise! We had a great lesson with Tim, he is changing so much it is crazy what the gospel is doing for him and he is solid, I hope he stays with it he could do some great things for the Lord! I really wanna be like Moroni, like I think that is obtainable, like he is a man with great faith and we are told that hell would shake if all men were as Moroni! Besides my main man Billy, Moroni is my hero! We have so much going on right now, just trying to stay on top of it and remembering it, it is hard because Elder Christensen can't remember what he had for breakfast at 12 o'clock. But we just keep finding these miracles that the Lord has prepared!

So we had district meeting, it was funny I was role playing with Elder Lopez that Philipeno in my district and we were practicing begining teaching and he was like, even though we may not speak the language as well, I was like dude we both speak English. But that is one of the bullets in preach my gospel that is for elders speaking foreign languages. IDK it was funny maybe you just had to be there! We went to Olive Garden for district Lunch and Elder Christensen did some damage to that place he got all our moneys worth with just what he ate! All you can eat soup, salad, and bread sticks! He couldn't say when! I went on an exhcange with Elder Weston he is dating a girl named Savannah.............He is from providence ask Nick if he knows his dad he says they sell all their saff flower to wheatland. Their farm is in Snowville, Weston farms ask nick! HE is a good missionary, just is pretty evident that he goes home in a transfer! We had some mexican food then went and taught Sis. Cameron , she is incredible, a single mom of 2 special needs children, she works everyday and she loves the Book of Mormon. We went to the church for a corelation meeting and the Bayless family had done it! They invited their neighbors to receive the restored gospel and they accepted! The members are so awesome here!

We just planned all day and cleaned the apartment. Then we went out and taught this man that we had to drop, it was a sad day!

We went to go see this less active family and this dog chased Elder Christensen and he booted the dog and like broke its neck or something it was the scariest but yet funniest thing I have ever seen. We got our car door lock changed and like this man started talking to us, I felt prompted to give him a new pass along card with a picture of an older couple saying like, "can our marriage continue after I die and I didn't, then that night we went out with his neighbor and he said his wife recently passed away and it has been hard on him. Seriously the scripture in Luke 2 when Christ talked about his fathers business brought a tear to my eye how serious he is about it. So we are in search for that man at the Chevy lot.

So Elder Christensen is like a fridge, he is huge and he said that he beat the quarter back at Box Elder his sophomore year, so I said whatever lets race, so we raced and the kid is a fast fridge! he is a horse man! We biked around and saw a lot of members, got some referals it was an awesome day. While biking back for an exchange I lost Elder Christensen and we were lost for like 45 min that was probably the scariest time of my mission! We had a great lesson that night with Sis Cameron she said she read our reading assignment and then was stressed at work prayed and open the Book of Mormon and read Lehi's vision and talked about how much it mean't in her life and then she held up the Book of Mormon and said this is the iron rod! .....My fathers business, that was powerful.

Church was good Sis Cameron loved it. We are finally starting to get to know the ward we went to go teach a lesson after church and he canceled when we pulled up, he called us, that breaks my heart when it happens. Then we went and studied and went over to see the former Shea King her boyfriend is a memeber and like is a country star! His name is Doug Joyner! Like he plays some good country music and I hope we can start teaching his girlfriend, she knows it all to be true! Their in lies happiness! It seems like days I am stressed the most is when I am not loosing myself in his work, but when I am that is when I find myself.

I love ya'll and I am so thankful for my Family, at the dinner table on Turkey day say I am thankful for a Journal! To record my sacred spiritual experiences and record how much I love my family!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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