Monday, November 29, 2010

Taylor's Posterity - Elder Miller (son) Elder Fisher (grandson)

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Peace of Mind

I am thankful for Billy, for Mom, and Kenz, and Drake, and Sophie, and Sadie, and Murphy, and Rusty, R.I.P and for Ammon, and for Autumnwood Dr., I am thankful for May 15th and for Oct 4th and for July 11th and for Sept 3rd and for Aug 30th and for AUG 1ST, I am thankful for a Home, for a car, for a boat R.I.P, For Lake Powell, for Elder Croft (now Alan), For Elder Morrell, for Elder Worthen, for Elder Thriller Miller, for Elder Christensen, for President Cotterell, for Smithfield, Chapel Thrill, and Pinehurst. I am thankful for NC, for ID, for the Book of Mormon for country Music (that i can't listen too), for my Big Toe that keeps me balanced! For my Membership in the church, for all my extended family! So basically the Whole World cause we are all brothers and sisters. For my Specialized Hard Rock Peddle bike that gets me around town, and for holding me up for 1 year! For a Church building, for Donna Raye a woman who nearly hit us and felt if she didn't purchase reflector vests and blinking lights for us that God would send her to hell. Thankful for AUG 1st 1992, to be a 2008 State Champ! To have played for THEE DARIN OWENS, Thankful for the coolest family ever thankful for my friends and for my Grandparents! They RULE!!!! Also for and that they converted to Gmail, thankful for the Internet, and for my hands to type and write you letters, thankful for toilet paper, for FOOD, for a cell phone, for the Atonement, for the chance to serve the Master, for God's love, for the doctrine of Jesus Christ. I am thankful for Jared Kirk who is feeding us tonight! For our ward mission leader, Dave Thaxton, for my MOM and her unconditional love, for BILLY telling me how it is even when the truth hurt! Grateful for music and those who are talented. I am grateful for the MISSION! Because when push comes to shove, you taste what you're made of you might bend till you break cause its all you can take, on your knees you look, decide you've had enough then you stand! Thankful for the Priesthood and also for prayer.

This is where the healing begins on P-day! We had a great dinner that even at this awesome family. We got them all pumped on missionary work, he is giving copies of the Book of Mormon to his co workers and it is awesome to be a part of. His wife's co worker gave us these blinking Vests because she almost hit us and felt bad for us; those poor Mormon missionaries! Those boys are trying to bike to Heaven! But it was so nice of her we are going to go thank her tonight! Then we went and had two awesome lessons that evening with Sis Cameron, she is the bomb and prepared I'll tell ya'll what! She is having such a spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon and we just gotta figure her out with work, they crack the whip there. I officially hate GOLF those people golf everyday of the year except Christmas! We went and saw the Wilson family they are less active and his wife is a recent convert they have a couple of kids, we gave them all blessings, it was pretty neat. Elder Christensen had never gave a blessing before so it was a good time to learn! I am thankful you Billy, gave me that opportunity in the Hotel room in SLC, even though I wanted to spend one more day with Kels, it was worth it! The spiritual experience was priceless!

We woke at 3 am and drove to Fayetteville got there and freaked out the elders there. Then I crawled in their bed while they got ready and slept! We left for Raleigh at like 6 am and we had to prepare to sing a song for Elder Alan F Packer, it was pretty neat, he is an awesome man. He picks his dad up in front of everyone when they go into church head quarters! How cool is that! Then 2 things he said stuck out to me! (Elder Christensen was really tired it was pretty funny he was passing out on the front row.....THAT IS MY BOY!) He talked about how we need to strive to rely on the Holy Ghost not always go to our leaders because we hinder ourselves from that personal revelation. So I have been trying that a lot lately! Then Sis Packer said something that just was the bomb, she said that we often here great talks and sermons we have wonderful stake conferences and wonderful General Conferences or a zone conference or whatever it may be, then we just leave and don't set up a plan of action to apply what we have learned. She and the General Young Mens president used to say after a meeting "So therefore what?" It has been really neat just applying that even with my studies, what I am going to do! I went on an exchange with Elder Casper he is from Basin City Washington and won 10 grand on jeopardy. He is in Pembroke and is kinda negative about his area but I think on the exchange we fixed it then we then spent the whole evening in Fayetteville we had dinner there on Fort Bragg with some members and then I had to conduct a baptismal interview that was a SUCCESS! Great day!!!

Boy!!! Did we see some miracles today; so we went out this morning and were just on fire contacting and chasing down everyone in sight it was so awesome! We set so many appointments and I truly think the difference was that Elder Casper was actively engaged; like the beloved children of our Father in Heaven could tell that both me and Elder Casper loved them and cared for them and wanted what was best for them. IT was awesome then Elder Casper treated me to Ruby Tuesdays, he had a coupon! That was good we went back and exchanged back, had wrap up and I reunited with Elder Christensen, I got to talk to president that night about Sis Cameron and he gave me some good ideas, be we both decided that she and US needed to pray about it and seek after that revelation!

Happy T-day!!! We had dinner with the Chandler family at their home, also with the Crawford family and their neighbor Phyliss who we kind of got to teach a little bit. But we just did a lot of planning, we didn't get to play in any turkey bowl, that was sad, but we keep on keeping on! President put the Veto on Turkey Bowl. The members were mad. They were like their are 10 investigators here!

Finding Day baby, the biggest one of the year, everyone has to be home or at Wal-Mart right! So, I made some dinner and I tried to make some rice, fried rice and I thought I would get creative and treat myself nicely with a egg in there ya know like stir fried rice! But it destroyed the rice! So then we went over to go see a lot of people and a lot of people were nice but nobody wanted to talk to us and it is just hard, like I feel we contact people, and they feel like Elder Christensen doesn't want to be there. I felt bad, I told him to go contact 3 people and all three just walked away from him but he is the man and will come around. We went out with A-DUB and had a wonderful lesson with Sister Cameron and set up what she is going to do to get work off it was super spiritual, then we went and stopped by some people. We were in the sticks and dogs were chasing us, I was so scared, I had brass knuckles in my pocket in case I needed to hit a dog or some crazy hilly billy. We found Lisa Black from Cheyenne, Wyoming and her mother is a member and she has been prepared by the Lord! Gotta follow the spirit and drop all logic!

I got presents from you all it was so awesome, thank you so much, those shoes are so nice and the GPS is the bomb. That is the coolest stocking I have ever seen and Grandma, thank you so much for the book!!! Grandma thank you so much for the treats and money Everything was so awesome. "Mom, you really think I can wait till Christmas to open all those presents?" Maybe, when I turn 20, because I will be mature, but I am still a teenager! HA HA!!!! We did a lot of finding today and then had dinner at the Kirks' their daughter who attends the singles ward was their it was cool, we had a good time, we had a "man challenge" to see who could cut these huge logs! I took 2nd or maybe 3rd, depends who you ask! HAHA!!! Had a good dinner after that, we had deer steak! The Kirk family is the bomb!

NOTTA bad day with nobody at church turned into an incredible day! So after church Nate Kirk went out with us, we drove him because he has no car and lost his license, but he is the man, he turned his life around and got the Melchizedek Priesthood and we are going to go Elk hunting after the mission. We went to our lesson with Lisa Black and got there and she had to leave to go and buy some boards and break the sabbath, so Nate started singing "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel Push Along!" And we did, he said, where are we going boys, I have till 6. So we went to see some members and found to crucial members, we went to this one house we thought the member lived at and she didn't, so we all felt prompted to go to this other one so we did and she lived their and she got baptised when she was 18, she said she doesn't really get it and wants to be taught again, but her husband, he truly felt the spirit of our calling so we are teaching them this week and they are coming to all the ward activities! Then we went and had dinner and Elder Christensen almost threw up again at the same place where he did it last time I fell back in my chair in laughter! Then we picked up Hawk George and went and tore it up. We had a great lesson with Sis Cameron and her daughter, who is special needs and then we went to see Doug! I really have to get focused their because I just want him to jam for me the whole time but we got focused and got the spirit into the home and his girlfriend Shae is ready. Man, this is going to bless the life of her and her son so much and I can't wait to see it! They are awesome people, that was an awesome rest of our day!

I love you all!!! I literally have the coolest family ever!!! That stocking is so cool I love it. I hope you all had a a Happy Thanksgiving, and I pray that you all are safe. I miss you, but I am so grateful to be here in Pinehurst and no matter what trials or struggles I have I can over come them with the help of the Savior!! I love you guys!! Eat a cake for me on my birthday, I don't know if I will get one, we will see!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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