Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st p-day in happy chappy. We played soccer on the turf field at UNV. Went on an exchange with this guy named Charlie, he served in Russia, a way cool kid, we had family home evening with the ward and met the grand father of the ward, this guy who has been here for 7 years he told us all about it.

We had a cool lesson with a guy named Julian.

My first district meeting, it went good. I was complimented alot, and it was neat. The spirit was strong. I was reviewing my journal for what to write for today and it was this huge thing saying I wanna go boating. I went on an exchange to Durham (aka dirty d) it was a blast I love the ghetto and families.

Happy B-day DJ, I love you!! Had a cool lesson with a guy named David. College kids just don't commit. I struggle with the lack of a belief in God at the campus! But Elder Worthen (that is his companion)took me on a walk through the botanical garden and I just thought to myself, how could you deny God, I am so thankful for a great mission companion

What does (World Sciences and people) mean? Persecution makes you stronger. I love the GOSPEL THOUGH!!!! Miracle a nice lady asked us what makes you different then all other questions, and boom we were in! FUNNY how we spend alot of time telling people we are the same as Christians.

Spencer a kid from Caldwell, went with me on splits, had an amazing lesson with this guy named Dalw Ans, then boom he asked me to take off my shirt so he could give me a ultrasound, it was weird, never thought I would take my shirt off in a lesson.

Church was good, it was kinda stressful, everything is about marriage and college, I was worried, but another miracle; a lady who is a recent convert her boyfriend who everyone thought wasn't interested or sadly enough they just didn't ask him; I invited him to take the missionary lessons and we are helping them move on Thursday and having dinner with them on Saturday, we went home teaching with this guy who is looking for marriage proposal ideas; man single wards are crazy!!! I love you all and I love this gospel. Hey mom could you look for me online for a toscana journal? It is a way nice journal that I want to keep my district meetings and different meetings in, if you can find one that would be great. I love you all thanks for your thoughts prayers and inspiration!

Love and Respect

Elder Taylor Petersen

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