Monday, July 12, 2010


What is going on! How is life in IF TOWN, how about Lake Powell?

So we got in the bus this morning to go to the campus. When we got off there was this guy who I thought was a member in the married ward. BUT HE WASN'T! I was like; "yeah Jeff just going to email our families," and he was like do you wanna call them and I was like come on Jeff you know we can't, then Elder Worthen was like what are you doing that is the guy we dropped a Book of Mormon off to and we are going back to follow up on his reading, it was funny and super crazy! We met this kid, Akib who is from Iraq, like he was saved, he loves soccer and we teach him on the bus every time we see him, it is amazing, he is 15! We went to see this girl Tatiana! Her mom is not a member but should be, she said she was going to email you a picture. It was cool we had a lesson with her mom, Tatiana is a convert and just got back from her mission in Chile! Pretty cool night we went out with Scott he is from Iowa served in Guam and went to BYU!

District meeting, Whoot Whoot-- they are getting better each time, at least I hope!!! This week was on the restoration, it is hard to teach Elders who have been out longer and know way more then you! I always Prepare way to much and then don't even get through half of it. Went on an exchange with Elder Christensen, this convert lady was like Kelsi in an old age, she divorced her husband cause he would'nt convert. I ate flax seed crackers with that cheese stuff Kelsi's mom spreads on it and it was funny, we talked about eating raw and such and yeah it was crazy! We had dinner with this guy that is going to Duke Law, he knows mom, his cousin is Justin McFarland he is a Bratsman! They had a perfect family like it was incredible there kids knew so much about the gospel like it was a picture perfect family!

I let myself down, I haven't been being the missionary I hoped to be! And then I got a letter from Mom and Elder Dealba! I got Mom's delayed letter that talked about me being like a leader and not trying to be cool just do what's right and Elder Dealba just sent me a picture with me and Elder Croft on DEC 29Th the first day in Smithfield and on the back it said the best of the best and it really was an awakening, and I quit trying to be the cool leader, but the example I knew the rules and I feel so much better we have had such an amazing week and that is why your letter was delayed it probably wouldn't of met anything if I didn't get it when I did. I had a cool talk with Elder Cox about finishing strong and his numbers this week reflected it!

Studied about charity and myself and Elder Worthen tried to look at people as God sees them, it was so neat we had such a greater love to talk to these people and still loved them after they rejected us! I got 2 packages and 1 letter I got cookies from Kelsi and I also got my LDS puzzle! We were able to commit somebody to come to church we just knocked on their door and like his mom didn't speak English and he said his mom said he needs to listen to us and go to Church with us! Then we talked to this guy named Ron, who I learned so much from him about leadership and listening skills and then like we were talking to him and he just disappeared, no joke, I think he might of been one of the missing Nephites! Idk,it was a miracle I took notes in my planner! Then this 11 year old boy walks up and was like ya'll Mormons and we're like yeah and he was like my family loves your church but then you guys just stopped coming to teach us and boom baby were back in! MIRACLES

We went and moved with Scott, he is the man. We came back and planned, went and got some clothes at the dry cleaners and went to go see La2 the one we committed to church and then he wasn't there. We left our phone home so we went back at 9 and we had 2 missed calls from him, and then we called him back 3 times, no answer and I was like poo, he isn't coming to church. But I have been trying really hard lately to be a strong leader and just trust in the Lord, so no fear, so I was like Elder Worthen, lets go pray for La2 to answer our calls and in the middle of the prayer, boom he answered and we invited him and he said his friend wants to come too and it was such a spiritual experience! We thanked our Father in Heaven after, of course!

ELDER WORTHEN, 4 months out had his 1st investigators at church and not just that we snapped the curse and we had 3, another guy we taught this week showed up! HAPPY B-DAY KENZ! Then we went out tracting after church! (it is weird how work keeps you SANE and happy) Then we were walking home and I didn't see this monster behind this sign and Elder Worthen stops him, and I look back and it is David and Goliath, I run back to save Elder Worthen, and this guy is like perfect. He was like all these churches claim to be the ONE but all they have is the Bible, just like everyone else who claims to be the one! He is a national champion wrestler and a heavy weight his name is Z and he asked us to share with him about the Book of Mormon! CRAZY! MIRACLES!!! Life is good. Then we had dinner with the Brixus, there son is the ward mission leader. He is leaving for Nebraska to become a paramedic, they are from Denton, TX that is where they found the church there conversion story is amazing! They asked me to ask you if you know Bobby or Debbie Aldrich or something? They moved from Denton to Plano and are big in the church! I love conversion stories and meeting with members. It recharges the batteries! I love you guys thanks for your prayers they have helped so much! I miss you guys and love you so much and can't wait till I return home!


Elder Taylor Petersen

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