Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Family,
I don't even want to write you all because you won't get it forever, and you are AT POWELL,

My work out this morning was changing a tire for a man from Kenya. He was a nice guy a student who met with missionaries in Kenya! We aren't aloud to use our car on p-day so we biked to the borders of the other Elders area and hung out with them, went to Cici's and ate some pizza and went to the apple store. We realized it was apostate, so we went and played ultimate frisbee! We had dinner with the 2 girls in our ward that are farmers, they were late and we missed our appointment, rough start for the week! BUT ALL IS WELL IN ZION!

We had district meeting. It was better, I hope. We had interviews, President Cotterell told me that there are a lot of opportunities here for baptisms with 30,000students looking for their own identity, taken out of the faith of their fathers! But right now it is a ghost town! We had a real powerful lesson with a less active and then we raced back home in a crazy storm, it was raining cats and dogs!

Dolls got a new president with the same last name as him! We biked 35 miles to Talecris so Elder Worthen could talk to the people who make his medicine it was neat and we might of found service opportunity. We met this family on campus from Jacksonville Florida, whose daughter was coming to school here they are members and told us how her husband is a convert from elders contacting him on the campus and to never pass anybody up! It was way cool! We had dinner with Jannette Smoot she is from Ucon, really nice sister in the ward! We saw some members and set up a dinner with them SCORE! Had a lesson with that giant UNC wrestler we found. He was hitting up the peace pipe, Elder Worthen was freaking out but we taught him it was all good!

Weekly planning, and I had my first baptismal interview that was way cool. I loved it and I was able to find her worthy to be baptised! We went to Durham to work the Duke campus we set 2 appointments and stayed with the Durham first Elders in the district it was good to work that area! Duke students are smart!

(this is the title of my journal) "Friday ha ha fam peaced out to Lake Powell! How lame, and I am here in miserable heat sweating so much with no lake to jump into! No wave runner to roll! No cliff to fly off of! MAN LIFE IS GOOD" I dyed in the Durham heat we had a good day went on an exchange with some Duke student, he was the man and super smart. Elder Christensen made me a samonian sandwhich it was pretty good!

Moved this girl Emi who is now engaged, WO WO!!! She is not in our ward, she is married, we no longer have to deal with her! We contacted on the campus, it was good. We had dinner with a family from Tetonia, it was cool, we went with the Elders in the 1st Ward, then went to the baptism of Brooke, it was cool!

I kissed butt at church all day and was able to get an exchange and dinner for the whole week, I was so proud of myself! We had dinner with some cool single girls in our ward, I gave one of them a blessing, she was worried about her exam. We went out with Jorrel, this cool kid who served in Honduras, it was sweet. I really enjoyed some normal company like not some old people who can't get married but some young people my age. The gospel is still true. I love you all send me pics from Lake Powell, also Elder Worthen is the kid in the maroon shirt!
Love and Respect,

Taylor Blaine Petersen

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