Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey Family,
Thanks so much for ordering those items, the journal I want, Elder Worthen has it. It is way sweet. I think I gave you the info on it! And thanks for making the Love of my life spend time with you all! Are you all going to Powell?

Nature has been a real safety for me lately, and boosting me up, for family home evening we went on a hike. It was really good we were able to take some good pictures and it was really neat. Thanks so much for the amazing Email; Dad, Monica, Steve, and Sam and KJ!! They like boosted and pumped me up so much and I realized that a positive attitude was my only way out of this.

I like cried through my study today reading Dad and Monica and KJ's letters they were awesome and Steve's part made me laugh, HE IS THE MAN! This morning we biked to the SEC-U house to be interviewed to volunteer their. Met this really nice guy from Florida who is way into road biking he said he will set me up after my mission, I want to get into marathons and triathlons after my mission, and try to stay fit I love biking too! We came back and did some organization for the area it was good because the Elder that was here took everything he knew with him and didn't write anything down so we are fixing it all up! We went tracting and the spirit lead me to go to this road, where we have a less active, she had moved but we were suppose to be there for other reasons, to meet Kathleen a 90 year old woman from Australia who we taught. She hugged and kissed us it was crazy but good and she told us she loves how Mormons are so happy and she wants to be happy, she isn't in our ward, but we will teach her one more time to see if she is serious. But she just said the nicest things to us and how she appreciates our love for the Father! IT was so neat,and boost my spirits, a tender mercy of the Lord. We knocked into this girl Andrea, she is from Jackson Hole and has a road bike just like Kelsi's it is a Ruby, I showed her my post card from Jenny Lake, she was like, that is my back yard she was way cool we taught her a little bit, but had to drop her this week cause she was interested in more then the gospel. Then we about got murdered by this German Shepard. It is the dog of the Columbian guy who swore at me on Fathers Day, he hates our guts!

District meeting was good, I feel it was better then my 1st, so I will just keep on improving! It sucks people in the city are so busy, even those that are interested still don't have time to listen! City Folks don't like PETE. We helped this recent convert move and she gave us a copy of her testimony she posted on face book, because everyone has been giving her crap, it was so neat I was so thankful for it. It boosted my spirit as well. Then we went tracting again and this Asian man in broken English said you are good boys, you work really hard. I appreciate it and we have a book of Mormon in Chinese for him! SO COOL, another tender mercy of the Lord

My journal says: wow 1st day of July, didn't think I would make it this long on my mission. I flipped the page in the calendar. Kelsi is so nice for making that awesome calendar for me, I got a package from Kelsi and from Elder Jario Jose Dealba, he is the man I miss that kid so much. We went to Durham and at the bus station there is this guy reading the Ensign and I was like, WHAT!! and then he has this tat of the marijuana leaf on his calf and I was like, WHAT!! I went and sat by him and he is investigating the church, we talked for a half hour and it was so neat he was so excited to see us!! That was a tender mercy of the Lord, I am so appreciative of them all, but they aren't helping me in Durham 3rd but we must press forward! Elder Christensen from Burley made us spaghetti and pancakes, he is the man and is such a nice kid, his companion in the mtc was Elder Morrell. We found 2 new investigators that would be in our ward; two young girls going to dental school TENDER MERCY FOR OUR WARD! It was a great lesson. We finished moving our recent convert Rachel and then set a return appointment with her boyfriend, BOOM ANOTHER ONE! The singles ward kills me, I just wanna get married man! That is what everything is focused on, they tie paying your tithing into marriage, it kills me to see everyone all over each other during sacrament meeting!

Bro. Newburn in the Chapel Hill first ward served his mission in IF TOWN in the Lincoln Stake and served at Ricks campus he is the man! He is going back for a wedding soon! We ate at China 35. I got so sick! So we biked 35 miles today and finally found this less active family and boom we were able to set a return appointment with these 2 sisters, who they are trying to bring back to activity and they came to church this Sunday. It went just like I planned it, it was so perfect and I am finally getting things rolling, but first I had to humble myself. I had no water and was so thirsty so I pulled up to this apartment and turned on the hose the lady ran out yelling at me and I had to take off running she had her broom! It was so funny.... but I didn't die. It is sad, we go into a house and there is porn everywhere, everyone here looks at porn, it KILLS ME!

This kid Antoni is the man, he asked a bunch of sincere questions. We taught him and we are teaching him again today, he was like my church isn't teaching it all, I know it isn't and then he goes is it all even here on the earth, and how can I know he is the man? He is pretrty young though, so we will see if he is 18 or 17. I hope he is in our ward, we got a bread machine and we have fresh bread and cinnamon rolls but they aren't as good as yours Mom! So hook me up please, we had a lesson with Rachel's boyfriend it went good he has had a hard life and was born in a concentration camp but we are excited to work with him and it is firing up his girlfriend RACHEL.

How were the Fireworks? Did you miss me, at least I have stayed out of trouble now 2 years in a row. The Fireworks in Chapel Hill sounded pretty cool! So, there is this girl in our ward, Brooke Parkinson, she served with Devon Pincock they were in the same district, it was so funny to meet her! There are these 2 girls from Utah who are intern shipping on a farm they are so cool but on fast Sunday they have what is called break the fast and it is a big pot luck, one of the girls who is on the farm I told her mom how you make me those cinnamon rolls from pie crust, the little ones, and she surprised me and made them for me. That was a bonus and way nice of her! Met this girl in our ward, who her dad was the mission president in Switzerland, I really think that would be the greatest calling of all in the church! It was a good day and I had a good talk with Elder Worthen that night, trying to loosen this kid up, he stresses about the things he can't control! I love you all and have a good week!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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