Monday, July 26, 2010


So, it sounds like you all can't handle Lake Powell with out me! You lost the trailer! HAHA that is so crazy! I am glad you didn't damage the boat! But we better cash it in and get a MALIBU right!

P-day it was alot of fun. The whole zone came down and it was so much fun we played ball and dodge ball and it was a blast. Elder Bradshaw's little brother got his mission call to Arkansas, so crazy! I learned the cool convincing ways of Mosiah to convince people it was super cool! Kelsi sent me a cool email! I didn't get anything from you all it was kinda depressing!

Went on an exchange with the Zone leaders, it was way cool, Elder Darais, he went to Box Elder! We were at this campus and this Asian leader ate crap, like she tripped so hard, we helped her out but she still wasn't interested, it was lame but we were Christ like! We had a lesson with Angela, the mom of the girl I interviewed for baptism, it was neat and she was crying and felt the spirit it was really neat! We had dinner with this family and they had a VITA MIX, I was like, what the KJ, it was super funny. I loved it to death! We had a really neat lesson on the Plan of Salvation. I hadn't taught that lesson forever but these people are ready for baptism!

Last day in my journal, I need you all to send me anouther journal like the one Kenz and Tarha gave me! District meeting was my best ever. I was so proud of myself! I got a new tie rack! President called after district meeting and was like guess what, Elder Worthen you are leaving, and Elder Petersen, you are training. I was so nervous and was freaking out, I really didn't see it coming! Then he called again and was said, Sister Cotterell thought I should call you again and tell you to rememebr who your trainer was! It was kinda scary they are expecting alot out of me I guess! We went out with Spenccer and had a good day and taught a couple lessons it was a good day over all!

Drama as a District leader, one of the companionships in the district got in a fight we had to settle it out it was funny and crazy! Our dinner canceled and I wrecked hard core on my bike trying to take an action photo of me and Elder Worthen, but I saved the camera! There are pictures of me falling it is funny I hope you enjoy them! Send that triathlon picture to Kelsi!

We had a zl dl counsel, I got to say the opening prayer. It was a conference call. It was funny! The mission is changing a lot, like zone conference and interviews are now quarterly. Oh and Dad, do you know the Elder in Idaho Falls, ask them if they know an Elder Stanfield! The campus is dead, like I could of ran naked through there, it is a ghost town! Lexi sent me a letter, so Breylan and Ozzie are engaged that is messed up. What is going, on it is crazy, I guess DOLLS doesn't have to worry now! We had a great lesson with Chris Edwards, a recent convert and he was loving it like we are planting seeds baby, this is so awesome it was so neat to see him get excited about missionary work, we tracted into a family and taught a lesson and found 5 new investigators but they aren't in our ward!

Pioneer day, for the pioneer breakfast I poured juice for the whole stake, in 115 degree weather. I almost died, it was fun though, I met a lot of cool people! We had a dinner with some sisters in the ward it was so good and Scott is the man, he came with us. He played racquet ball for BYU he is th man! The girl we had dinner with her dad drove Ludacris to a concert, crazy huh!

Church was crazy, so in Elders Quorum there was a visitor there and the teacher and the visitor got in a fight, he told the teacher to end the lesson cause he didn't have the spirit with him and it was insane! We had dinner with some sweet members and then moved and cleaned a little bit, it was crazy! It was a good week the Gospel is still TRUE!! I didn't get a letter from you all, it was lame, but I still love you and tell Kelsi happy b-day and that I love her! I am so nervous to train, pray for me! I hope you all have a great week!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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