Monday, August 2, 2010


So it was the last P-day with the Gang! We went to this local joint call Loco Pops, it is super good. I got Kels a present, I hoped she liked it! We went and ate at Buns with Rachel and her boyfriend P, we taught him a little bit and committed them to come to FHE! I heard this song Fearless from Taylor Swift it reminded me of Kj singing on her phone and sending it to me, and then she freaked out that I had it! We killed it at FHE, like we watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration, it was amazing! Then I got revelation to send around a calendar and invite them all to take the missionary lessons it was so good!

Elder Cox woke up at like 3 and came in with a boom box playing some apostate music he was so excited to listen to it! I had to wake up at 6:15 to go to transfer meeting! Elder Christensen picked me up and took me to Durham so I could catch a ride with his ride! Trainers meeting was super good, the spirit was way strong! So all 19 boys walked in and then Elder Young walked right past me! I was like DANG IT! Then this 6'4" man child came and stood next to me, I was like NO WAY!!! Then we started talking, he was Elder Marc Miller from Pleasant Grove, Utah and is 22 years old went to BYU for 3 years and played Lacrosse for Byu! At first I was freaking out, but he seemed pretty nice.( but I mean 22 years old, like I'll be home and won't even be that old!) Then I found out that he played Lacrosse with president Cotterell's son and roomed with their other son and is way good friends with them! President Cotterell had talked about this missionary coming out like forever ago and said he would be older. I remember saying, man that would suck to train that old of a missionary! BUT BOY WAS I WRONG! I got to see Elder Dealba and David the one that text you guys or you text him from Smithfield! Elder Dealba went to Wallace! WE had dinner at the sister who is an RM and her mom is not a member and we invited her to take the missionary lessons and she was like I am not sure, and we were like just pray about it. Then she called us on the way back home and was like well you guys forgot some potatoes I bought for you, so you are going to have to come back anyway! I think she may feel the spirit in this process! She had bought us a huge bag of groceries!

Elder Miller is the Elder Miller's first contact was to this beautiful girl and it was just super funny and he gave her a together forever pass along card it was classic! Me and Elder Cahse are rooming together at College, I prayed about it, he is the man!

Zone conference, Cotterell's kids are at Powell the same time as you all! I am going to San Diego State! There is this new movie called the district 2 it is amazing! We went out with Tennison and taught Rudy.

Moved all day, and this miracle with Neker. We walked into our apartment and there was this guy we both felt we should talk to but we didn't so we went out and talked to him and helped him and got his number, then called him that night and asked if we could teach him tomorrow at the church and he said yeah it was a crazy story like we weren't even in proselyting clothes! Went out with Robert Brooks nothing was happening it was depressing.

We taught a ton of lessons it was so cool lesson with Neker and Gary and Rudy it was awesome, things are rolling!
Sun- Neker came to church, we went to break the fast the excommunicated lady bore her testimony it was so scary at first then incredible! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Love and Respect,

Taylor Blaine Petersen

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