Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey Family,
The Savior truly does live, this is his work and will be done in his time! Line upon Line, Precept upon Precept, Here a Little there a little, it is how the Lord works!

It is so weird just being in a 2 man apartment, like it is still not quiet, because myself and my stud companion are both loud, but it is different! We went to the driving range with our EQP aka "DIRTY D" he is the man there are 3 of them that live together and my whole goal serving here is to get them all to agree that I can come and spend 3 days with them after the mission! They are all so different from one another but all so funny! We were tracting this evening and a couple invited us in and they were members! We thought we had scored BIG! While tracting I had asked a guy if he knew what he wasn't interested in and he said yeah Jesus, I am Jewish, and then Elder Miller like screamed FAIR ENOUGH then, and we basically ran out of there! While biking home for the night there was this lady and I really felt like I shouldn't contact her, but I knew I had too. but I was making every excuse in my head not to, like it was to late or Elder Miller was like a mile back there, and yeah but I still did and she said she had a copy of the Book of Mormon and was always wondering more about it and we set a return appointment it was so awesome! Then biking back again, the entrance of the apartment there was this car with 8B plates, so I had to stop them! I asked where they lived, they said over by the counrty club, I am not sure if they were members but we played the name game and I asked them if they knew any Johnsons! They were like no....well only our dentist! I was like EVAN OSCAR JOHNSON at SUNNYSIDE Dental and pulled out my Sunnyside Dental chapstick and was like yeah that is him! I told them I was dating his daughter and she said she graduated with Jayson and that Spencer used to mow their grass, it was crazy how at the end of the day it still comes back to Kelsi! Kinda symbolism to the end of the mission EH EH! ha ha just kidding, sorry to be creepy! But it was funny!

We chased down this Romero guy at the campus and got him to speak to some Spanish Elders on the Cell Phone actually Elder Bradshaw, he was having a rough day, it was crazy how it blessed his life and I couldn't even understand what he was saying! We got picked up to go have our lesson with Janet and I threw the keys to Elder Miller to lock the door cause we live on the top floor now and I threw them on the roof! We went and had a pretty solid lesson with Janet! I just want her to feel the spirit and partake of the blessing her loving Father in Heaven wants her to have! We got back and I had to do some monkey business on the roof but I got the KEYS down!

We had a lesson with La2 and like 15 members of his family, it was so neat they were all listening so intently, at the end of the lesson Elder Miller said wow teaching families feels like how missionary work should be! District meeting was small but good, only 4 people! We got down to the needs of the district! We are trying to crack this member CODE.

So we have been struggling! Seeing a lot of miracles, talking with a lot of people but not finding much success or progression with anybody! We began weekly planning and were cleaning off the white board with old potential investigators we were not able to get a hold of, and there was this one, Tara who we tracted into like 8 weeks ago who had the Book of Mormon on her Iphone and who had 5 copies of the Book of Mormon with testiomonies in them and basically who knew it was true! Well for 8 weeks she fell off the face of the earth and we just couldn't take her name down! She worked at a resort in Alaska and was a manager over 50 RM'S! They always invited her to church, she would never go but hide in her room and read the Book of Mormon! Well we began planning I was all depressed and Elder miller said there is a missed call and a voice mail on the phone we listened to it and it was Tara, she said that she was sorry she ignored us for a month and that it really scared her when we knocked on her door, and that she didn't know what to think! But she talked to her friends and she needs to meet with us to prepare herself for the blessings God wants to give her! Crazy I know, but the Lord blesses those who are obedient, the Lord was teaching me patience line upon line precept upon precept! We met this really nice woman named Litisha! I contacted this guy and he was like you don't want to talk to me, I am gay! I chased him down and he ran away and I still chased him and told him he is still a son of God and we still wanna talk to him! That upset me I wannt TALK TO EVERYONE! We had an amazing lesson with this old man named Rudy Tempest an 85 year old man from Brooklyn! He is the man!

TODAY we had a lesson and a flat tire! There is opposition in all things like a flat tire and you can't get to your appointment! But we went to a bike store and I can't wait to get a road bike after my mission and go on rides with Kelsi! We went and set up service with Ronald McDonald and had an amazing lesson with Tara and 2 members she knew, it is all true and she is coming to church! We ran into 2 members that evening, they gave us some cinnamon rolls it has just been an awesome day!

Moved some people, went to that farm I had pictures of to teach a girl in our ward and her dad showed me the coolest thing ever, a PLAYER PIANO it was so neat. I miss the country (Smithfield)! We contacted Neker he didn't feel welcomed at church but said he would agree to meet with us again! We had Stouffers lasagana at the institute for dinner!

TARA was at church and it was awesome. We had a great dinner with some members at the end of church. I said, Tara we are still working towards baptism right, and she goes, right and sooner then later. So pray for her she is such an amazing sister and has been prepared! Ask Bro. Kirk Astel if he knows Kenny Stanfield! I love you guys, I hope all is well, pray for me as I pray for you, thanks for bringing me up in this incredible gospel!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Petersen

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