Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey Family,
It has been an interesting week, full of blessings, joys, and trials and the Lords plan is incredible. I love this WORK and I love you ALL FAMILIA!!!

FIRST OFF I'd like to give a shout out to the Durham 3rd YSA EQP, if any missionary has there Kryptonite it is the DURHAM 3RD EQP! I'll explain why later!
I am going to try to email the old way, just to please my mom who I love so much!

MON-We went Emailing then shopping then were at the institute just chillin writing letters then boom, it happened the front door opens and this person walks into the directors office and is like hi, I am Gabriell is this where the Mormons meet! And Gabriell clicked because that is the Referral that President Cotterell gave us, who his son got from the sister missionarys who taught her in SLC. So she is from Holiday Utah and is not a member but was investigating and has a boyfriend leaving on a mission and took the lessons and really felt the spirit, she hiked all the way up to the institute! She has been prepared by the Lord! We set an appointment for Thursday. Later that night Gabriell called and was like, can I go to FHE, we found her a ride, I hope she had good time! Then me and Elder Miller about fell when the ward clerk plugged in his ipod and started playing Keith Urban, I Wanna Kiss a Girl, so we just took off running home from FHE it was a great DAY! THe Lords plan I can't comprehend or disrupt them!

TUES-This is the day that I started to get sick............I guess the standard of truth came forth though and nothing will stop this work! So I carried on! We went on exchanges with the zone leaders and it was pretty good I went with Elder Stanfield, who you are supposed to Ask Bro Kirk Astel if he knows a Kenny Stanfield! He is the man from Skyline and big islander! We went to an appointment and it cancelled but we went and tried to figure out why the Lord had placed us there, we knew the Lord put us there for a reason so we went and walked around and met 2 amazing people for both our wards! I cannot even comprehend the plan of the LORD it blows my mind. We had service planned and it fell through as well so we went to go serve a member in there ward and like it was pretty crazy I called her and the daughter answered and was like mom it is for you and the mom thought I was a bill collector and was like go get a real job you piece of crap and was going off on me and then we called back and was like Elders did I just tell you off, and we were like yeah, and she was said I am so sorry it was funny!! We went and picked weeds for her. We had dinner with a guy who served in Poland! Then that night I figured out why I was on exchanges; so this couple was wanting to share the gospel with there friends and they were talking about this person and describing them and I was like what is there name and it was a person who I had taught. The guy who gave me the ultra sound in my arm, they had no clue he met wiht missionaries and the Lord made them become friends and like they are so prepared and we were able to set up a killer plan!

WED-I am sick.... district meeting was good pretty boring cause I was sick! I went on exchanges with the Elders in Durham and we taught this catholic guy and it came to the conclusion of who has authority and he said he would read the Book of Mormon to see who has authority it was a good lesson! The Elder in that ward has nerougical problems and like is socially wierd, he doesn't teach at all! But we got back from the lesson and I had a moment where I felt like the Savior, The elder that is slow was trying to figure out where to go tracting till our dinner came and it was like a 30 min. till he came but he was struggling and I didn't feel good and I so bad just wanted to sit there and like wait till dinner came, but I went and helped him and like he got emotional and hugged me and then we saw a miracle tracting because of it we tracted into the UNC swimming coach who is prepared it was crazy, idk helping that elder I had never felt anything like that! We taught this girl named Lula and she is moving slow but it was cool we had dinner with a cool fammily that knew Nick and Shayna and he served his mission in this ward!

THURS-I got to come back with my bestfriend ELDER MILLER, we had an appointment at 11:30 but it fell through! So then the coolest recent convert ever took us to lunch at the school buffet, it was so good we ate alot. His name is Zach Ward he is like who every guy wants there little sister to marry! To me he defines the word Christian! He just walked up to the missionaries one day and asked them to teach him and he was baptized he has an incredible testimony! We bused out to this appointment that was far away and we go in and the guy was like can we do this another day I am not feeling well... that was kinda lame. We went back to campus and had a really good contact with these two girls who said they are looking for a church! Bro Williams' gave a talk in Smithfield, I hear it was pretty good! We had a crazy good lesson with Gabriell she is so prepared the crazy thing about it was the Institute director felt prompted he should be in the lesson so he left his class and came and sat in and he is a convert and was able to relate, and it was crazy and so spiritual!

FRI-We had a lesson with Kole it was way good, he is just waiting for an answer. He has a girlfriend who is a memeber in Cary. Then we biked out to Durham to get stood up by this black guy Condrell! Then we got in trouble biking on the interstate It was the quickest route to Chapel Hill! We had a ward pig pick and Gabriell and Blake were there and 2 people that Elder Miller and I invited on campus, it was pretty cool I got dared to kiss the pig, and I did! I know I stink at the peer pressure game, sorry to let you down Mom!!!! OH we get to go do service on a farm that a potential investigator works at!

SAT-Moved Sentator Crapo's daughters stuff and the guy that picked us up got engaged last night and didn't tell us till Sunday, that was kinda shallow we spent all day with him today but he is still the man. We then went to priesthood meeting where we sang and had a lesson after that! I met a senior couple from St anthony the Allens! They were school teachers! The UNC soccer coach is a member and they are so good and a girl from Alta is on the team and we went there to get some food cause they threw a party and had left overs and it was awesome, there son is a member and should be in the singles ward and then he told us of this girl on his team who is going to go to the ward! It is crazy how the Lord works he makes you think it is food and then you come to find it is someones salvation! He works in mysterious ways!

SUN-So we had a little thing called introduction sunday where everyone in the ward introduces themselves or trys to be very funny! But the EQP went up and gave a talk at the end about unity and he read from the scriptures and then said he would like to close with a few words from coach! He pulls out this book written by coach K and it is so funny a few Carolina fans got so upset that they walked out! I have never laughed that hard in a chapel before! Oh and they watched a movie Monsters Inc. and I didn't know what to do, so I watched it! The EQP is this ward is the man he is so funny he was talking about how he is the 6th man on the Duke b-ball team! We had dinner with the recently engaged couple and it was full of hearty veggies! Looking out for you mom!

BUT I LOVE YOU ALL AND hope you have a great week! And if I am suppose to take any hints from anyone just let me know don't leave them in the form of hints just tell me straight up!

With Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor BLAINE Petersen

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