Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey Family!

What a week! Wow I miss Smithfield. I miss a family ward but am excited to make some changes and get things rolling in the Durham 3rd ysa! (Young Single Adult Ward)

We played soccer it was the bomb, it sucked saying goodbye to everyone! We had dinner with the Hamilton's they are amazing, he has taught me so much! We had a lesson with a part-member family and they should start teaching him the non member discussions and prepare them for baptism!

So Tyler Carey, Bishop's son picked me up in their big van, it was way weird saying goodbye to my buddies in Smithfield, we went to Bishop's office in Raleigh, Bishop took me to dinner and said some nice things to me about how I am not somebodies missionary and it was neat! Then I said goodbye to him and went to transfer meeting and was sent to Durham. I thought, but really it is Chapel Hill. I guess the covet ward everyone in the mission called it, but I was way depressed because I set transfer goals for myself and one of my goals was to find and baptize a family in my new area! Not happening in a singles ward! DUKE AND UNC CRAZY HUH!

So today I contacted this beautiful girl, I didn't think there were beautiful girls in North Carolina, but I was mistaken! None of them are as cute as Kels of course, but like I contacted her and I didn't know what to say! My companion is Elder Worthen from Syracuse, Utah and my Zone Leader is Elder Stanfield from Skyline, he played ball at SVU. He is like Tonga or Hawaiian! Elder Worthen has no immune system so he sleeps in every morning, he has been out three months, he is a great kid, kinda goofy, super tiny, but a nice kid. Just weird no more families!

Zone Conference our area doctor was their Dr. Liljeniquist and he is from IF and gave me my physical before I left on my mission, he is the man! Zone Conference was good it was on finding people, the importance of members! As a District Leader, President calls on you a lot, it was crazy. I'm in Elder Bradshaw's zone and a few kids I came out with. I really miss Elder Dealba.

We ride buses everywhere and this guy Dale contacted us and asked if we really convert people and I was like, YEAH and then he said that as Mormons you can only enter the temple if you are born into the church, and I was like no way jose; and he was like oh sweet and got off the bus and I chased him down and asked if we can teach him! He said yes! I got yelled some crazy stuff walking back to our apartment, it is crazy in the city.

Got lost on a bus, it is super slow on Saturday, everyone is recovering from the night before. We had weekly planning, it was good, we tracted and found nothing! There is nothing here, they have no investigators! They blame it on summer but it is sad, I mean nothing going on, I don't get it! They are'nt teaching anybody, Elder Worthen has been here for 3 months and hasn't seen one person at church!

MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!! So, we are tracting and we are striking out, actually hold on I gotta tell you about church, it is weird, like going to church in a singles branch is like going to church with a bunch of your homeys. Mike Crapo's daughter just moved here, she is at grad school becoming a doctor! There is a senior couple here, but they leave tomorrow. They are from Blackfoot, Rigby and Madison all their kids went to Madison, he knows Grandpa and the Baldwin's. They asked for your address, really nice people, I wish I could of spent more time with them! So back to the miracle so we are tracting striking out, then boom we find a girl, Alexis who is interested, then we knock into this girl named Tara, she is like yeah i worked in Alaska and have a lot of friends that are members, I have like 5 copies of the Book of Mormon with testimonies in them; and then she said she has never been taught by missionaries, but believes the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, but disagrees with our view on the Godhead and I straightened that up with her iPhone, which she had the Book of Mormon, D&C, and the Pearl of Great Price already on it and she is ready I hope, so we are going their this week hopeful, to get things rolling here in Happy Chappy!


Love and Respect

Elder Taylor Petersen

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