Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey Family, it has been a week of UPS and DOWNS!

I almost missed Kels's letter! We didn't have a dinner tonight so we were getting ready to go out for the evening and Brittany called and said do you guys have a dinner tonight and we said no and she was like good cause you are coming over here! So we had a great dinner with the Williams family and we taught them afterwards, and Zachary asked me to read him the baptismal interview questions that I read to Brittany, I said ok and the last one is will you be baptized and take upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ, and Zachary goes yeah and I said Zachary do you know what you just said and he was like no and I was said listen closely and I'll read it again and I did and he said he wanted to be baptized on July 17th his 15th b-day!

Kyle is going to LDS BC. He wants to go boating with you. Him and Oran, they are the men! I got the coolest letter from Kels with an awesome CD. Grandma Dj sent me a card and it was like talking about me loosing my hair and my girl! COME ON GRANDMA PETE! We had Peanut Butter Bombs that night my request at the BARTLEYS, I love them ,it was so good!

1/4 of the way done I woke up at midnight and started jumping on Elder Dealba, screaming we are 1/4 the way their! District Meeting was on the atonement. My dear friend Bro. Holzhauer lost his wife at 61 years of age to cancer they have been married for 35 years, it was sad and hard for me. Sis Landgren had a Book of Mormon experience in her sleep, a voice woke her up saying, by their fruits ye shall know them. She is being baptized on June 27th! Jordan Hayen's a youth in the ward was our exchange and he showed up in his karate clothes, it was so sweet.

Elder Dealba snapped today. Elder Naylor kept running his mouth and boom he snapped it was over lights out, Elder Dealba hit the wall put a hole in it and put Elder Naylor up against the wall I for once in my life, was the peacemaker and calmed Elder Dealba down, Elder Naylor ran up stairs for the phone to call the District Leader! We had 3 appointments tonight, it was amazing, we had an amazing exchange and a few new investigators!

4 mans (he is referring to four elders living together) are so hard to focus, you have to be so disciplined all the time or you waste so much time! We had a lesson at noon, Bro Jones was our exchange. We came back and BOOM IT HAPPENED, President Cotterell called me and told me I was being transferred, and I was going to another four man, and that it would be 4 english elders, but it would only be for a transfer and that it would be living with leadership zone leaders I think, and that I would be a DISTRICT LEADER! I pooed my pants, I can't even lead myself, I am so nervous, I have been waking up at 5 everyday with diarreha. I think the area I am going to will have sister missionaries in it, but I guess you guys will have to find out next week! HAHA. WE had dinner with the Cecils. We took 2 couches to a sister who was less fortunate! I really think Bro. Cecil will be bishop someday!

Bro. Holzhaurs wife's funeral was sad and hard! We biked 15 miles in 115 degree weather! Heat stroke, but we found some people. Elder Dealba baptized a Mexican that night it was neat, I was so happy for him.

Elder Naylor confirmed that same Mexican! Some trucker from Tooele that said he was in our ward when dad was bishop drove through Smithfield, and went to church. His name is Samuel! Bro Landgren's announced in church his 10 year prayer was answered with Sister Landgren getting baptized! Bro Holzhauer went out with us, he asked if he could go with us to keep busy. We won back Dennis and Bessie's hearts. We then came back to the apartment, I felt prompted to ask Bro. Holzhauer if he had a blessing of comfort, since all this had happened, he said no why do you ask, and I said I feel really prompted to ask you if you want one; he didn't say anything and walked into the house sat down and I gave him a blessing. It was so neat the priesthood is so real and the spirit was so strong, it was a neat experience. I will forever love that man!


Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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