Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HEllO Family!!!! Wow what a spiritual week. I can't wait to tell you all the things that happened!

Elder Dealba's surprise birthday party was a success! I went on an exchange to Albertson, everytime I have gone down their it has been really weird. Last time I went down an elder was sick! This time a missionary just couldn't handle it, his girlfriend got engaged and he is going home! I feel so bad for his companion who is his trainer! A member in the Albertson ward owns a sweet LDS book store, so I scored a sweet marking PEN! My scriptures are getting marked up and I love it! Albertson is in the country and they love country music out there! I love country music so much, I miss it alot! The Joseph Smith Nashville tribute is where it is at though! Albertson has a great ward mission leader he is pretty amazing! Smithfield's Ward Mission Leader is really amazing too, he is just in Yemin! I had to comfort the Elder who was leaving his area, he was born in! He found out at 5:30 that night and was picked up at 7:45 the next morning he was way depressed he didn't get to say goodbye or anything! We didn't get to bed till like 1 cause they were packing all night!

I am so tired, there are four elders and 1 shower so we had to wake up early to make it to Goldsboro by 7:45! I slept on the couch at the Stake Center as soon as we got there! I got a letter from Lex and Tahra today. District meeting was good I loved it! So Natalie Moore got married and Erica is engaged. Wow I leave and IF changes over night! 6 months is not that long! This Wednesday I hit my 6 month mark, not like I am counting or anything! We set a date with an amazing couple Dennis and Bessie!

I love Elder Morrell. It is crazy, I only spent time with Kels for 8 months but yet I have 2 years worth of memories! We gave a blessing to a member it was pretty neat, it is crazy how dependent the people out here are on the missionaries because the church is not as big.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!!!! A lady at the mission office called me and said, do you know a Doug Tibbitts! And I was like SISTER LASSEN, look closely is it Doug or Dough! I was like that is from my bestie Chay-dough! She was like who would name there son Chay-dough, it was super funny! I got a letter from SWIM FAN! We set a date with a five year investigator it was super crazy her husband is so pumped for her. I just layed it on her thick and said Sis. what have ye againsnt baptism or entering into the fold of God and I backed it up with scripture in Mosiah and BOOM!!!! She excepted! Our members have some sweet ring back tones is that disobedient!

wowowowowow, so I got to go to Chappell Hill to UNC campus and I didn't think there were any pretty girls in NC but boy was I mistaken, but I just kept saying what Bro. Krupa said that his son Nick said to him! Girls poop, girls poop!!! It was so fun we got down there early and took some pictures! Elder Bednar was amazing, holy cow like I thought we would listen but we had a three hour discussion with an apostle of the Lord it blew my mind and we were all over the place, I learned so much. One thing I learned is not to complicate missionary work or get to stressed about it, when really all I need to do, like Elder Bednar said, is be a good boy press forward and don't beat myself up! He taught us everthing about misionary work and about life it was crazy. I just try to do my best and be teachable and moldable! Then we flew back from Chappel Hill, got back at 8 and had a baptism at 9. it was so spiritual to see a convert of a month exercise his priesthood and baptize his daughter! Wow I was pretty emotional. I fasted for her mom to coome but she still didn't come. I fasted twice in 2 days, but I don't know, press forward don't look back, the baptism was amazing!

I confirmed Brittany, that was neat, I have never done that before! The spirit is so real we just need to listen to it apply this pattern to your life, to your learning and teaching. Observe, Listen, Discern, and you'll know what to say it has been so neat since we have been able to apply it! We biked a ton today and met some nice people and set some return appointments, so I'll find out if I am getting transferred this Saturday, and then won't know till Tuesday at transfer meeting where I am going. Then I won't be able to tell you till the next monday! But I truly don't know where I am going, but there is potential up the wazoo here, and I am thankful for Elder Croft setting it up!

Well I love you all. I hope all is well, and I pray for you oft! Elder Bednar said, "your life will change when you realize it is not what I want but what the Lord wants!" I hope all is well for you all!!!!! Don't have fun boating with out me!

Love and Respect,

Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen

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