Tuesday, August 30, 2011

HELLO family,

I am currently beat dead! I have been working, throwing trees all morning! Little Miss Irene has messed up our area! They evacuated all the missionaries on the costal end of it but of the missionaries that were left I think we got the worst of it! Elder Hintze and Elder Davies and Elder Clinger and Myself we rode it out.

This week was kind of a slow week with teaching. We really haven't taught a whole lot. We had some appointments fall through and a lot of exchanges cancel. The Goldsboro 1st Elders have a baptism this Saturday and he is a great guy. The funny thing is, I interviewed his wife in Chapel Hill when I was a DL there and then she moved here, married this guy and I interviewed him! They said there sights are set to the TEMPLE! That is so exciting.

The power went out, but the family we live with are filthy rich and have a huge like catapillar generator that runs off Natural Gas, it is crazy! There was this one sister who we put shingles on for and yes we put them on so the nails weren't showing but she hadn't had power in 36 hours! So many down trees that ripped down power poles. We were on flash flood warnings it was crazy. We were on lock down and told not to leave our apartment it was so crazy.

Me and Elder Clinger had a neat experience teaching this Brother and it lead to him having a baptismal date. Elder Clinger asked some amazing inspired questions!

Things are going good. Tell Drake and Sophie happy birthday. Time is flying by I can't believe it! I love you guys so much! Thanks for all you do,and for your love and support and friendship. I just hope y'all are being blessed for all you do! Have a great week!


Elder Taylor Petersen

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