Thursday, September 8, 2011

HA HA HA HA HA HA... We had a GREAT WEEK!!!! Today we went out to an appointment (talk about dedicated missionaries it was preparation day) our appointment flaked on us so we went to visit a referrel in the Ghetto!!!! Our exchange was stressing, he was like I hate this place there is gun shots in here everyday, it is a bad place. Then we went and helped a member move a love seat and then we got two referrals one from the member we moved the couch and then from our exchange then we ate at BOJANGLES!!!! Look it up it is legit!! Then we played ball there were so many black people!! I swatted this one guy into next week! Then I just posted up and like it was 6 nothing all from Elder PISTOL PETE working the GLASS! I was windexing MAN!!! It was so much fun, I will tell you what.

We had a crazy week..... so my dream came true....I finally got in on a black congregation!!! We went there and taught them, they invited me to come up, I got cold feet and just got way nervous but I bore my testimony! Then my Brother, Bro Melvin got up and was like there has been truth taught here tonight but there is more Truth and my Brother Elder Petersen is called of God to deliver that truth and if you would allow him to come back the message he shares can and will change your life!! He had the spirit so strong, I love Brother Melvin he is one of the only active African American members and weighs probably 500lbs of pure love!!! So we went back with him this Friday and the pastor lied we shared with him the message of the restoration he loved and then I invited him to be baptised and he just flipped!! So that went south but it was real great.

Susan was confirmed a member of the church this week! She got up there and bore her testimony and rocked it, it was so powerful and the other Elders had a baptism of a guy named Jimmy, who I interviewed his wife and him for Baptism but i interviewed his wife about a year ago in Chapel Hill. Small crazy world! Sacrament meeting was nuts, they were just shouting out how much they love the missionaries! We have changed the culture of this ward but we have a long way to go!!!

We taught this great family Steve and Vivian they aren't married yet, Vivian is a member S isn't and can rip it on the Guitar! I felt so much love for Steve, as I taught him, I am really hoping we can help them make the changes in there life to live more in harmony with God and His teaching.

We keep teaching Parker but we just can't get the ward to help us get him to church! He has in three weeks read by himself 186 pages in the Book of Mormon! Isn't that awesome! He is such a great kid and I have such a big heart for him!

We are having a lot of success we are teaching two sisters, Lisa and Felicia great things should happen with them. Well this lady is breathing down my throat to get out of the library so I gotta go!

I love you and tell Jas and Kenz congrats and give them both a fat hug! Gotta go! Love YOU!

Elder Petersen

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