Friday, September 16, 2011

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We had a great week this week. We had a lot of miracles and Elder Clinger and I are working great together! I am so thankful that we are basically guaranteed to be together for another transfer! We have some great things going on here in Goldsboro, we are seeing miracles often and the attitude of missionary work has changed here in this ward and I love nothing more then to see the attitudes and behaviors of an entire ward change as we teach true doctrine and strive to make the ecclesiastical and the missionary church come together as ONE church and we are doing it one day at a time!!!

We are having concerns not getting the help from ward council to help a family come back to activity and to help there son be able to return to the waters of baptism! His name is Parker, he is 12 years old. Last week he was on page 186 in the Book of Mormon, now he is on page 343, and I believe it is all on his own efforts. Elder Clinger asked the Young Man how he feels as he reads the Book of Mormon he said, "I feel the peace, I feel when my little brother is sleeping!" He had us all laughing but he recognized the peace that came from the Book of Mormon. He is a great young man and we are trying really hard to help this family come back to church. We are represented at Ward Council by our ward mission leader, he is a great guy, and try’s his best but I believe he could use some further training. We have helped him make a habit of, like will you do this and when could I follow up. He just hates to ask people to do anything so we spend a lot of time finding our own exchanges.

We taught this Brother named Alex, we had a great series of inspired questions which brought out his true concern and then we were able to role play his concern of talking to his parents about joining the church.

Bro Dubois is doing great, Sis Dubois' daughter is living with a man named Steve who we are teaching. He came to church this Sunday. They are getting married in January because that is when he will have been separated from his wife for a year. Odd law in North Carolina. We are teaching the Law of Chastity tomorrow as we invite him to be baptized. I am nervous but trust the Lord will guide us. But the funny thing is Bro Dubois, who isn't a member but comes every week, we asked if we could meet with him this week and he set up a service project with us, him, and Steve so we could fellowship Steve more.

Saturday a Sister called us and said that her husband is interested in the Church. We set up an appointment for Sunday, we went and had one of the most spiritual lessons! This Brother is prepared. We introduced the Book of Mormon, I asked a question I had never asked before the Brother then expressed he is feeling chills as he reads from the Book of Mormon, we help him identify that as the spirit and Elder Clinger immediately invited him to be baptized and we set a date for Oct 22nd! It is kind of a rough month for baptisms in the Goldsboro Zone with General Conference and Stake Conference in the same month!! Good thing it is a five-week month!!

Just great things going on here in this area. I Love it here! We have an appointment with Bishop Rouse and are inviting his Family to do missionary work and hopefully taking it to the whole Ward we are so excited!!!!!

This morning we got up pretty early we went with the other Elders and fished on the Nuese, Elder Clinger as soon as he casted his pole in he caught this huge carp and then I casted in and wasn't catching anything. I was fishing with chicken, then I caught these two pretty big fish! We kept the big ones and are going to have a fish fry!!! HOT DOG!!! It was so much fun, I seriously love North Carolina, I honestly don't think I want to come back! Like, I love Goldsboro! Like, when I think of North Carloina I think of this place!!! The Jacksons' got your letter! Sweet Nita Jackson is gone for three weeks in the Pentagon! We are just her pool boys!! We taught this guy and this powerful statement came out of me I have never even said before and it has been on my mind! I might have read it some where I have been trying to find it but I can't find it so far. "We don't want to just share the gosepl so you simply understand, we want to share simply so you can't misunderstand!!!" IT really has made me think how important this is! I love this work! I love my calling!!

I haven't gotten a letter from my Family or Kelsi in like two weeks! I am not sure what is happening but I hope all is well! I love you guys so much! I appreciate your prayers! Have a great week, that is exciting to hear about Kenz and Jason.

Love your son and Missionary Elder Taylor Blaine Petersen!!

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