Monday, August 1, 2011


Today for morning exercise Elder Yankton and I got the Toyota Corolla, put it on netural and pushed it up and down the street we live on, boy was it a work out. But it was good for me and Elder Yankton. We worked out to the MOTAB version of, God of our Fathers, while pushing it! Really gets you pumped! Elder Yankton is so funny, he isn't a huge fan of me while we are doing our morning workout, I probably wouldn't like me either, I act like Richard Simmons trying to get him pumped. But everyday after we are done and walk inside he says in his very soft monotone voice, "Thank you Elder Pete." Haha, he is so funny and such a good guy. Thank you so much for sending him a letter Mom. President Cotterell gave him permission to make little journal entrees each day that he can send to his Mom on Monday. So we are going to exercise our faith and bring to pass some MIRACLES so his mom can feel of the spirit of the MISSION!!!!

I hope Kels is okay. That is sad that girl took away the chance to break the WORLD RECORD!!!! She had a concussion? WOW!!! That is crazy. Tell her I love her so much, that I will be like Adam Sandler in 50 first dates and make a movie for her so she can remember who I am if she has forgotten me. True love is worth it.

It has been a tough week; we just haven't found anyone who wants to hear our message. We tracted into this older lady she just stared at us then shut the door. We have had six baptisms this year in the area and all six have been from members. I bet that is where probably the next six will come from. This Less-Active sister we have been teaching and invited back to church gave a talk this Sunday that was awesome and she received a calling, it was a miracle. We were hoping to find success with a couple of 16 year olds that have friends in the ward but they are too afraid to ask their parents and we can't teach them if their parents don’t know.

I went on an exchange this week to Smithfield with Elder Walker; he is from Moses Lake Washington and is a great Elder. He takes acutine. We were joking while on our exchange about how goofy our district is. He takes acutane which could cause suicide thoughts, and his companion takes bipolar medicine, and my comp has ashbergers, and another Elder in our district has water in his brain, and talks like Sid the sloth! We have a unique district. Elder Walker is a Spanish missionary and really wants to do Spanish work but they have only been doing English, while on an exchange we went to some old Spanish hot spots I knew about when I served there, I was able to spit my spangles and we found some and set like 4 return appointments. MIRACLES

I realized in my studies how vital it is to understand the doctrine. President Packer talks about how true doctrine understood changes attitudes and behaviors better then the study of behavior. I have kind of got in this rut the past month of just not really having a desire to change or improve or even become better. I studied the doctrine of obedience. I understand that I am not Jesus Christ and that I will make mistakes but I can strive to be exactly obedient. When we are striving to become better the spirit will often prompt us and let us know what we need to do to change or improve. If we find satisfactory in where we are at we will just become what the World or others around us makes of us. I want to be the best I can be. It is so much easier to help others experience conversion when you are experiencing it yourself. I have learned in my mission that when I am striving to be exactly obedient I have to have faith to pull down miracles and blessings from Heaven. I know that I haven't given up my will for his but have aligned mine with his and in that, I find true enduring happiness. I am glad that I have felt the promptings and knudges of the Holy Spirit in my life that prompt me to make the changes I need to, make to draw closer to them.

I love you guys I hope you have a great week and I hope you are keeping me in your prayers and I keep you in mine! Tell Kels I hope she gets feeling better and I am sorry that the girl that hit her was not a Good Samaritan and didn't stop to help her. If she really forgot who I am show her some pictures and tell her of all the cool stuff we did! She is a pearl to valuable!!!! I can't lose her to a concussion! HAHAHA Have a great week!

Elder Hintze Loves you too!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Petersen

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