Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey Family how are y'all doing! I love you so much and I hope the Lord is showering blessings upon you!

I honestly wish I could trade places with Elder Clinger (he is a brand new missionary that Taylor is training) and start off where he is starting. This new training model is incredible. The Lords hand is definitely in this great work. We have companion study for two hours a day. They gave all the trainers and new missionaries new TV’s and we watch preach my Gospel DVDs! We are the first group of trainers and new missionaries applying this new tool in the world! It is incredible I wish I would have had it when I came out. Missionaries are invited to invite someone to be baptized in their first week. It makes study such a spiritual experience and after it you just want to go out and accomplish some crazy miracles. Elder Herschel West Clinger is from Genola, Utah he has 9 other siblings and he is number 6! He has five older Sisters and one on a mission in Florida (Spanish speaking). He grew up on a Dairy farm, his mom ran for the Mayor of Genola. They sold their cows though. Elder Clinger loves motorcycles and he worked for a cabinet shop. He has a great love for the Savior and has invited 3 people to be baptized just in his first 4 days, I have truly been blessed.

Elder Clinger is progressing well he has invited a few people to be baptized and it has been such a great experience for the both of us. He is a very hard worker and just has such a strong love for these people. He truly has reminded me that it was love that drove the Savior to suffer as He did and not just the fact that he needed to get everyone home. Simply that He loved us.

We had many miracles this week. We taught a family that has relocated from China; they have been here for 7 months. They speak little English. They had this translator program on their computer and we were able to help them build a faith in God and understand the need for His son Jesus Christ and then Elder Clinger taught them how to pray and we had three closing prayers; Elder Clinger offered one and then the Bro and his wife did. They called us at 8:50 and said they wouldn't be able to make it to church (they both worked from 2pm till 4am) but they had prayed everyday night and morning by themselves and together! We also have a few other baptismal dates we are working with. Alex is a 22,a Hispanic kid. His Girlfriend is a member of the church she looks like Kelly Kapowski from saved by the bell. She is pretty cute! We invited him to be baptized Elder Clingers first night here and it was a sweet and tender experience. We also are teaching another 12 year old boy named Parker he looks a lot like Drake. His mom and Dad, recent coverts, Parker had ADHD really bad and his parents don't want to bring him to church because they feel like they can't control him. He is really smart and is starting middle school and really wants to be baptized. We have a baptism this Saturday of a nice young man named Holden. President interviewed him on Sunday and it was a great experience.

President and Sister Cotterell came and spoke in our sacrament meeting on Sunday, they both bear such powerful testimonies and Sister Cotterell brings such a sweet spirit. They talked alot about the rescue. We went out with one the members of the Bishopric and he said how grateful he was for the mission presidents talk because he said, before I was just waiting for them to dissolve the ward into the 1st ward and Mount Olive. But president threw it down with Authority and pumped the brothers UP!!!

I am so pumped this week to try and convert some African-American Christian congregations! It is our only way to baptize thousands, Elder Clinger is so pumped about it!

My district got a lot smaller only us and Goldsboro 1st. Smithfield got English Elders again so they turned them and Clayton into their own district. I am kind of thankful. There is an Elder in my district who I really want to help out he looks up to me and to his companion alot he hasn't seen eye to eye with a lot of his companions and he isn't the strongest but I just have such a love for him and want to help him out in anyway I can and with just one companionship I really can focus a lot of time and energy on him and it has been great this first week!

Well I love y'all so much! The Lord is in this work and I am so grateful for it! Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven!

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