Monday, May 16, 2011

(This email was written May 9th)

It was such a great week this week. We had the baptism of a great Sister, Poliana Keime. Sister Keime is a pretty lady. But it has been so neat to see how the Gospel has changed her. Without us saying anything she took out the piercings in her ear and her nose and she wears really modest clothing. It has been so neat to see what the Gospel of Jesus Christ can do for people. True Doctrine understood truly does change attitudes and behaviors. Sis Keime's husband leaves for school for 45 days today and a lot of the Sisters have invited her over for dinner this week. She loves Relief Society so much and is so excited to help and be a part of it. The Gootee Family is doing great, Bro. Gootees sons Erin and Lucas and his daughter Margaret are so excited for baptism. Sis. Gootee runs and hides when we get there. But I was able to talk to her last time and ask why she doesn't like to sit in. So then she sat in and participated in the lesson. She had a seizure Sunday while the rest of the family was at church and hit her head really hard, an ambulance had to come and pick her up and the Gootee family had to leave sacrament. A lot of ward members went and checked up on their kids and Sis Gootee, just the beginning of her heart being softened and her accepting the Restored truths we share. We talk to everyone the Lord puts in our path off post. We were able to talk to our neighbor who the 3rd Elders taught. It is hard on post because we are not supposed to and we just really try to feel out the spirit, like if we feel strongly prompted we will do it. We always invite members to do missionary work. I love Fort Bragg because missionary work is done how the Lord intended it to be done. The members are the lifeblood of our work. We are doing really well and tracking our goals closely, May will be a great month. We are really trying to teach Doctrine so the Elders will believe that if they find 10 new investigators in May they will baptize in June. But the Lord has blessed us with many great miracles and referrals. It was a joy to talk to my family yesterday. It is just crazy to think back a couple years ago or even 17 months and to ponder who I was and see who I have become. I am so proud of who I am becoming. I love that!!! I know I became who I am by the choices that I made. I love my Savior and know that He lives.


Elder Petersen

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